After the examination, a special department composed of masters of black arts was formally established. Gu Ye was appointed as the minister and Xie Cheng was the deputy minister. This separate department is not subject to any department and does not accept any transfers. Its existence is also an underground department. It belongs to the Royal Metropolitan Safety General Administration. It lives in a high-end apartment, which includes all food, clothing and accommodation.

High treatment also means high risk, and it is necessary to pay accordingly. On the first day of the department's establishment, the superior sent a box of top-secret files to Gu Ye's office.

This office is temporary. It has been built over there and has not been renovated yet. The superior rented an apartment for them to stay for three months. Gu Ye had not set up the office yet, and the work came. Opening a portfolio, Gu Ye and Xie Cheng had the urge to throw all these things down.

"Is it so exciting on the first day?"

"It looks like these are cases without heads and tails. Either the lack of evidence at the beginning and the helplessness became unsolved, or the special cases of large cases that are being investigated but no evidence can be found." Gu Yexin tired. "I knew it wouldn't be so easy."

"Secretary Wang, come!" Gu Ye called over the transferred Xiao Wang. "Next, you are responsible for opening all these file bags. You are divided into two categories. The cases that need to be investigated now are divided into a wave. There is no evidence. Put a wave of pending cases. Make a large bulletin board on the wall of the lobby on the first floor and hang them on both sides of the wall. Post the announcement and let everyone form a team freely and take the case freely. After you finish, you accept the case Reports, bonuses issued once a quarter, are based on the number of cases closed. "

Xiao Wang looked at his workload and asked helplessly: "Secretary, I have done all this work. What are you two doing?"

Gu Ye shook the portfolio in his hand. "The two of us took this."

"No, you shouldn't be here ..."

Xie Cheng knocked on the table and asked seriously: "Do you think we can sit here? Let us do everything, and ask the secretary what to do?"

Xiao Wang was crying, "I was not a civilian before, I have always been in the front line!"

"It's because you are on the front line that you understand these things, we don't understand anything."

Xiao Wang was stunned by their fallacies, and finally found his old senior person aggrieved, "It takes at least four secretaries to get busy."

Mu Jingfei appeased: "When Xiao Zhang's case is settled, he will go over to help, and you persist for two more days, hold on, you can."

Xiao Wang looked at this pile of work and just wanted to say: I can't.

The next day, after Wang arrived, he saw Gu Ye's desk with two leave notes. The minister and the deputy minister asked for leave collectively. The reason for the leave was all for the same thing. Xiao Wang was so angry that he just hacked the table with a kitchen knife. "Free and loose! No organization and no discipline!"

Fan Xiao took a bag of fried chestnuts and asked, "What about Brother Gu and reconciliation?"

Xiao Wang calmed his face, "Is there something wrong with them?"

Fan Xiao: "Fried chestnuts from my mother. Let's eat together."

Xiao Wang took a deep breath. "The minister can't eat. He asked for wedding leave."

At this time, someone was passing by just outside the door. When he heard this, he stopped and asked happily, "Gu Ye is getting married? When?"

Xiao Wang said helplessly: "After a month."

Everyone was surprised, "Are you taking leave now?"

Xiao Wang held the fake note and said exhausted: "It is necessary to prepare in advance."

"What about our deputy minister?"

"The deputy minister went home to help the minister prepare for the marriage and took a month off."

Everyone thought about it, "Well, let's do it ourselves."

Xiao Wang was stunned. "Did you accept it so calmly?"

"What about that?" Everyone was more Buddhist. "It's just a habit. They can't find anyone often."

Xiao Wang: "..."

I feel worse in the future.

Gu Ye was really lazy, but his resignation was inseparable from his master, hoping to spend more time with him. The two are not working, and occasionally they will pick up cases. The picking up is relatively simple and easy to handle, and it can be done in a day. This way, we can guarantee that we will go home to guard the old man at night. Until the day of the wedding, Gu Ye drove Jie Cheng to the airport to pick up the overseas Chinese.

It is worth mentioning that Gu Ye was also pulling his dog.

After receiving Qiao Qiao, Gu Ye introduced enthusiastically: "Qiao Qiao, this is my dog, called Qiao Meier and Qiao Niu."

Qiuqiao didn't know he was leaving the house for a few days, and checked in his cat. He turned his face black, "Gu Ye, come, dad hug."

"Qiao Niu, come and give Dad one."

