Gu Ye plucked the grass out of his master's grave, wiped the tombstone clean, and under the restraint of Yu Ze, he was particularly sorry that he could not give eighteen girls, only to burn some paper money.

Gu Yebian burned and said, "It's not easy to give you a grave. You have traveled thousands of miles. If you didn't have a last word, I would like to move your grave away. But fallen leaves return to your roots. Since you want to go home, There is nothing I can do. When I am old, when I ca n’t come, I will overthrow the tombstone on your grave, and let your grave be wiped out by nature. No one can find you in the future, and I will wait for you. "

Gu Ye burned the paper, "Well, this money was bought for you by your apprentice's daughter-in-law. Is he so filial, are you happy or not? It doesn't matter if you're not happy, I will judge him anyway, and you will cry me too Won't break up. "

Yu Xuan listened and wanted to laugh. When Master Gu Ye was alive, he must have been bearded by his big cuteness every day.

"Okay!" Gu Ye stood up and patted the soil on his body. "Old man, give me a dream when you think of me, and we're gone."

Gu Ye actively took up Yu Ze's hand, and said with a smile: "A lifetime, go hand in hand, whoever runs is a small dog."

Yu Ze then tightened Gu Ye's hand, "You can't run."

Gu Yehua focuses: "I'm talking about you!"

Yu Ze thought about it and laughed, "Did I run?"

Gu Ye smiled and said: "You can try, I will capture all your souls, pump you up, not to delay your reincarnation, and let you see with your own eyes that you have become a little nerd. "

Yu Ze couldn't help crying, "Bao, you don't have to say it."

"No, I have to tell you the consequences so you don't dare run."


Gu Ye took the photo back to the capital, and the first thing was to find Mu Jingfei, "Sister, I want to see that middle-aged man with a somber look and a low profile is the prisoner who dominated the incident."

Mu Jingfei thought for a while, "Yes, I can arrange it for you. He killed several people. The death penalty is inevitable. What do you want to ask? This is the only chance."

Gu Ye saw this middle-aged man in the detention center. The person who took Gu Ye into the house told him: "This man is 45-year-old Kong Qimin. admit."

Gu Ye nodded, looking at the other person's quiet face, and asked, "What is your relationship with my master?"

The other looked at him indifferently, and said sarcastically, "I don't know."

Gu Ye took the photo out and stuck it on the glass. "I don't know? This person is you."

Kong Qimin's eyes darkened, and some red eyes were deeper. His face was a little complicated. "Why do you have this picture?"

Gu Ye smiled and said, "He found it in my master's collection. He is dying. He is a special baby. He thought you were dead."

"Still alive?" Obviously, Gu Ye's words had a great impact on Kong Qimin, making his always indifferent expression startled, "How could he keep it?"

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and tried out something, "Why did you lie to him?"

"No! I didn't lie to him! It was because he felt that I had no talent and said that I was cruel and unsuitable to worship him. He was driving me away!" Kong Qimin's emotions suddenly agitated, his red pupil staring at Gu Ye, after calming down for a few seconds, he sat down suddenly, calmed down his excitement instantly, "Yes, he hates me! How can he care about people like me?"

"If you don't care, why do you keep this photo?" Gu Ye said earnestly: "When my master was dying, he said that I still have a brother, but unfortunately I didn't see him early."

In a word, Gu Ye, the other person was immediately stimulated with red eyes, "Impossible! Impossible!" The other person with red eyes, said excitedly, "He once taught me something, but it didn't take me long to chase me out. He went out of school! He drove me away! "

Gu Ye said earnestly: "That must be bad for you."

"You know the fart, he just saw that I didn't have talent, so he didn't want me, yes! That's it!" Kong Qimin nodded, as if he kept telling himself that he couldn't believe Gu Ye's gossip. He resolutely said: "He hated me for being poor in talent, but spent so much time looking for that short-lived ghost, and in the end it wasn't even earlier than me? Oh! Deserve it!"

