Encouraged by Gu Yehe and Xie Cheng, the young masters of metaphysics collectively organized to take the exam. In fact, for their teachers, the country has finally given such a good opportunity, and they also hope that the younger generation of children can go try it. After all, when they get old, the teachers can't help them. This group of children who have no family background rely on themselves, and it is definitely better to rely on the country. And to be able to do things for the country, there is merit in the body, will not happen to those things that happened before the Xuanshu Society.

On the same day, Gu Ye and Xie Cheng went to the examination place with everyone. The two were already appointed and did not need the examination. After getting out of the car and sending them in, Gu Yehe Xie Cheng waited at the gate.

At this time, an old lady was pushing a small tricycle with a large glass box on it, which contained a lot of cannabis flowers. The old lady was white-skinned, but she was very clean. "Cannabis flower! Fried cannabis flower! Purely handmade!"

Gu Ye asked Xie Cheng: "Is this cannabis flower delicious?"

Xie Cheng despised: "I know that you, a grand master like you, have never seen anything like this. To be honest, I do n’t know whether it is good or not when I do n’t eat it."

Gu Ye was speechless, talking for a long time was nonsense.

Gu Ye beckoned to the old lady, stopped a car and stuck out a finger, "Auntie, get me one first."

The old lady smiled and said, "Do you want to taste it, right?"

Gu Ye nodded, yes.

The old lady is also a refreshing person. She picked up a piece in half and gave it to each of them. She smiled and said, "I made it myself, eat it, buy it if it's delicious, and don't want your money if it's not delicious."

Gu Ye smiled and said, "That's so embarrassing."

"Eat, I just made it today, it's crispy."

The two took it with a smile, looking at the old lady's face, showing kindness and purpose, and Gu Ye had a good impression. After taking a sip, Gu Ye nodded with satisfaction, crispy and crisp, apparently just made, and the sweetness was just right, "It's delicious, I'm here for sixty."

Xie Cheng stared at Ye, sixty? Are you crazy?

Gu Ye smiled: "After a while, they finished the exam and asked them to eat twist."

The old lady didn't expect Gu Ye to have so much, she added all of them, more than sixty, so she could go home early.

After receiving a twist stand, the two squatted on the side of the road to eat twist. When someone passed by, they looked like Gu Ye and didn't recognize it. They took a picture and posted it on the Internet. Ait Gu Ye asked: Male god, Do you know these two handsome guys eating twists? How do I think someone is so similar to you?

This person is still under Gu Ye Weibo, using pictures to comment, Gu Ye's fans recognized Gu Ye at the time, and they were all happy: oh god, do you pay attention to the image? It doesn't matter if you eat twist, you need to find a higher place to be worthy of your identity!

Take a look, the son of the national father, the boyfriend of the leader of the electronic technology leader squatting on the side of the road to eat twist, we all look fresh, do not miss passing by!

Gu Ye is so handsome to eat civilian snacks!

Gu Ye eating at the roadside is a scenery, while others eating at the roadside is slick + exhaustive.

Gu Da, do you lack a daughter? You can stick to your brother every day and not let your brother steal the kind of roadside stall.


Gu Gu now has no time to find his daughter. At this time, he only has the mentality of marrying his daughter. Not long after Gu Ye went out, Yu Lao contacted him and wanted to talk to him in person. Gu Decheng thought that Gu Ye had caused another trouble. After meeting, he knew that Yu Lao meant to get the marriage of the two of them in advance.

"I'll ask someone to forget. Don't have many days. He's my best friend. He's gone. I won't feel happy for a long time. I want him to attend my son's wedding while he is alive. I do n’t want to leave regret. Even Yu Ze is 30 years old, and I do n’t want to delay. ”

For the reason of being old, Gu Gu seriously considered it, "I asked Gu Ye, if the child has no opinion, I have no opinion."

Yu Lao said earnestly: "This is the truth. I'm a father to ask you this father, or to consider the opinions of the child."

