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I’m a Professional at Seducing Rivals In Love [Quick Travel]

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Because of a transmission error, Tan Jinxue, who loves women and loves men, had to embark on a mission journey to conquer the heroines of the world and become the male god of all people.

Heroine No. 1: He is my salvation.
Heroine No. 2: I have seen the vast universe, the most beautiful is the starlight seen on his shoulder.
Heroine No. 3: I would rather die with my spirit and soul, and my body die, as long as it is for him…

As a gold medal salesman in the fast-paced game, Tan Jinxue expressed satisfaction with her performance, and by the way… she also attacked the male protagonists who were poached.

Rival No. 1: You are the only one who matches me.
Rival No. 2: I got 150 points in the test, can I kiss you?
Rival No. 3: If this world does not have you, let it be destroyed.

The one who is loved is always the master of the spirit, but the one who loves loses his soul.
The heroine Su breaks the sky, is an expert at flirting with girls, professionally seduces rivals in love, kills both men and women, without fail!

Content tags: special liking, fast wearing, women’s dressing up as men, cool text
Search keywords: Protagonist: Tan Jinxue, Zong Zi ┃ Supporting role: ABCDEF ┃ Others:

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Short Title:IPSRILT
Alternate Title:勾引情敌我是专业的[快穿]
Author:Crane Yunge
Weekly Rank:#6580
Monthly Rank:#7111
All Time Rank:#8812
Tags:Clever Protagonist, Cross-dressing, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Quick Transmigration,
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  1. I just want to try, i have read a quick transmigation, i did not remember mc has system or not but in one arc mc mission to protect girl. In this arc, mc come as a ghost king from ancient times in modern times, by the way he got killed before exam so he become a ghost. And the mission object is a school girl with yin yang eyes and because his brother police so he did not believe existence as ghost in that timeline that girl died and her brother meet the real heroine that can kill a ghost. So mc come to protect that girl but that girl think mc as human until mc subdue a lot of ghost and make the original heroine meet her brother in advance. Anyway mc and the girl with yin yang eyes together and hero and heroine also together.oh btw why i come here is because no one amsered in novelupdates

  2. Okay, first off, most of the review (minus the stars) will be based mostly on my personal taste. I'm currently on chapter 41, and I think the protagonist's personality is evolving a little too fast, that must be why there are so few chapters. Now that I've said all there is to say, let's get started. The protagonist is by far the character that carries the novel, none of the others are as interesting as her, this is good and bad. (A story with a boring protagonist is bad, but if all the other characters are average, it's kinda meh) This novel is by far one of the simplest to read, the sentences are simple and to the point, the self-translation doesn't make many mistakes. The script is nothing amazing, but nothing bad either.

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