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I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry

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You Qiuqiu wore a book and became a cool female N number in the entertainment circle. The position is the supporting role that has no name.

In this world where people are struggling to get to the top and become a frequent visitor of hot search, looking at everyone around her who is full of ambitions, Yu Qiuqiu has no fluctuations in her heart and just wants to be a salted fish.

But even if she is a salted fish, in order to become a salted fish with a high quality of life, she is being forced to do business for money.

You Qiuqiu: Paralyzed Salted fish jpg.

So the audience saw this scene –

You Qiuqiu sits in the shady place with her little stick in the variety show while cheering for the guests who have a hard time playing the game with their hideous faces.

Other female stars show off their eighteen martial arts in the live broadcast room to sing and dance. The worst thing was to remove makeup from the live broadcast. You Qiuqiu took out five takeaways.

Today I’m going to show you a live broadcast of fried chicken, kebabs, ice cream, crayfish, and doughnuts.

Audience: “…”

When You Qiuqiu was photographed at the awards ceremony, a handsome man and beautiful woman were sitting dignified around her, but she was sleeping with her mouth open.

You Qiuqiu thinks she is most likely demand to cool down.

She just took a nap! How could she be photographed! So angry!

Then…let’s calm down. The salted fish didn’t want to waste too much brain cells. When she was forced to do business, she still has some money. There are two apartments in the city center, enough to be a charter wife.

Who knows, she is on fire.

Frequent searchers and ranked among the top.

Thousands of fans are crying and shouting, Qiuqiu, you are the cutest cub in the world, completely different from those coquettish bastards outside. MaMa (BaBa) loves you!

You Qiuqiu:???

Give it a go. The salted fish becomes a koi?

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:IACSF
Alternate Title:我在娱乐圈爽文里当咸鱼
Weekly Rank:#1548
Monthly Rank:#1802
All Time Rank:#2731
Tags:Acting, Alternate World, Beautiful Female Lead, Boss-Subordinate Relationship, Celebrities, Cold Love Interests, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Dreams, Easy Going Life, Famous Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Late Romance, Lazy Protagonist, Lucky Protagonist, Older Love Interests, Shameless Protagonist, Showbiz, Singers, Transported to Another World,
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