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I Want To Be a Rich Man on Hong Kong Island

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Wu Guangyao, who traveled to 1947, chose to continue running without hesitation and came to Hong Kong. The first step is to take the road of “Four Uncle” Li Zhaoji and open a gold and silver shop to do foreign exchange; the second step is to take the road of Dongying YKK, importing German automatic chain thread machines, and develop the zipper industry; the third step is to enter real estate and take the lead in implementing’selling’ Off-plan development’, opening the era of off-plan housing; being the king of the ship, developing semiconductors,…

Sixty years later, the business community on Hong Kong Island has already said that it is’one super four strong’. “Super” naturally refers to the Wu Guangyao family. After the Wu family has its own list of the world’s richest people, it has been firmly occupying the first place.

The book spans a long period of time, with business as the main focus and love as a supplement. In the end, the owner will openly create a wealthy family as the goal.

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Alternate Title:我要做港岛豪门
Author:I am A Doubufu
Weekly Rank:#699
Monthly Rank:#895
All Time Rank:#1473
Tags:Business Management, Businessmen, Early Romance, Economics, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Industrialization, Male Protagonist, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Rebirth,
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32 Comments on “I Want To Be a Rich Man on Hong Kong Island
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  1. Well, i don’t particularly see the hype in this story and why it’s rated so high. When you have business novels like these translation and correct wording is 90% of the work. Otherwise you can easily get confused and lost when explanations show up.I literally just saw the mc call a country “Galic chicken empire” like wtf is this lmfao. Now i usually wouldn’t talk about translation and grammar with an MTL website but this one novel is on the shitty side of translations. I want to read it and get interested but it’s hard to do that when countries are being called chicken empire and polar bear empire. It’s also hard when he starts talking about business and the translation don’t make any sense. This is why the simpler “shenhao” and harem stories are more popular on here.

  2. This is one of my favorite chinese novels and it's also one of the first chinese novel that made me addicted to business/finance type novel. I enjoyed this book, might re-read again soon. The mc is low-key and unassuming unlike other mcs and he also cares for his harem and his children. I got disappointed because I want this book to have a part when he will invest in his mainland. The ending was a bit rushed. Great book though.

  3. Great book i enjoyed it all the way there is some discrimination and nationalism but it's very low key and you won't notice it sometimes the mc isn't like most businessman novels that are 'Chinese fist then a businessman' the mc is the complete opposite he will help china but not without profit story has good pace not like some where 300 chapters pass by and the mc is still in his 20s and not that rich Harem is somewhat lacking but the author doesn't forget his woman and they appear once in a while so we still remember their existence the mc has some other woman because later in the story his wives get old and he is still active but he doesnt make them his own woman and selfishly restrict them from having relationships with other guys if they ever fall In love great business planning, accurate historical information, and long term goals for the wu family overall a good book and the first CN I have read to the end without dropping but the ending was a bit rushed but I understand the author reason for dropping so early

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