Chapter 445 Salvation

   The sneak attack came faster than Lin Suisui and Lu Ze expected. At night, the camp ushered in the first wave of assassins attacking.

   It's just that the main goal of this group of assassins is obviously to detect news, so their strength is definitely not as good as that of Mo Zhigen and the others who were prepared in advance. They strangled this group of people with almost no effort.

   "It's not that I don't want to keep one or two of them alive, but these people are obviously dead." King Guhan explained to Lin Suisui with some embarrassment: "When they found that they couldn't escape, they all chose to take poison."

  These dead men have poison sacs hidden in their mouths. Since they have their own minds, they simply want to catch them alive. impossible.

   This cannot be blamed on King Guhan and the others.

   "Where are the corpses of these dead men?" Lin Suisui was still concerned about what she had always worried about: "When these dead men fought against you, were they as difficult as the ones you encountered on the road before?"

  The horror of lowering the head is beyond the imagination of these people.

   "Although it's not as difficult as before, it's really not easy to deal with." King Guhan was stunned for a moment, but after thinking about it, he still told the truth.

   Just when King Gu Khan was answering Lin Suisui's question, Mo Zhigen had already arranged to bring in two of the corpses of the previous assassins.

  From the appearance, the corpses of these assassins are not much different from ordinary people, but because they died of poisoning, their complexions are a bit ugly.

  Lin Suisui got up and took a closer look, but did not make any unusual movements, but turned to look at King Guhan: "Is it convenient for me to take a look alone?"

   King Guhan did not refuse Lin Suisui's request that sounded too straightforward. He knew very well that some things were inconvenient to reveal, so he nodded very simply, and asked Mo Zhigen to leave together.

   After the two left, Lin Suisui lowered his head, squatted down and began to carefully examine the two corpses on the ground.

  The person who was hit by the head-down can't see anything just by simple inspection with ordinary methods. What Lin Suisui used was a small method in Gu art. However, the result was not as she expected.

   There was no trace of the lowered heads on the bodies of these two people.

   "It's not surprising." After hearing Lin Suisui's explanation to him, Lu Ze's reaction was very calm. He opened his mouth to respond: "As you said, lowering the head is not a simple matter, if this is the case, then surely the princess who is proficient in the art of lowering the head will not be a person who can throw the head at will. "

   "That's true." Lin Suisui nodded, agreeing with his statement very much.

  Sometimes the conditions for lowering the head can be harsher than making poisonous poison.

  Even if this Princess Nina is a very skilled head-bending master. That doesn't mean that she can lower her head however she wants!

  Some resources are very precious and hard to find, and people can’t waste them as much as they want.

  Thinking about this, Lin Suisui still feels a little pity in her heart. If she can learn about this head lowering technique in advance, she can follow along to find out what kind of strength that Princess Nina has. Now it seems that there is little hope.

  Hearing Lin Suisui's thoughts, Lu Ze gave her a good suggestion: "Maybe you can go and see the situation of the princess who was just rescued by King Guhan.

  I'm not saying that the concubine was really hit by a bow, it's just that the time when the concubine Molewen left the royal court was really a coincidence.

  If Princess Nina had already become suspicious of Concubine Molewen at that time, then nine out of ten she might have lowered her head in order to control her, an important figure beside King Zade Khan.

  No matter what, be prepared! "

  When Lin Suisui heard this, he really felt that it made some sense. However, in order to protect the safety of the concubine, King Guhan guarded the tent inside and outside the tent where the concubine rested, so that even a fly and mosquito could not fly in, let alone a person.

She doesn't really want to bother others when things have no clue, so here, when Lin Suisui was thinking about how to go to see the concubine, someone stopped outside the tent, saluted inside and reported, saying that Mo Le Concubine Wen woke up and wanted to see the goddess.

   This is really a sleepy person giving a pillow. Naturally, Lin Suisui and Lu Ze didn't hesitate, and quickly packed up and rushed towards the tent where Princess Molewen was resting.

   It was only when Lin Suisui and Lu Ze entered the tent that they realized that King Guhan had already arrived.

Concubine Molewen was in pretty good condition at this time. She leaned on the big pillow at the head of the bed, and when she saw Lin Suisui and Lu Ze, she entered the door. Regardless of other people's obstruction, she insisted on getting up and facing Lin Suisui. After saluting respectfully, Lin Suisui persuaded her to lie down again.

   "I heard that I was able to escape safely this time because you were able to help. Not only me, but even the children were saved because of you."

  Concubine Mo Lewen is very grateful to Lin Suisui, and if she opens her mouth to be grateful, she just pours out money like she doesn't want money.

   "This is all the blessing of the Longevity." Lin Suisui lowered her eyes slightly, trying her best to maintain her status as a goddess.

   "However, since you are awake, do you feel any discomfort?"

Lin Suisui also didn't intend to waste time here by continuing to exchange pleasantries, she changed the topic and went straight to the topic: "When you were brought back by King Guhan, I just checked your trauma , and there is no big problem.

  But you must also know, concubine, Nina's side concubine, who is still in the royal court, is a devil from hell!

  The power on her body is evil, and I am very worried that it will affect your body, so may I check it. "

  Lin Suisui's request can be said to be very reasonable.

As if afraid of Princess Molewen's objection, Lin Suisui turned her head to look at King Gu Khan who was standing aside, and said very seriously: "After I finish checking for the princess, I will also do it for King Gu Khan." You check again.

  If you are attacked by this kind of evil force, the impact on your body will be very large. When the time comes, I want to control it again, but it's really too late. "

Hearing what Lin Suisui said, Princess Molewen naturally didn't dare to be careless. She hurriedly nodded and said to Lin Suisui: "It should be. In fact, I am very clear about what you said. King Khan is because of the Only under the influence of evil forces will the mind change drastically!

  If it weren’t for this, I could take him and escape from the royal court this time.

  Not only the King Khan, but even the old Khan was harmed by this evil force. Please think of a way, Goddess, to save them no matter what! "

  (end of this chapter)

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