Gu Ye smiled: "You are so jealous, so my master does n’t want you for a reason. You are too stupid, and your heart is too poisonous. He would rather want a short-lived person than you, you have to be stupid. kind?"

Kong Qimin's pupils shrank, and he stared at Gu Ye Yinxie. If the other party could come out, Gu Ye was certain that he wanted to bite him.

Gu Ye smiled, "You want the world to be chaotic, you want everyone to be buried for your life, and to be buried with your broken dreams, you think everyone is sorry for you, you think the world is sorry for you, so you find With this vicious method. Unfortunately, your dream is still shattered, the zombie has been wiped out, and you have nothing now. Blame society if you can't do it. You are not only stupid, you are a waste. "

Kong Qimin stood up in excitement, holding his glass with his fist, "You who grew up in a honeypot! What do you know?"

"Shh!" Gu Ye smiled: "Don't be excited, I am playing with you. My master never mentioned you to me, he buried the photo long ago."

Kong Qimin froze, and then shivered in anger, shouting with grief: "Gu Ye! I want to kill you! I want to kill all of you!"

The guard in charge said solemnly: "Be quiet!"

Gu Ye stood up and smiled and sent the last three words: "You, no, deserve it!"

After speaking, the communicator was hung up, the other party was completely lit by the words, hit the glass with red eyes, and Gu Ye could not hear anything. Under the other party's gaze, Gu Yehan tore the photo with a smile, the other party Let's repay for the iniquity he has done. This kind of person doesn't blame his Master for not paying attention.

After the incident was reported, Kong Qimin was soon sent to court. This man was a murderous maniac and had a serious anti-social personality. He is indeed very talented in Xuan Shu, but because of his bad heart, Shao Fuli picked him up, raised him, but did not want to accept him as an apprentice, but he relied on what he saw in Shao Fuli, Self-taught, he developed a set of techniques. Unfortunately, after all, because of a psychological problem, I feel that the world is sorry for him, immersed in his own world, his personality is distorted, and an anti-social personality is formed.

In retaliation, he began to study magic, and he killed famous people on the Internet, as well as the little star.

When the result of his murder was published on the Internet, all the netizens remembered the name, Kong Qimin! Murderer!

Those who forced the police to kill the murderers finally let go of the police, and now they are transferred to Kong Qimin, the murderer, and finally the pressure on them has been transferred, which made Mu Jingfei relieved.

That ancient tomb soon applied for rescue excavation. I do n’t know how Mu Jingfei operated it. Anyway, the excavation method is not the same as other ancient tombs. This one directly lifts the mountain. The contents can be avoided and must be exposed. .

After the incident was over, Gu Ye and they really rested for a while. Gu Ye also fulfilled his promise and pulled out the cruise ship Yu Xuan bought for him, and took everyone to the sea together for a complete vacation.

It is a pity that because of the fear of Master's body, the break-up did not take place. When everyone came back, he brought back a lot of seafood. There was a huge octopus, which was carried back by Fan Xiaozhuang's schoolbag. His legs couldn't fit into the bag. The outside of the schoolbag was all legs. Fan Xiaoyi walked, and all his legs followed. The child was not easy, but he didn't want to give up.

Gu Ye and Fan Xiao together delivered Xie Cheng's past, and still ate a meal there, which made Tang Lao extremely happy.

At this time they did not know yet, because of their performance this time, the relevant departments had already drawn up a list.

The country had previously considered the establishment of an underground department composed of blacksmiths to deal with some difficult cases or unnatural phenomena. They do not belong to the police, they are a separate department, their identities are kept confidential, and they do not need to be fixed in their work place or even need to check in every day.

At this point, Mu Jingfei took the list and came to the bureau with a map. He called Xiao Wang and Xiao Zhang to the office. "Follow Gu Ye and they run this trip. How do you feel?"

The two haven't figured out the meaning of the boss, and dare not say more, only the meaningful two words: "Exciting!"

Mu Jingfei smiled and looked good. "They will work here in the future, and the environment is very good and free."

