When Gu Ye saw his master, he couldn't help but wanted to run there. He was grabbed by Yu Ze. The two people standing under the umbrella looked at him kindly and shook his head. Gu Ye didn't know what to say. It was eight years. Master had died eight years ago. He had never called for a soul, and he had never seen him in his dreams. Especially after he was reborn, for several years, he dreamed of his master twice.

How he wanted to tell Master every time he grew up, every experience, every happy event, how much he wanted him to sit on the elder's seat on this occasion today, but he knew that life and death are the most helpless things on earth. There was no way to achieve it. It never occurred to him that this day's master's soul came.

The old man was much younger, looking like he was in his forties, but his eyes did not change, it was still kind.

Gu Ye smiled contentedly and compared his heart in that direction.

Everyone saw Gu Ye ’s movements and looked at them. They could n’t see the people under the umbrella, but they could all see it. Xie Cheng hurriedly made his eyes to the people at the table. Others think more. The person standing under the umbrella learns Gu Ye's movements, slowly compares his heart to loving you, and then gives Gu Ye a thumbs up, his face is full of pride and satisfaction. Smiling at him.

Gu Ye nearly burst into tears. In a flash, the figure disappeared, and even his aunt waved his hand lovingly and left. Gu Ye opened her mouth, feeling lost.

While wearing the ring, Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye's red eyes, raised his face, kissed him on the forehead, and whispered to him, "I saw it."

Gu Ye blinked, not letting tears fall again, "How can you?"

"Shadow, I can see clearly."

Gu Ye ticked off the corner of his mouth. "Unfortunately, they couldn't talk, they left."

Yu Ze comforted: "That's because they are assured of you, you must be happy."

Gu Ye smiled, "Huh!"

This vignette at the wedding was also seen. If there is something different from other places, it is a very beautiful boy with an umbrella. At first people thought that Gu Ye had something to do with that beautiful man, but when everyone was puzzled, they found that there were two more shadows under the umbrella that the beautiful man was holding. Everyone knew that Gu Ye was in that line. This incident also became a spiritual event at the wedding. The media didn't dare to send it, but all they saw at the scene were scared out of cold sweat. Gu Yetongling was terrifying.

After the ceremony was completed, Qiao Qiao closed the umbrella as if he hadn't done anything, his face was calm.

When Gu Ye came toasting here, he felt the two tablets that had been packed in the bag, and said regretfully, "It's so difficult for me to dream about you at night? It was so easy to see and didn't say anything to me. ,Ugh."

Gu Ye thought that when it came to this, by the end of the night, his master had to give him a dream and say a few words to him. Unexpectedly, he did dream at night. Not only did he dream of his master, but also a group of people covered by a dark mist, a stranger who could not see his face but spoke very dignifiedly.

"Give this thing to him."

The surrounding environment is also unfamiliar. Gu Ye couldn't figure out where he was. Whether he was in his dream or was pulled into someone else's dream, he looked at each other with vigilance, thinking that this was a normal dream, or he was The word of others? It is said that Yu Zhe is by his side. How can others have the opportunity to start with him?

At this time, his master came over and handed Gu Ye a token-like thing.

Gu Yefang asked, "Are you really an old man? Didn't someone pretend to be?"

His master gave him a nasty look. This look, Gu Ye was sure at once, "It is really Master, where is this old man? Is it still in my dream? Who is that uncle?"

"Don't bark, it's rude." His master gave him the token and said solemnly: "Get it, don't lose it."

Gu Ye was puzzled. "What is mysterious?" He looked at the words on the sign, looked like a carcass, and recognized Gu Ye for a long time. "Why Xiaoyan Lingling?

His master explained patiently: "It's the soul that was taken away by the ghost, and he can be transferred back to investigate with the order of King Yan."

Gu Ye was puzzled, "Why give me such a big power?"

Hearing the dark mist, he said angrily, "Because I am your father!"

Gu Ye paused, and immediately jumped up, "Don't you make a fuss! If you do n’t recognize your father, my father will really kill me!"

"You ..." Not only did the black mist lift the table angrily, the mist rose, almost revealing its true features. Gu Ye and his master all wanted to hit him, and said Gu Ye's ears in an angry manner: "You **** child! Impolite! Apologize!"

Gu Yegang wanted to say that he jumped out to pretend to be my dad. I didn't hit him. It was all right. I have to apologize to him. Why? At this time, Gu Ye felt a buzz in his head, and an inexplicable memory popped out of his mind.

This memory is what he inherited. After he died in his last life, he once came here and had a fierce quarrel with the group of people hiding behind the black mist. This dark mist is really his father, the essence of his soul, which is the manager of all souls, and is commonly known as the Lord Yan. He didn't know who he was born, anyway, he has known that this person is his father, he is his successor, and he has to work hard to learn everything and accumulate merit, so he was Nine turns were scheduled, and Master and Master were sentenced to reincarnation to guide him.

