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I’m Determined To Be the Dark Moonlight

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Wei Ying brought the Gongdou system to the palace with the aim of becoming the most unforgettable existence in the emperor’s heart.
But the emperor already had a white moonlight that died early, so she set her sights on the emperor’s harem.
The virtuous concubine is gentle and virtuous, and loves to read market stories.
She and Concubine Xian huddled under the covers and peeked at the script.​​
The imperial concubine is hot and enchanting, and likes to dance with knives and guns the most.
She accompanies the imperial concubine to ride the horses on the grassland and bow the bow to hunt.​​
The queen is dignified and cold, and she controls the six palaces.
She relies on skilled ventriloquism to make the queen roll into her arms with laughter.
Concubine Xian: “My sister came to my palace today, and I made your favorite apricot cheese.”
Concubine: “Yingying, let’s go horseback riding together!”
Queen: “The plum blossoms in the back garden are blooming just right, does Yingying want to see it?”
The system was shocked: We are serious court battles, how do you increase the favorability of the concubines?
Wei Ying: Isn’t the palace fighting, let the concubines intrigue for me? Take away the dog emperor’s harem, and he still has an unforgettable memory on me!
System: You are so coquettish.​​
At the end of Yunshao, I fell in love with someone.
Zhongtian Mingyue is her, and cinnabar in her heart is also her.​​
In the sixth year of losing her lover, the weak little emperor grew into a tyrannical king, and finally waited for her lost and found Bai Yueguang.
Then she found out…the moonlight turned black?​​
Accompanying the queen to enjoy the flowers and the moon, traveling with the imperial concubine on horseback, betting on books and teasing with the concubine Xian, she just refused to look back at her.​​
The jealous king forced the girl into the corner: “Take away my harem? Can you pay me back?”
The girl would rather die: “tui! I like women!”
Yun Shao untied the golden crown, his ink hair poured out, and his delicate eyebrows and eyes were printed with affection: “If I knew you liked it, I couldn’t bear it.”
Her voice choked: “Don’t leave me, Yingying.”

The harem group pets sand sculpture fairies x women disguise as men and paranoid emperors
The female one, the second female and the other female supporting characters have no emotional connection, just friendship.
The sand sculpture of the unrepentant palace fight.
Practice your pen, let go of yourself.

Content tags: Soft spot Gongdou Rebirth Shuangwen
Search keyword: Protagonist: Weiying ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:
One sentence introduction: If you want to be the white moonlight of the whole palace
Purpose: Active life, change destiny

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Short Title:IDTBDM
Alternate Title:这昏君的黑月光我当定了
Author:You Kun
Weekly Rank:#5513
Monthly Rank:#6896
All Time Rank:#8819
Tags:Adapted to Manhua, Ancient China, Cross-dressing, Crossover, Devoted Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Imperial Harem, Jealousy, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Obsessive Love, Possessive Characters, Quick Transmigration, Sickly Characters, System, Transmigration,
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  1. Such hilarious novel! The MC keeps trolling our FL in the first half hahaha! Top competent trolling MC, not dog-like submissive. Powerful book FL with undying devotion to our MC. Must read!

  2. Does any one know where mc is child she is nt loved by her family nd she as to follow ml to live nd she has a system and by following ml she can learn hacking nd other talent

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