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"Then, here comes the question, Mr. Chen, how much does your car plan to sell for?"

I didn't know that the cat car blocked a part of the technology, so that the car people who had been spared by themselves were still fighting.

"The coupe starts at 250,000, the SUV starts at 300,000, and the supercar... 3 million starts."

Chen Xiaoman didn't think his car was expensive, but everyone who heard it was shocked.

However, this time no one refuted the arrogance of the cat and cart.

If there is no problem with the parameters, then the competitiveness of the cat car is too great.

The Raster ModelS, which is even inferior in terms of battery life and charging time, also sold for 600,000 starting points?

Two hundred and fifty thousand, it is really a conscience price.

Diaby’s new energy vehicles and compact SUVs have sold 150,000, medium-sized cars have sold 210,000, and medium-sized SUVs have sold 236,800.

It is also a new energy model, and the future medium and large SUVs will directly start at 468,000.

Since the cat's positioning of the SUV is a medium and large SUV, the price is really close to the people.

"Our Shencheng side will provide new local subsidies to Zheng Ce for new energy vehicles to promote the electrification and cleanliness of urban traffic. In addition, the proportion of pure electric taxis in the new taxis of major taxi companies during the year is not Less than 80%, in order to support Shanghai City's deployment in new energy vehicles."

Now, Shen Chengfang has also begun to stand up and help Maoche wave the flag.

This 80% ratio may not necessarily order cat cars.

For example, one of the five major taxi companies is called Dazhong Transportation.

The Shencheng side will not have any coercive behavior in this regard, and will not treat it differently in Zheng Ce's support.

However, isn't this obvious?

Many taxis can run more than 300 kilometers a day, and ordinary new energy vehicles are simply not up to this demand.

The cat's 400-kilometer range is sufficient.

Even if you forget to charge and have to solve it temporarily, you can get 80% of the electricity in half an hour, which will not cause any time cost to the taxi.

Moreover, the cat's sedan is a C-class, and the target is the BMW three-series and Audi A4. Space is not a problem.

Since 2002, the number of taxis in Shanghai has exceeded 40,000. However, as of 2013, the number of taxis in operation in the city was only 50,600.

From 2002 to 2007, a total of only one thousand vehicles were added.

Can't you afford it? Or too many taxis can't attract business.

There is no need to discuss the first question, and the latter question, just ask the office workers who take a taxi in the morning rush hour.

This is also the reason why the travel industry is becoming increasingly popular.

To limit the number of taxis, one is to consider traffic pressure, and the other is to consider environmental pollution, as far as possible to guide people to choose public transportation, and the increasingly perfect subway network is constantly grabbing passenger flow.

Now, new energy vehicles will change this industry to a certain extent.

For taxi companies, they do not reject the emergence of such Zheng Ce. After all, there are subsidies. As long as the quality of new energy vehicles is good enough, they may make more money.

There are also taxi companies in other regions that will also come to customize.

There is no doubt that new energy vehicles will replace fuel vehicles in the future. This is what Guo Jia has always advocated.

It is also determined by objective factors such as air pollution and energy consumption.

There was no enforcement before. On the one hand, it was because new energy vehicles were not competitive, and on the other hand, scrapping existing taxis was also a waste.

Therefore, simply start with the newly added taxis every year, and must ensure that no less than 80% of them are new energy vehicles.

If the quality of the cat cars put into production at the end of this year can meet the requirements of taxi companies.

This Zheng Ce is very likely to use Shencheng as a pilot, and gradually implement it to all.

At that time, the cat factory will really send it out.

When other new energy companies see such huge profits, they will definitely catch up.

This is the correct way to use a catfish.

The Shencheng party has actually decided.

Even if the cat factory pays less than 2 billion in taxes by 2021, it will definitely not be embarrassed.

Not only that, but it will continue to be tax-free.

After all, this kind of company that can drive the development of the entire industry really needs to take good care of it.

Our relationship is getting better, maybe there will be projects like new energy vehicles settled here in the future.

Although Boss Lin also saw relevant reports.

However, because Chen Xiaoman did not give the media red envelopes that day, the media only reported on business affairs.

Moreover, the endurance is written for 400 kilometers. Boss Lin combined with the general industry rules and thinks that the actual target is more than two hundred.

It didn't take it to heart.

Primary technology is primary technology.

The super factory on Linhai is almost here to sign contracts, and there have already been tendered for several construction engineering companies that Shencheng can trust.

No delay at all.

In this process, the support of Shanghai Municipal Government is also manifested in charging piles.

In fact, Shanghai's investment in this area is beyond imagination.

The first is to build a new cat car public charging station, and the second is that the power grid is upgrading and transforming the electrical equipment of some old communities for free. UU看书www.uukanshu. In the end, com replaced part of the old charging piles with new technology charging equipment provided by the cat factory.

This kind of charging pile can not only realize the fast rush of cat cars, but also be compatible with other new energy vehicles on the market, and can improve the charging efficiency of these cars by about 15%.

While waiting for the completion of the factory, there are still some things that need to be dealt with.

One is recruitment.

Managers, technicians, workshop workers, and even R&D and design personnel.

Fortunately, our domestic automobile industry is not lagging behind. A large number of joint venture brands have driven the cultivation of domestic automobile talents.

When hiring, as long as enough money is given, some talents will come.

The second is the design of the car.

The appearance of the car, the interior materials, and the sight of various functions all require strong design capabilities.

In this respect, Liu Xia's digging ability is tested.

He plans to dig corners from all over the world.

Third, after the settlement of SGHolding and AESC, the factory and the backbone moved back.

The super factory has a large area. After the construction is completed, there will be factories for battery solutions, as well as related production and R&D departments such as motors and engines.

Those abroad will not be closed immediately.

No, it should be said that Liu Xia did not intend to shut down at all. After some production lines are bought back, as long as they operate well, they can always squeeze a lot of value.

When Liu Xia negotiated with Nissan, he even reached some follow-up cooperation agreements.

In the future, the cat factory will accept some orders from Nissan after its battery production capacity is up.

It will be a matter of time for the auto industry to go abroad.

If you have the ability, of course you have to make money for crooked nuts.