"This is your reincarnation of the ninth, and you have completed your merits. You have no next life. Don't want to go to any other world in the future and do what you should do!"

"I don't! I just want to be a man! I'm going back to ask her why she abandoned me! I want to know why! This is my obsession, I won't see her anymore!"

Yama naturally disagreed, "want to ask if she died!"

"I haven't been hot since she died, and it's boring to ask!"

Gu Ye had a deadly and unrewarding ability. Lord Yan said he couldn't, but he was locked up angrily. As a result, he not only failed to be soft, but he wanted to twist with each other. The three souls and six souls left one soul, the other souls. Secretly Chencang, leaving only this courage to be awkward with Yan Wang, the others were sent for reincarnation by himself. In order not to be found, he was looking backwards for a time gate of 19 years. When he was found, his body in the world had grown to 19 years old.

There is really no way for Yan Wang to fight, to curse, to be angry, and finally cursing: "You go, I can't control you, and you don't have a son like you, don't come back! Don't come back if you die! ! "

Lord Yan angrily erased his memory here, and let his spirit merge with the other three souls and five souls. After Gu Ye clarified this memory, he was suddenly excited, "So, my parents in this life are all parents, brothers are parents, brothers are also parents? Whoops! I will really pick someone and choose a complete family And they are so rich. "


After a brief silence in the atmosphere, the people behind the black mist erupted completely, "Go back to me!"

Gu Ye grabbed his master, "So, because you're angry with me, you won't let my master see me again? You're so naive."

"go away!"

Gu Ye pulled his Master before he had time to do anything. On his face was a **** slap condensing. Gu Ye's eyes turned dark. The next second, Gu Yezhen sat up from the bed. This action startled Yu Ze, and then sat up with him, turned on the lights, and looked at Gu Ye's confused expression. Yu Ze said worriedly, "Has a nightmare?"

"It's not a nightmare, it's just a little clueless." Gu Ye touched his head and felt slapped. "His! It hurts! It seemed to have been hit in the back of my head last time."

Gu Ye fell helplessly, "His!" He drew a sigh of relief from something beside the pillow, "What the hell?"

Yu Ze picked it up and looked, "A token, isn't it yours?"

Gu Ye's pupils shrank, "Lying!"

Yu Zelian reminded: "No swear words are allowed."

"This, this! I saw it in my dream! Lying! It's not true, right?" Gu Ye felt a chill, thinking of what happened in the dream, Gu Ye hurried to get up, Yu Zhe helplessly followed and got out of bed, watching As he panicked, leaning against the door frame, holding his hands, he frowned angrily. He still didn't do enough, and after just two hours of sleep he could get up and run, alas.

Gu Ye reverently gave Mr. Yan Yan Sanxiangxiang and apologized, "I'm sorry! I'm wrong! I shouldn't talk back to you like that. Now I've learned to communicate well with my elders and never fight with you again. Although I am wrong, but you are also wrong. You are arrogant and do not listen to advice. Regardless of my thoughts, my master is not allowed to see me. The method is really old-fashioned and old-fashioned, but who makes you my father? I apologize to you, sorry! "

Qingyan turned around Gu Ye several times, so don't awkwardly close it. Gu Yesong breathed a sigh of relief. When he was not nervous, he immediately felt a pain in his waist and legs, and his body was completely soft. He was immediately relieved of his strength. He seized Yu Zhe, who was standing at the door, "I don't want to get up tomorrow."

Yu chose to help him, "Done tossing?"

Gu Ye seriously said something puzzling: "I'll be with you in my next life."

Yu Ze was teased, "OK."

"This time, let me find you, and I will let you recognize me at a glance, remember who I am at a glance, and know at a glance that we have loved."

Yu Xie raised an eyebrow. "You mean, keep it for me?"

Gu Yehan said with a smile: "You do n’t need to ask, you just need to know that you will remember me forever and forever, and you will be with me. When you are a person, you will accompany me to be a person. . "

Yu Tzu smiled and held him, "Fool."

How could he be willing to throw him away? Whatever it means to be a man or a ghost without him?


After half a year, Gu Ye opened a store in the Commercial Street, mainly selling antiques, jade articles, and pendants such as Heianmu. The name of the store was: A shop for Dad.

This name made Ji Qiao, who was left as the deputy manager, extremely disgusted. "Fools will come to the store to buy things. Entering the store is like calling your father."

Gu Ye was dissatisfied: "Where is the name bad? How thick, warm, and secure? And poetic and artistic, filial piety, and especially popular, enduring!"

Qi Qiao said disgustingly: "Your dad doesn't want you to open it. You fiddle with antiques and get some calligraphy and paintings to fool him. How can it be so tall?"

