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Back to the end of Ming Dynasty, he was reduced to a slave.

This emperor, a beggar can do it, a slave can do it, a bandit can do it, but a house slave can’t do it?

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Short Title:I
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Author:Wang Zijun
Weekly Rank:#5278
Monthly Rank:#4629
All Time Rank:#6662
Tags:Absent Parents, Action, Army Building, Beautiful Female Lead, Clever Protagonist, Emperor, Harem, Imperial Harem, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Ming Dynasty, Pregnancy, Rebirth,
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  1. This story is actually quite interesting. If you think about it objectively, in 17th century, China(late Ming Dynasty before 1650) had a population of 100-150million, including kids under 12. Even though death was common, corruption was everywhere, disasters were raging and wars were fought, population was still enormous. Looking at statistics, China had 20% of world population at that time. This story is an idealised version of what could’ve happened if the country was unified, corruption eliminated, education, science, literature, art and innovation encouraged, lands divided, etc. a utopian outlook in this novel, even though influenced by chinanambawan, still looks plausible in some sense. It’s similar to Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece, just heavily focused in China and Asian territory conquests. Personally I’ve read it carefully until chapters 600-700, and then it got less interesting, and became repetitive, and a little unimaginative. So I started skipping chapters describing military deployments, colonial conquests, and only read when it directly involved MC Zhao Han. Overall, it’s a good reading material, comprehensive and interesting.

  2. Hello mtl readers, what is the best historical category novel about China that a westerner can read. thanks for your recomendation

  3. Some novel about a soldier time travelling to the pre-Qin Dynasty establishment time. Can’t remember clearly, I think it’s called “A Step into the Past”, or something like that. He learns swordsmanship from Mohists, Mohism school of thought. Marries 3 or 4 women, helps the king with the throne and politics a bit. I the end I think he was kind of exiled and in retirement with women, raising horses or something like that. That’s all I remember

  4. Hola lectores de mtl cual es la mejor novela de categoria historica sobre china que pueda leer un occidental. gracias por su recomendación

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