Gu Ye entered the living room and saw the three great gods sitting on the sofa in a row, all looking at him with a serious look. Faced with these three pairs of eyes, Gu Ye almost knelt to them. When he went outside again, after returning home, he was still a small ground floor next to Gu Yang, with four mountains on his head.

Gu Ye stood at the door, bowed down and bowed ninety degrees, and sincerely apologized: "Dad, brother, I'm sorry! I worry you guys, I'm sorry! I didn't expect no signal in the mountains, I'm sorry! It's all my fault!"

In the face of the three mountains, Gu Ye had nothing else, his apology was over. In short, all his faults are his faults. Are there problems with dads and brothers? Absolutely not! Gu Yecheng said earnestly: "You hit me!"

Gu's three big mountains: "..."

How can someone make such a serious apology?

Gu Lin froze, "I heard that because you went, more than thirty people have survived."

Gu Ye blinked, and his heart said that the second brother was facing him the most, and quickly nodded, "Huh."

Gu Lin narrowed his eyes, "Is this saving the world?"

Gu Ye then nodded, "Uh-huh."

Gu Sen asked indifferently: "Very glorious?"

Gu Ye didn't smell the right words, and quickly shook his head. "No."

"No pride in saving people? Who are you going to save?"

Gu Ye drew the corner of his mouth. "The elder brother said that I should have it or not?" Gu Ye smiled bitterly. "You give me a good word, you let me have me, you don't let me, I don't. "

Gu Sen glared at him, "Dare you talk back?"

Gu Ye: "..."

Big Brother has become as unreasonable as Dad. Can he live in the future?

Dad Gu looked at Gu Ye, seeing that he had nothing at all, relaxed his eyes, and snorted angrily, "Don't eat lunch! Think about it!"

Gu Ye nodded smartly, "Good father."

Sure enough, the elder brother's unreasonableness was the same routine as his father. Gu Ye's heart quietly looked up and looked at the eyes of the three mountains. Gu Ye quietly moved to the side and saw that they did not stop him. Gu Ye tried He moved a little further up the stairs and saw that they still didn't stop him, Gu Ye ran away.

Yu Ze stayed and explained to them. When he went up, Gu Ye had already taken his clothes and was going to take a bath.

Looking at Yu Zhe's face, Gu Ye tentatively asked, "Are you ready?"

Yu Ze comforted him: "It's all okay, I'm all worried, find an excuse to say a few words to you, and really want to teach you, I won't let you go."

Gu Ye exhaled, "Although, I don't know what he asked me to reflect on. He probably didn't know what he asked me to reflect on."

Yu Ze shook Gu Ye's hand tightly and stared at him, "I want to punish you too."

"You ... I apologize to you too, I'm sorry to make you worry." Gu Ye felt that I was sorry for the three words, and I got used to it if I said too much.

Yu Ze held him on the wall and kissed him deeply. He was frightened, for fear that he had done stupid things again, for fear he could not see and lost him. This sense of fear, which he had lived for almost thirty years, was felt for the first time.

Gu Ye was out of breath after being kissed, and when he was about to suffocate, he pushed Yu Zhe away, blushing, and said, "Don't make trouble, my body is dirty, I'll take a bath first."

Yu Ze narrowed his eyes. "Come with me at night."

Gu Ye looked at the door and nodded, "OK."

Yu Ze couldn't restrain himself and wanted to kiss him again. Gu Ye was afraid that someone would come in suddenly. In his own house, he could not let go. He kissed Yu Ze to show his comfort and hurriedly took a shower.

Gu Ye hadn't finished washing yet, Gu Yang slipped into Gu Ye's room like a thief with two bowls of noodles, "Brother? Brother?"

Seeing Yu Ze, Gu Yang stunned, and asked a little restraint: "What about my brother?"

Yu Ze said faintly: "The bathroom."

Gu Yang frowned, and whispered, "How long has it been, you ... Dad is at home, don't be like this ... Hey," he couldn't continue, and put down the noodles. I'm full and sleep. "

After saying that Gu Yang warned Yu Ze, he gave a glance, in short, meant to be calm.

Yu Ze: "..."

Gu Ye smelled a scent as soon as she opened the door after looking at the door. Looking at the two bowls of fragrant noodles, Gu Ye rubbed her hands by mistake, "Who sent it?"

Yu Ze handed him a pair of chopsticks, "Old Fourth."

Gu Ye took a sip and nodded his appreciation. "Good fragrance!" Gu Ye picked up the bowl, drank the soup, and listened to Yu Xuan said, "The fourth child's brain is really hard to use."

"... Oh!" Gu Ye nearly spit out the soup. "Is he already exposed in front of you?"

Yu Xie smoked a tissue and pursed his lips, saying slowly: "I already knew that he is your family's IQ basin. It was just confirmed that it is not a basin, but a trench."

Gu Ye was embarrassed. "Dear, save me some face. I am his brother."


After Xie Cheng went back, he told his master about this time and asked if he had been to that grave before. Now, Mr. Tang is getting worse and worse, and his hearing is not very good. It takes a long time for him to react after listening to the explanation.