Xiao Wang looked at the map and exclaimed: "Villa-type apartments! They are all civil servants. They are treated well!"

Xiao Zhang asked with caution: "Why tell us?"

When asked, Xiao Wang immediately became vigilant, "Yeah, what are you doing with us?"

Mu Jingfei said intently: "After the establishment of this department, at the beginning, two people will definitely need to run a list for them, familiarize yourself with the process, you ..."

"No!" Xiao Wang waryly said, "Boss! I think their apartment is too good and the conditions are too good. I don't deserve it! Thank you!"

Xiao Zhang nodded, "Yes, I'm not worth it."

Mu Jingfei: "..."

What kind of stimulation did these two people receive?

Although there was no discussion in the group, the news was released. At the same time, invitation letters have been sent to the hands of many black magicians, inviting them to take exams. Most of them are about ideological quality and consciousness. In the case of civil servants, they have to pay for food and beverages, with five insurances and one fund.

Once these conditions were announced, a lot of people were really moved. Everyone discussed in the group: Did you receive the invitation letter? Are you going?

Go 呗, play at home is also fun, go together for fun.

State departments, civil servants, are quite interesting.

I just think that everyone can live together in the future, I am very happy, I want to try it.

Is Gu Ye coming?

Gu Ye is so shy, his parents may not let him.

That being said, everyone suddenly lost interest: he didn't feel boring if he didn't come, he didn't go.

Then I won't go, he won't come, and Xie Cheng certainly won't come, neither of them is interesting.

Gu Ye saw this in the group and encouraged: "Go!" Why not go in such good conditions?

Everyone asked him: Can you come?

Gu Ye: I should not go.

Xie Cheng: I wo n’t go if Gu Ye does n’t go, we are partners and do n’t dismantle.

Everyone replied: Then we will not go.

Gu Ye advised: you go, now the veterans, the official department of the state, after the exam is a civil servant, you do not need to check in, you do not go, is not stupid! I have a family member. Most of you do n’t have a family. Is it better to rely on the country than to rely on yourself? Silly kids go!

Fan Xiao said wrongly: You did n’t come to reconcile brother, it ’s boring to go, anyway, if you do n’t go, I wo n’t go.

Gu Ye: ...

When receiving the list of applicants, the relevant staff learned the meaning of the group and hurriedly reported it. The next day, an uncle who had turned white called Mu Jingfei to the office and gave two appointment letters to Mu Jingfei. Disengage. "

"What?" Mu Jingfei opened it for a look, and was stunned. "Gu Ye is still young. The burden is on his shoulder, it's too heavy."

The other side smiled slightly, "He can afford it, but I have inspected it. In the minds of these young people, Gu Ye and Xie Cheng have a very high status. From this action, we can see that Gu Ye's ability It is the strongest among this group of people, and he will take care of the overall situation and have a vision to do things. In order to protect teammates, do not grab the limelight, and settle behind the scenes, this mind is too rare. "

Mu Jingfei still couldn't bear it. "But he is still a little younger after all."

"Are you sorry for him, right? Your boyfriend's brother."

Mu Jingfei's face was stunned, and I was not embarrassed. "I do feel bad for him. To be honest, I saw him as my brother. This child helped me solve the case when he was in high school. For years, he called me a sister. Can't bear to see him in the future. Uncle, think again. "

The uncle laughed: "You, look down on him. Even in his twenties, he can take on this responsibility. He has a very good relationship with Xie Cheng. The two are almost the backbone of this group. If they do n’t In the future, this department will not be able to build. I also asked the older generation of academics about the situation. Among these young people, Gu Ye is the most courageous. In fact, if the mysterious society cannot fall, this group The older generation of masters was like helping Gu Ye to be superior. Gu Ye at that time was a high school student. "

Mu Jingfei was secretly pleased. Someone praised her brother. Of course she was happy, but still said, "Too young."