Gu Ye said angrily: "You kind of puppet! Don't understand! If it weren't for your good-looking face and leaving you to attract customers, I would have sent you back already!"

Qiuqiao snorted coldly, "It's as if you weren't a baby boy! You gave me back my cat and my worm king, and I promise you will stay on your knees and cry."

I wanted to participate in Gu Ye's wedding, but I didn't expect to be able to leave. Gu Ye was shameless. He had to be left as the deputy manager and said that he would go to the unit again, and to find Yu Ze. When I go to school, I have to run the shop and reconcile to complete the task. I ca n’t get too busy and leave him to help. Gu Ye, the waiter in the store, found him. He was here to relax during the day. Someone downstairs was responsible for selling things. He would come out to see if there was an emergency. He would keep bugs on the second floor if nothing happened.

Someone came to pick up his class in the evening. It was mainly responsible for receiving ghosts who could not be reborn with injustice. This is a ghost scholar wearing a Tsing Yi. It looks unfathomable. The legally punished ghost made a ghost servant and sold it to him. Anyway, Gu Ye used various methods to prevent him from leaving. Coaxed his cat son away with countless delicious ones, and let Lingling capture his king!

In fact, Gu Ye only wanted to find Yu Ze. Wherever he was, he was the shopkeeper. It seemed to be the busiest, but actually the busiest one.

Gu Ye said that he wouldn't let him go back to the frozen mountain alone. "You can go back and raise it here. You can live anywhere on the second floor, and you don't even have a door."

With their eyes narrowing, the two were going to quarrel again, Yu Zhe came to the door and knocked on the door, "arguing again?"

Before, he was worried about what was going on between the two of them, but now he was worried that one day the two would really fight, Gu Ye Leng hummed, "He doesn't make sense."

Qi Qiao said disgustingly, "I don't know who used to do this, it is becoming less and less a thing."

Yu Zhe was also scolded in, and was not annoyed. He pulled Gu Ye who wanted to do a fight. "If you don't order a hundred days today, your parents will also go there. Would you like to arrive later than them?"

Gu Ye quickly gave up the thought of quarreling, "No, you have to hurry. What about the gift I prepared in advance?"

Yu Ze pulled him out, "I have brought it for you."

Gu Ye smiled and waved a hand with Jiu Qiao. After getting in the car, he held the gift in his hand. "If, the third sister said to us, let us take care of it, shall we?"

Yu Ze shook his head without hesitation. "I really want to come over and wait until I'm 20 years old. Whoever is the one, give the company to anyone. Now we don't want any of them."

Gu Ye smiled and asked, "Are the twins already in the old house and not leaving?"

Yu Ze said with a headache: "They have taken the place there and are looking for you every day. They ca n’t even close the door."

Gu Ye said arbitrarily: "I don't care, anyway, you can only support me, you can only hurt me, and children cannot rob me."

Yu Zeman asked jealously: "Should this last sentence be my line?"

"I don't care, I'll just say that."

Yu Ze picked his mouth and said, "Okay, I only support you, until you have gray hair, you are a baby in my eyes, no one can grab you."

Gu Ye smiled and bent her eyes, rushed happily, holding Yu Ze's neck, "Dear, love you ~"

Yu Ze looked at his eyes, smiled pettingly, bowed his head and returned a tender kiss on Gu Ye's mouth, "Love you."

In this life, there are family, friends, and lover. Gu Ye is extremely fortunate to have made a decision on his own, otherwise he would not have such a happy life. Gu Yexiao's contentment, the old man often said that everything in the world is incomplete and often regrets. But how lucky he was to be successful.


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Fortunately, all kinds of variety shows, TV, movies ... As long as Mo Yue participates in the show, it is all popular! Even the company that signed Mo Yuet has come back to life from the point of bankruptcy.

The entire network determined that Yue Yue is a reincarnation of Koi: By forwarding this Xiao Xiao Yue, you can be promoted to a salary increase, must pass every exam, drop the peach blossom, call Tian Tian Ying, and call Earth Di Ling ...

The reporter asked Yue Yue: "You are so lucky, why come to the entertainment industry?"

Mo Yue took out her family's marriage book, "I came to the entertainment industry to find my fiancee, and the family said that she is beautiful, tender, and understanding, and I want to protect her!"

He was looking for and looking for his fiancee, and finally found someone in a love reality show, but ... the national male **** held him in his palm and studied it with his colorful feathers, Yue Yue looked at The ancient demon who was half a head taller cried out of his feathers: Hell's weak fiancee, he was deceived into marriage! He wants to leave the entertainment industry!

Attack: Don't go, I can explain.

Mo Yue: No, you can't!

With great care, the sun is up, and good luck is overwhelming. The ancient demon is attacking by all the male gods.

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