He slowly said, "I did go there, Gu Ye did n’t know, because I did n’t take notes in those notes. I was worried that the notes would fall into the hands of the bad guys and let the bad guys know that the place would be used by others. The thought still happened, hey. "

Don Lao took a few breaths. "It wasn't buried there. It was a deadly zombie. When he was alive, he killed countless people. He was beheaded and beheaded, and his head was different. He did n’t know which warlock had his head. It was sewn up and made him a zombie. After we got the news, he sealed a dozen people, cut off his head, and buried it somewhere else. This was found again.

The method of resurrecting zombies you mentioned is indeed a method of resurrecting droughts. Since droughts can be resurrected, such zombies are resurrected. This method must be kept secret and cannot be used by the caring person. "

In the end, Mr. Tang held Xie Cheng's hand and said happily, "You are doing great."

Xie Cheng squatted beside Mr. Tang, looking at the old man's face, his eyes full of admiration, "Master, are you proud of me? Am I particularly good?"

Now, Mr. Tang has no desire and no need, and lives a stable life. Watching the young apprentice play a poor tongue is like watching the child coquettishly, "Yes, I am proud of you. You are great. You must pay attention to safety in the future. Life is the most important thing. Remember No?"

"Remember, you can rest assured, Gu Ye said that I have a long life and will help me for a lifetime."

Don Lao laughed happily. "You are so happy, you have found a friend like Gu Ye and a bunch of good brothers. You always remember that if you make love with one another, you must learn to see your true heart."

Every word of the old apprentice to the apprentice seemed to be an account of his last words. I hate to teach him all the experience. Let me say two more words. The province is without him, and the solution is bad. The master and apprentice talked for a long time. When Tang was tired and fell asleep, Xie Cheng carefully closed the bedroom door, went outside and gave a voice to Gu Ye, and told Gu Ye what these masters said. After a long time, Gu Ye replied to him: I see.

Feeling that the tone of this sentence is not right, Xie Cheng thought about it, but resigned helplessly, and also knew that Yu Zhedai made it.

The next morning, Xie Cheng received Gu Ye's message again: OK, I know, I still feel that the person arrested is familiar, I seem to have seen it somewhere. I plan to go back to my master's hometown to find what he left behind and see if there are any clues.

It was then determined that this was Gu Yehui. He asked, "Am I going with you?"

Gu Ye: "No, Yu choose to accompany me and take him to sweep the grave for my master."

Gu Ye took Yu Zhe to his master's country house, Yu Zhe's temperament, when he came to such a small village, he attracted countless lights along the way. Gu Ye just wanted to hide him. Pushing open the door that had been broken, Gu Ye looked at the fallen leaves and weeds, and was heartbroken. This was already a dangerous house.

He could live here by himself, but he was reluctant to let Yu choose to live here, Gu Ye sank his face, assured earnestly: "I'll find it quickly, let's go after you find it, and you'll stand and wait for me."

Yu Zhe saw Gu Yezhang raising his sleeves and rushing in like a small excavator. After a while, he took out a lot of things and threw them on the ground. They were all messy, some were packed, some were unpacked, and dirty. Yes, watching is not important. Yu Ze looked at the soil above, there was no way to help him.

Gu Ye picked inside, and the two white tender hands became dark, but he still could not find what he wanted.

"I seem to have seen photos or anything. It is definitely not important. My master will not stay here. Where did you see it?"

Gu Ye couldn't find it for a while. He asked the assistant to give him a basin of water. He washed his hands and suddenly remembered, "One time, I remember my master buried something, like some photos or something. Gu Ye thought Thinking about it, I realized it! It's on this wall! "

The assistant saw that he wanted to go again, and hurried to take the lead. "Where are you, Third Master? I will come."

Gu Ye pointed at the root of the wall. "This is probably the location. Dig more points."

The assistant planed a pit more than one meter, and finally dug out a wooden box in it. Gu Ye's eyes lit up, "Yes, this is the thing! My master has the habit of burying things. If the person he knows is dead, he Will burn or bury everything left by that person without thinking about it. Is he a very heartless old man? "

Yu Xie ticked the corner of his mouth, "It doesn't count, it's more free and easy."

Gu Ye smiled Mimi and said, "You don't need to talk to him, and his ghost is not standing in the yard watching us. After he died, he never came back to see me."

Gu Ye opened the box, and there were several old yellowed photos in it. It was a group photo. His master was still young, with a teenage boy beside him, his eyes were very cold.

Gu Ye is actually blind, unless he sees something dangerous, he will remember it at a glance. After seeing the eyes of the middle-aged man, he suddenly realized that he had seen him, and Gu Ye pointed at the man, "I said I had seen this man, it was indeed him. At that time it was very small, but his eyes were very Poison, my master can't see his face. Why did he die when he died? "

"Just go back and ask that person."

Gu Ye smiled, "Yes, let's go and sweep the grave for my master, and send him 18 beautiful girls in the past. His apprentice is rich, and he can give him 108 next time!"

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