"Yes, only young people have the courage. I have the data of all of them. After comprehensive analysis, we unanimously decided that this minister would be Gu Ye. And also taking into account his family background." The other side showed four photos, Gu Decheng, Gu Sen, Gu Lin, and Yu Ze, "With these four people guarding him, this department will be able to do it. Another important point is that this is an underground organization and cannot be placed on the bright side. If the desire is too strong, , Can only be the next president of the Xuanshu Society, and only Gu Ye, who has nothing and does not care about fame and fortune, can afford it. Believe me, I am your uncle, and my Gu family will be my in-laws. Can I care for my children? "

Mu Jingfei laughed, and the other side considered everything. She nodded slowly, "I understand, I'll go to them."

Gu Ye, who wanted to eat with Yu Ze at noon, was temporarily asked by Mu Jingfei. The two found a quiet private room and talked about it while eating. Gu Ye received the invitation and said, "Let I ’m the minister? Who decided? Did you take the wrong medicine? "

Mu Jingfei said angrily: "Don't talk nonsense, this is my old superior!"

Gu Ye helplessly said: "But I'm so young, I haven't graduated yet."

Mu Jingfei took a sip of juice. "Isn't it the last year?"

Gu Ye said earnestly: "I'm still a child."

"What kid are you?"


Mu Jingfei was amused, "Don't be poor."

Gu Ye smiled, "I can't go. I'll introduce you to someone. It used to be from the Institute of Metaphysics."

Mu Jingfei said earnestly: "You know we don't recognize the Xuanshu Society very much."

"I know, but such a large society can't be all bastards. He is specially responsible for investigation. I have the ability to play seventy, but he has a good heart. He was not blackened in that big dyeing tank, and he is also of appropriate age. , 30 or 40 years old, relatively stable, much younger than me. His name is Qi Zong, you can check. "

Mu Jingfei smiled, "But he's here, your friends won't come."

Gu Ye frowned in distress. "Then you let me think about it."

"Okay, you can discuss it with your family again. I suggest you can come. One is to find a stable direction for your future. The other is to find a stable job for your friends. After all, it is the state department. When you get up, you may be higher than me. "

Gu Yele said, "I don't dare to care about you, you are my sister."

Mu Jingfei glared at him. "Seriously, this department does not have so many restrictions. You are like a consultant group. The office is in the villa area built by your elder brother. As long as you come, you will be divided into dormitories. You can freely organize. team."

Gu Ye thought about it, it should not be too far away from his shop, and it would only take 20 minutes by car. Gu Ye hesitated, "I'll go back and think about it."

In the afternoon, Gu Ye received another call from understanding Cheng, "I received an invitation to appoint."

Gu Ye: "Yes."

Xie Cheng contemplates: "Give me a post of Deputy Minister. I don't know which Airborne Force the Minister is. Anyway, if you don't, I won't.

Gu Ye: "... You asked me to think again. In fact, I also want these people in the group to find a way out. They are different from me. These orphans without fathers and mothers are too difficult."

Xie Cheng sighed, "Yeah, let's discuss it again and see if we can find the best solution."

Gu Ye thought about it and called Mu Jingfei after hanging up the phone. "Sister, if I go, can I take time off? You know, I haven't graduated yet, I have to go back to school at any time, and I have to face all kinds of things. Internships, various exams, various reports, my dad may let me take postgraduate studies in the future, I am very busy. "

Mu Jingfei laughed: "Sure you can do these things, you have to take care of it yourself, there is no time to take care of you. Generally, the task is given to you, and you just have to submit the report when it is due. As for who does it, who Any time to stare at you? "

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and smiled, "I can go to trial, not sign a contract, and wait for them to stabilize, I can quit at any time."

Mu Jingfei didn't hear Gu Ye's words hiding bad thoughts, "Yes, you can give yourself a fake note."

After Gu Ye and Xie Cheng passed the conversation, they happily sent a message to the group: I and Xie Cheng went to the exam site to wait for you! Let ’s go!

Solution: Our goal is the sea of ​​stars!