Book title: My sister-in-law stood up

Author: black cat look askance look askance


Ruan Tang's life has been inexplicably bad luck. He did nothing wrong, but he was always regarded as a black heart lotus with various speculations.

Until she married her husband with a disfigured face and legs called the Duke of Blue Beard.

His life is back on track, and he is getting better.

He loves her husband very much, and he loves him very much ... Although everyone thinks that the husband is a daunting devil, Ruan Tang finds her husband extremely cute.

However, Ruan Tang didn't know that he was the original protagonist wearing a book, and his husband was the villain boss in the story.

In the plot line changed by the book wearer, all the people who have left him for various reasons have been reborn. Ruan Tang's original life has been changed because of a book wearer. The best angel in the world ...

Everyone is determined to treat Ruan Tang again and return everything owed to Ruan Tang!

But Ruan Tang is already married!

——It was they who pushed Ruan Tang to the demonic pervert!

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Brief Comment

In order to save the people of the city, Xuanshu master Gu Ye sacrificed his life, and was reborn into a mum who was stupid and often violent on campus. Utilizing a mysterious technique, Gu Yexiao turned pitifully and domineeringly, holding a righteous heart, arguing right and wrong, knowing good and evil, catching evil spirits, fighting evil people, and lived two lives without forgetting his original heart. Although this article has spiritual elements, the style of writing is so refreshing and relaxed, and the characters in the text have distinct personality. The writer tells one humorous story after another with light words, revealing the beauty and ugliness of human nature, and the profound meaning is often fascinating. As the story unfolds, Gu Ye and Yu Zhe's feelings gradually heat up, fascinating, and readers who like this type should not miss it.

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