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I Woke the Sick and Disabled Prince on Our Wedding Night

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Lin Suisui, the legendary doctor of Medicine King Valley, saved countless lives in his life, but in the end, the arrow pierced through his chest, and he could not end well.

Opening her eyes again, she became the crown princess who just married into the East Palace!

In front of him is the dog-leg of the eunuch who has come under coercion, and on the bed behind him is the sick and sick prince-husband who is seriously injured and comatose;

In desperation, Lin Suisui turned her head and kissed her husband’s thin lips with tears…


Lu Ze, the crown prince of the Great Xia Dynasty, is a well-deserved son of heaven.

In charge of the frontier soldiers, he is a brave and invincible god of war!

Once the palace changed, he was seriously poisonous and was falsely accused of treason. When he opened his eyes again, in front of the happy bed,

The Crown Princess, who was calling out to her husband with tears in her eyes, was holding a golden hairpin and stabbed the wicked slave’s neck…

The violent and ruthless man did not know why he felt a little protective of each other;

And what he didn’t expect was that this protection was for a lifetime!

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Short Title:IWSDP
Alternate Title:新婚夜,我亲醒了病弱残疾太子
Author:fan sauce
Weekly Rank:#5125
Monthly Rank:#6056
All Time Rank:#4934
Tags:Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead,
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11 Comments on “I Woke the Sick and Disabled Prince on Our Wedding Night
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  1. I hate Lin suisui she thinks she can save everyone although she indeed can save all the people she treated but can you please listen sometimes in Lu ze, I hate her cause all the things that Lu ze do for her, she's not able to fall inlove with him so nah this story is good but Fl has no feelings to ML, I'm near to the end but still no romance between them🥺🤧

  2. After reading 386 chapters, the couple still lives like friends.....totally don't get it! This story is so not qualified as romance. The genre should be historical and political and medical story than romance. The FL has no feelings for the ML after living more than a year with him.

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