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I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

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Novel Summary

If you know, you will travel to a fantasy world in ten days.

What will you do these ten days?

“The Immortal Cultivation Simulator is on.”

“Currently you can choose the talent of immortality: talent is eight buckets high, born with disabilities…”

“On the first day, you traveled to a small village at the foot of Tianwu Mountain. You were inspired to become a great practitioner and immortal. On the same day, you walked out of the village and walked towards the mountain.”

“On the second day, you were on your way in the mountains, and you couldn’t find any food along the way. You were hungry and thirsty. You had no choice but to sleep in a broken temple at night. Unexpectedly, there were monsters touching the temple. You didn’t have any power to fight back. You died.”

“Ding, this immortal cultivation simulation is over, you can permanently retain a cultivation talent every day and extract it into the real world.”

In this way, ten days later, Zhao Hao stepped into the world of immortal cultivation with the top ten talents of immortality cultivation. .

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Short Title:IWTITD
Alternate Title:十天后穿越:还好我有修仙模拟器
Author:little one person
Weekly Rank:#4829
Monthly Rank:#7564
All Time Rank:#3094
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  1. Can anyone please help me.. I once read a cn, the story started with the MC being attacked by a vampire and he successfully killed it and the vampire turned into a card that he ca summon., That' all i can recall beacause i don't remember the whole novel..thank you for the help..🫡🫡

  2. It was good at the start but after just 2 "days" it felt soooo long that you'll think the 10 days is actually 10 months lol. It started to get annoying too. Stopped at chap 80. Don't want to finish. Felt like taking poison every single more chap and that you feel like slowly dying.

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