Xie Cheng was exhausted, "Can you go back and fight again? Just met! Breathe!"

On the way, Gu Ye and Jiu Qiao fought all the way. At first, the two started a fight and went straight to the back. Xie Cheng drove in front, and there was an urge to hold them down. "Are you three years old together?"

They both snorted and turned their heads aside, too lazy to look at each other, as if they looked at each other with spicy eyes.

Xie Cheng was exhausted and sent Gu Ye to his home. Gu Ye naturally led the Qiao Qiao into the house, and the Qiao Qiao naturally followed Gu Ye to see his mother. On the road, Qiao Qiao, like a little hedgehog, met her elders, and Qiao Qiao said politely, "Good aunt, bother."

Gu Ye said: "He is also my good friend. He will live in our house for two days."

Xie Cheng was expressionless on the side and did not know how the two of them were reconciled.

Mrs. Gu smiled and said, "Our Gu Ye brought a friend to the house for the first time. I'll arrange a room for you."

Xie Cheng hurriedly said: "Auntie, I can't stay, he lives alone."

Mrs. Gu's face was astonished, and the Qiaoqiao was too good, which made her a little uneasy.

"All right, just arrange one. Gu Yang, take your two brothers around the house and get familiar with the environment. Gu Ye came with me, let's arrange the rooms."

Gu Ye saw that his mother had something to do with him, and hurried to follow him. When no one was there, Mrs Gu whispered to Gu Ye: "When will you make friends?"

Gu Yeming didn't know so, "It's been a long time."

Mrs Gu asked uneasily: "Does Yu Ze know?"

Gu Ye heard what it meant, and smiled: "I know, they have seen it, rest assured."

After a while, Gu Ye found the Qiao Qiao and reconciled, Qiao Qiao asked: "Is it convenient to live here?"

He also saw that Mrs. Gu had something to say to Gu Ye. He followed Gu Ye to come here. Actually, he wanted to see if Gu Ye's family treated him well. There was no need to live at home.

Gu Ye smiled: "It's very convenient. We have a lot of houses. My elder brother and my second elder brother don't come back often at night. My brother stays at school and usually stays at home. Yu Zehui will come at night. , There is nothing inconvenient. My mother came to me just now because I was afraid that I would derail before marriage, she was not so careful. "

"Me and you?" Qiqiao looked at Gu Ye in disgust, as if he saw something dirty, and his eyes were disgusting.

Gu Ye kicked him angrily, "You don't need to be so disgusting! You live in my house, eat me, drink me, where's your face so disgusting me?"

Qi Qiao pointed at his face, "I have a face."

Gu Ye took a deep breath, "Oh!"

Mrs. Gu watched carefully, and found that Gu Yedouzui lost, and anxiously called Dad Gu, "Will Gu Ye let him? The child is so pretty, his nose, his eyes, his face, It ’s just like haute couture. I find our son likes high-value things, but do n’t do anything wrong. ”

Father Gu gave her this metaphor and laughed, "Don't think about it, it's impossible at this point, and Yu Zhe can get used to him. He has no chance in this regard."

Mrs Gu thought about Yu Ze's ability, and she calmed down, so she was persuasive.

After a while, Mrs. Gu shouted happily: "Son, the rooms are arranged. Take your friends to live."

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes at the Qiaoqiao, "Look, my mother is so enthusiastic."

Qiao Qiao's face was soft and relieved a lot.


The two held a wedding. According to Gu Ye's knowledge, it was simple, two or three tables, the two called the closest friends, sat together for a meal, and it was over.

On the same day, Gu Ye was greeted by Yu Xuan when he received the wedding venue. Yu Xie contracted a big manor in advance, all of whom are royal family, as well as the top people in the literary and art circles, and the top traffic stars in the entertainment industry. Gu Ye looked at the battle, and looked at Yu Ze with a smile. "Dear, is it so grand?"

Yu Zhe asked: "Where is it grand?"

In his opinion, he didn't feel enough, but Gu Ye and Dad Gu didn't like to be too busy, so he didn't do much. In a private manor house far from the city, quietly host a wedding that is not grand. However, all the people who received the invitation this time were head-and-face people. He just wanted to tell them that they would stay together until they were old enough to die. Who dare not give Gu Ye face, just don't give him face.

Gu Ye looked at the battle and whispered, "I suddenly have an urge to escape from marriage."

Yu Xuan grabbed his wrist and pulled it in strongly. "No mosquito can fly without my permission today."

Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, "I'm kidding, don't scare me."

Yu Ze hooked his lips and said, "Funny."

Gu Ye: "..."

Yu Ze really failed to learn, it was so scary just now!

On the lawn, the scene has been well arranged. On one side is a priest and on the other is a performance stage. Yu Ze invited several front-line singers to sing a few romantic little love songs to pave the atmosphere.

Gu Ye also saw that there were many reporters inside, all of whom were very formal, wearing chest badges, and domestic and foreign newspapers. As soon as they saw them coming in, the reporter immediately took pictures of them, but they were not enthusiastic mad shoots. They all stood aside, without much talk, just took two pictures and left.

Gu Ye whispered, "How long have you been preparing?"

"It didn't take long, but I will prepare for a month to take you on a trip." Yu Ze said, Gu Ye's eyes widened in shock, "Really?"

Yu Zhan smiled and said, "This month is all up to you. We will go wherever you want."

Gu Ye happily grasped Yu Zhai's hand. "It's not easy. You finally came out of that office. You are so capable, I'm afraid you'll be bald in middle age."

Yu Zeqi laughed, "nonsense."

Everyone was busy socializing. The children were all running on the grass. The twins saw Gu Ye and ran over happily while holding their legs. Now the two children have grown taller. After two years, it is estimated that they will be able to meet. waist. Gu Ye touched his little head one by one, fancy compliment: "Oh, who is this guy, so handsome 嘞? This little face ... 噗! Nephew's words are really sincere and not deceiving me."

Yu Ze raised an eyebrow. "Where is it?"

Gu Ye seriously said: "It really looks like you, you can't see it yourself."

Yu Ze was slightly disgusted. He didn't look like this when he was a kid. He was definitely not so fat.

The third sister has a big belly now. She and her brother-in-law are there to accompany them. After coming over, the third sister leans on the waist and tells both of them: "No one is allowed to make trouble with her today.

Gu Ye looked tired of her stomach and panicked for her. "Sister, you can just rest and rest, these two children should find a family member to bring."

"I see, rest assured."

At this time, Yu Lao beckoned to both of them, and Gu's father and Mrs. Gu were also there. There were many people standing beside him. It seemed that they were introducing relatives and friends to know each other.

The third sister urged: "Come on."

The two parents were together and introduced the relatives and friends at home. Gu Ye nodded while listening. Sometimes he was stingy. He was really blind and sometimes could not remember.

Yu Ze whispered to remind him: "I remember, you can always follow me."

Gu Ye's eyes brightened, "Dear, you are so smart."

"Clever doesn't mean middle-aged baldness."

Gu Ye smiled, did you care so much?

After meeting these relatives, friends, and business partners, it was finally time for the ceremony. The priest was ready to take his place, Gu Ye and Yu Ze had passed. A group of relatives and friends sitting below looked at it. Among these people, there is a special area, which is obviously different from those of the business elite. They are young, casually dressed, and incompatible with other personalities. These people are Gu Ye's friends in mystic circle.

However, after knowing their identities, no one dared to look down on them. No one can offend the master if they offend. Otherwise, they do n’t even know how to die. The smart people know the truth. The meaning of dealing with families, they play together. Qi Qiaoyu also sat among the group of people. Gu Yebe asked Xie Cheng to take him. At the first sight of the ceremony, Qi Qiaoyu opened the bag he had been carrying around, and moved out two tablets from it.

Xie Cheng drew a corner of his mouth, "Brother! Calm down! This is the wedding scene!"

Qiuqiao froze coldly and said earnestly: "It's our style to sneak a peek, I'll give you two a soul."

Xie Cheng pumped wildly as he watched Qiao Qiao pull out a black umbrella from his bag and folded it up so small that it had to be 30% off. It seemed to have been bought intentionally and was already ready.

Regardless of the eyes of everyone, Qiao Qiao opened it on the spot, the umbrella cover was relatively large, and the black was like a black cloud. Qiao Qiao continued to recruit souls for the two old men. He still learned this method from Gu Ye. "Now Gu Ye is married. I usually tell both of you not to come. If you have time now, just come and take a look. "

Gu Ye naturally looked this way. Now the sun is not particularly strong. There is a person with a black umbrella in the crowd. As soon as the pupils shrank, the corners of his excited mouth moved. Before he could speak, his eyes suddenly turned red. "Master, master, aunt."

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