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I Want To Be a Nobleman

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With the game system of “Horse and Blade”, I crossed into the magical world. Starting from a slave in the arena, death is not the end, but another starting point. Relying on blood to rebirth and rebirth in one’s own descendants continuously, constantly struggling. .

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Short Title:IWTBN
Alternate Title:我要当大贵族
Author:Gluttonous fat man
Weekly Rank:#5363
Monthly Rank:#5999
All Time Rank:#5385
Tags:Aristocrat, Army Building, Business Management, Demons, Dragons, Dwarfs, Elves, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Kingdom Building, Knights, Magic, Nobles, Orcs, Poor to Rich, Rebirth, Slaves, System, Transmigration, Wars,
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  1. Reading this made me feel sick... Stupid MC, too much drama, self realisation, wars and his relationship to the heroines.. Oh and he's also simp.. Although the author made him kind of scumbag but the way he act is opposite.. (He literally begged cuz he can't handle his woman on bed, pathetic.) Also many times I feel like his bestfriend 'kryone' is the protagonist... this guy was a winner of life, from slave to noble, slay dragon, and then marry dozens of wives, and then later on he also marry The mermaid princess etc., Also the way MC treat him is cringy.. MC shouted as he exited the tent: "No! I won't let you die!".. Literally, this guy who gets all the beauty, was a winner of life 😂. (PS. Don't get me wrong, I don't like harem but since it's a fantasy, feudalism culture world, It's easier to accept.) Honestly, who's the real protagonist?

  2. Estuvo muy bien al principio aunque la verdad los niveles de poder están muy desordenados la verdad no me gustó eso, además spoiler alert el prota murió y renació osea hubo un reinicio muy raro no me gustó y tienes que continuar de nuevo y eso me molesta lo deje la verdad

  3. Fun Fact: MC said to an Allied Green Orc.. "Hello, I am Baron Harlot of the Kingdom of Korundo. I must convey the important information you give to all humans. No, all the coalition forces against the orcs. We have united the dwarves, wingmen, lizardmen, etc. The race is ready to fight the orcs together!" WWWuWWW to fight the orcs? there is one in front of you. -_-

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