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I Traveled Through the Days In Naruto World

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Naruto World is a world dominated by ninjas.

From “Konoha Crash” to “Dawn”, from “Pen” to “Hui Ye”

This is a world full of dangers. As a traverser, how can I survive in this world?

Do not! I have the skills of “Ragnarok” (Asura), I will be invincible!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:ITTDINW
Alternate Title:我穿越在火影世界的日子
Author:Accidentally become a god
Weekly Rank:#2667
Monthly Rank:#2486
All Time Rank:#3477
Tags:Fan-fiction, Female Protagonist, Male to Female, Naruto, Reincarnation,
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36 Comments on “I Traveled Through the Days In Naruto World
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  1. This is one of the DUMBEST stories I have ever read. What makes it super annoying is that this story is so close to being amazing! But no, it's just retarded. The first 150 chapters are just Naruto part 1. That's it. Author makes 4 original characters, and they BARELY interact with the main cast. Like our MC is the fucking twin sister of Hinata for fucks sake. But she spends 100 chapters dicking around with her no name sensei and two boring OCs that the author created to be her team (and then kills them off during Konoha attack). This was one of the worst chunin exam arcs I have ever read in my life. Literally NOTHING changed from the MCs participation. And it would be one thing if the MC was purposely going out of their way to not change things but they're not! Lol. Everyone fights the exact same enemies and does the exact same things. In the third part of the Chunin exams MCs teammates fight eachother and MC gets a bye to skip to the finals.... How fuckin retarded. Why not have the MC fight Neji? or Gaara? That would be fun to read. Would have fun ramifications. Please don't waste your time reading this, if you already read Naruto just imagine that there's another useless background character yapping about and you can imagine this story perfectly

  2. what you say means only one thing- author doesn't have imagination and shouldn't hastily post books online without having someone else read out and comment on the work.

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