At this time, Gu Ye was still eating twist. After eating enough, Gu Ye and Xie Cheng stood with two big packs of cannabis flowers standing at the gate and waited for anyone to come out and asked them how they were doing.

After the exam, everyone shook his head. "These questions don't seem to have standard answers. They are more like psychological questions."

Gu Ye asked, "Where is Fan Xiao? Did you see that child?"

"Stupid child fell asleep while doing the question, then woke up and then did it. Who knows if I can pass the exam?"

Speaking of Fan Xiao, everyone has a headache. The child is confused every day. Later, let him be a clerk. You ca n’t let him go out. I know how to get there.

Fan Xiao was the last one to come out. When they saw something in the hands of the two, Meizi stretched out his paws and drew it himself. Everyone around him asked: "How was the exam?"

Fan Xiao feels very good about herself. "It should be a good test."

Everyone was speechless, and they didn't know what the answer was. The child knew that he did well in the exam and didn't know where to come from. Fan Xiao took a bite and said happily, "This twist is so delicious. Give me two more."

Xie Cheng gave him the remaining dozen or so in his hand. Fan Xiao ate while eating, and cared about others, "How are you doing?"

Everyone looked at him like this, sighed, let it be.

There were a lot of twists left. Gu Ye went home, saw Gu Yang at the door, and threw it directly to him, "Here, brother bought you a gift."

Gu Yang said happily, "Thank you."

Gu Lin was on the side, with a slight hook at the corner of his mouth, and said slowly: "Coax the child with what you have left."

Gu Ye went to the second brother and whispered, "You know everything."

The second brother who always has first-hand information on the Internet dislikes: "Countless people on your Weibo call you and ask you if the twist is delicious, and I'm not stupid."

"Yeah!" Gu Yexiao said, "Don't tell the children."

"He knows, he sees it."

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows and got up to find Gu Yang.

Gu Yang sat in a chair beside the grass and teased the dog while eating. He was in a good mood.

Gu Ye went behind him and rubbed Gu Yang's head. "Is it delicious?"

Gu Yang handed him one, "It's delicious."

Gu Ye smiled: "We bought it by the road and I ate it."

"I know," Gu Yang smiled and asked, "because it's delicious, you left it for me, I know."

Gu Ye paused, rubbing his brother's head with a smile, "Silly boy, you are so cute."

Gu Yang frowned, "Brother, what's wrong with you?"

"No, you are so cute." Gu Ye couldn't help but want to hug this younger brother who is taller than himself. This child has always used the most kind thoughts to guess the minds of his brothers. Because of kindness, life is so good .

Gu Ye told him, "Eat less. Brother takes you out to eat at night."

Gu Yang said with a smile: "Brother, eat at home at night, and call Yu Yu to come over. Tomorrow, we will go to the aquarium, and I heard that a new aquarium has opened, a five-star, super big."

Gu Ye said with interest: "Okay, you can ask our mother if we can go, let's go together."

Gu Yang ran away happily, "Mom, my third brother and I will be at the aquarium tomorrow. My brother asked if you could go?"

At this time, Gu Decheng came over, "Boss, come."

"Dad?" Gu Ye saw that his dad was in a hurry, and followed him quickly. Dad Gu took him directly to his study. Gu Ye looked at this situation and immediately tightened his skin. Generally, when Dad wanted to make a long story, Before calling them to the study. Gu Ye entered the door and flattered, "I have been honest these two days."

Dad Gu glanced at him helplessly, "I don't train you, ask you to discuss something."

Gu Ye breathed a sigh of relief. After Dad Gu sat down, he pulled the stool by himself, but didn't dare to sit. Until Dad Gu nodded, Gu Ye sat down, "You said."

Gu father said deeply: "I am looking for me today and want to get your marriage done ahead of time."

Gu Ye asked puzzledly, "Don't you say that I will graduate?"

