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I Upended Yet Another Campus Urban Legend

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Lin Yi failed the college entrance exams and chose a diploma mill university.

And as deserving of a diploma mill university, the first line of the admission letter read:

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Short Title:IUACUL
Alternate Title:我又弄崩了校园怪谈[无限]
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Monthly Rank:#2593
All Time Rank:#6917
Tags:Alternate World, Awkward Protagonist, Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, College/University, Gate to Another World, Hiding True Identity, Kuudere, Modern Day, Monsters, Multiple Realms, Poor Protagonist, Quiet Characters, Shameless Protagonist, Smart Couple, Strong Love Interests, Survival, Thriller, Unlimited Flow,
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  1. This story is not translated In fact, it's missing one ending and there are about 5 extra episodes, here are spoilers. Finally, Ekachai will return from the dead and become a monster. Then the two of them were together forever. You can read more episodes here. https://m.yushubo.net/book_136361.html

  2. THIS LOOKS AWESOME but BEcause i check the comments section and review section 1st I can't do read it just to suffer in the end. Nope not my thing... When i want drama i'll be back 😂😂😂

  3. Okkkk so ...i have to take that back MC didn't die it have a happy ending but they're still monsters in the end...its just after reading the last chapter first....it felt anti-climatic for some reason idk....i have mix feelings about this novel... though i only read that chapter 217-221 😅😅😅 https://m.yushubo.net/book_136361.html

  4. Gosh, you are a hero. Missed the BE tag if there was one. Author why so cruel TTATT To paaserbys: By the way chapters 77, 78 are wrong/repeat earlier chapters.

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  6. Summary: Lin Yi failed the college entrance exams and chose a diploma mill university. And as deserving of a diploma mill university, the first line of the admission letter read: [Student Lin Yi, we regret to inform that you are admitted to the Unnatural Engineering University.] The second line: 【For your safety, we ask that you read the campus rules repeatedly.】 Unnatural Engineering University Campus Rules: 1: There is only one gate on campus. If you find multiple gates, stay where you are and contact your advisor. Do not try to walk through the gate. 2: If, while walking along the paths within campus, you accidentally start sinking into the cement, please take off your shoes and leave there. If the cement reaches your thighs, please immediately call the principal’s hotline and the infirmary. 3: Only campus cards can be used for to pay for goods on campus. If anyone asks for any other modes of payment, please get far away from there immediately. 4: If there is no class for the day, please stay in your dormitory. Do not go out and never open your door to someone who makes one loud knock and three quiet ones. 5: If you see an unfamiliar face in your dormitory, please observe their feet when they are facing you. If the tips of their feet are facing backwards, please call the dorm manager immediately. 6: The school will only provide hot water from 7:00-21:00,. The rest of the time, please make sure that the taps are twisted tightly shut. 7: There is no evening self-study for all majors in our school. If a late self-study class appears on your class schedule, please turn off the lights and go to bed immediately. … On the first day of school, Lin Yi’s feet got stuck in the cement. Qin Zhou: Classmate, do you need help? Just take off your shoes. Lin Yi: But these shoes are limited edition QAQ Qin Zhou: …

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