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I Was a Group Pet In 80

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In the 21st century, Wu Yue originally thought she was a lonely ghost, but she didn’t know that she was from the 1980s until she was reborn back to her own body.

After all these years of losing her soul, she has always been a fool.

Her father also ordered her a baby kiss?

The other party is still the sweet pastry that everyone wants to marry.

Wu Yue, who has been nurtured in the new era, decided to get rid of this fiance who thought she was a fool.

But she didn’t expect that there was a tall person waiting for her in front of her.

The new book has been opened, {the world is not as good as you}

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Short Title:IWGPI
Alternate Title:我在八零当团宠
Author:Yin family sixth
Weekly Rank:#41
Monthly Rank:#72
All Time Rank:#2214
Tags:Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Military, Transmigration,
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8 Comments on “I Was a Group Pet In 80
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  1. this story is about people who have died but their spirits still can't be peaceful, finally they meet someone who can replace their life (mc it seems) he became the god of the mountains, the little girl whose parents became a zombie, meng po, but in every story there is always a person (boy) in every life. Has anyone know this story , this story is good to read

  2. LOL, I don't know about this, bro. I've so far gotten to ch 165 and I'm already getting vexed with so many annoying characters. I can recall on one hand the "good" characters, which outnumber the stinky guys. There's the fiancé's family of four, FL's family of four, the ex-bff Xu. Mom & Dad are good but have some big flaws. Both parents love their family sincerely BUT dad didn't want to break up the engagement even after knowing the in-laws-to-be bullied her daughter just because of the promise of the elders; and mom is super tolerant of her only living brother and family that she almost can't say no to them so long as it doesn't concern her children. I think the Gu guy is the ML because he's low key starting to insert his presence to FL and being possessive and stuff - plus, his sister is BFFs and business partners with FL now and he's also brother's boss. I'll probably drop this later if I can no longer stand the dragginess.

  3. Drop drop dropping because: 1) FL being too attractive that it's become life-threatening. 2) too many annoying characters FL has to deal with again & again, it's getting stale 3) can't stand ML's attitude towards his friend from the police 4) fed up with FL's mom. she's not a fuel-efficient lamp 5) director of law enforcement freely discusses ongoing investigation case with outsiders. (yeah I know it's for the plot but it feels wrong to me) 6) reading about rape & violence against women makes me uncomfortable even when it happened to annoying fictional people.

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