"I wanted to wait for you to graduate. Yu means that you want to have your wedding while Tang is still alive."

"Oh, I have no opinion." Dad Gu wanted to say something, but Gu Ye was quite happy, not only did he have no opinion, he was very happy. "You don't need so many relatives, you don't need to invite those who are not related. Just two people at the table will have a good relationship. You and Yu Lao will announce the news to us, and this will be the case."

Gu Da sighed, and said in a complex mood: "Let's go, please have a good relationship."

Gu Yehan asked with a smile: "Dad, why do you look so deep?"

Dad Gu looked at him with a heartless smile and waved his hands tiredly. "Roll up and move to the Yu family in the future. Don't come back and anger me."

Gu Ye heard his dad's heart from this awkward words, and he coaxed with a smile: "Neither of us are married or married. Everywhere is home, and wherever I want to be." Even if you do such a ceremony, you and Yu Lao said yes, we will be the same as now. Yu Xie came to live tonight. I will take my mother and my brother to the aquarium tomorrow. If you want to go, Let ’s go together and let my elder brother and second elder brother Yu Yuze go out to make money. What do you think? "

Gu's stretched face looked a lot better, and suddenly felt better.

After the news was released, although only the relationship was very good, Dad Gu received a lot of calls from friends in the business field.

The age difference between Gu Ye and Yu Ze is seven or eight years old. The big brother Gu Sen is not married yet, but the third child who has not yet graduated is going to get married. The subject is still a man, because the subject is Yu Ze. No one dares to say something bad. All congratulations to Gu Dad, and added a good son.

Gu Decheng accepted the congratulations frankly. Yu Ze was really excellent in all aspects. Compared with his unreliable son, after thinking about it, Dad Gu felt a big advantage.

Gu Ye ran away again in the afternoon, and after spending half a day at the company with Yu Ze, the two of them reviewed the house for dinner together. Gu Ye hasn't been idle, happily sent out invitations to friends: Qiaoqiao, I'm getting married, you come, I want a big red envelope.

The other's relentless saying: Don't go.

Gu Ye: Come on, if you don't come, I feel incomplete. QAQ

The other party sent him a little bit, are you crazy? So abnormal!

Gu Ye: Come on, I don't feel secure if you don't come.

After a few minutes, the other party replied: If people go, no money will be given.

Gu Ye replied happily: Okay, just come.

After getting the overseas Chinese, Gu Ye went to Xie Cheng again: I am getting married, will you be my best man?

Xie Cheng: You have asked me three times! I know, I know, I know!

Gu Ye harassed Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang again: I am getting married, will you be a flower girl for me?

Zhao Pengyu reluctantly asked: Xiao aunt, can we change it?

Gu Ye: Do you want to be your best man by your side?

Zhao Pengyu: Forget it, I think I'm good at being a flower girl.

Gu Ye smiled back: OK, you stand with the twins.

Yu Ze came out of the bath, saw Gu Yewo on the sofa, and was still sending a message. She came over and bent over and asked him, "Still inviting friends?"

Gu Ye smiled and narrowed her eyes, "Yeah."

Yu chooses to kiss him, "So excited?"

Gu Ye put down her phone and held up Yu Ze's handsome face. "I married such a handsome daughter-in-law. I have accumulated great virtues. I have lived two lives and got married for the first time. Do you say I am not excited?"

Yu Zhe smiled and went over and kissed him again.

Gu Ye smiled, "Don't make trouble."

Yu Ze raised an eyebrow. "You don't want me?"

Gu Ye couldn't help crying. "Okay, I think. Don't be so resentful, I ... hey!"

Gu Ye exclaimed, and then Yu Zhe resisted on her shoulders. This is at Gu's house. Gu Ye can't let go of his hands and feet. Even if he locks the door, he still feels embarrassed. He struggled a few times and didn't break away. Gu Ye whispered: "Yu Ze! Why did you learn badly! You didn't Such!"

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