The blue light of the index finger condensed, and the lightning-like point on his chest, input the spiritual power into his body, stabilized his injury, and then woke him up.

Zhou Dong opened his eyes faintly and looked at his younger brother's face. The memory of the disconnection just now came to his mind again.

Thinking of the entire **** being robbed, all the demons, ghosts, and criminals with heinous crimes were all released, their faces turned ashen and mad.

His face was distorted and full of hideousness.

With red eyes, it looks like a ruthless flood beast. It seems that in the next moment, it will be able to choose and devour people, swallowing all the people it sees.

The palms were tightly clasped together, and the anger rose to the sky again.

Almost roared, "Check! Check at all costs! Be sure to find this group of forces."

"It's an adult!" The confidant responded hurriedly.

Get up from the ground, rush towards the Nether Guard, and have people dispatched there to investigate.

Stand up from Zhou Jing's arms.

Zhou Dong ordered again, "Follow this saint to capture the demon!"

The two brothers led the troops and rushed towards the city.


It is destined to be a night that cannot be calm, and the forces in the capital will be motivated. Just like the water of the nine days, once it collapses, no one below will be safe and sound.

The four powerful departments of Tianshenwei, Mingtai, Zhenlongsi, and Xueshenwei sent troops to help right away.

Catch the escaped demons, criminals, etc. together.


The Great Defense Array of the capital was also opened at the first time.

But the formation was just running, and it was only handsome for three seconds. In the face of endless demons and demon powerhouses, it was directly blasted.

It's not the formation method.

But the prison has been detaining too many strong people over the years.

The number is very staggering, reaching a terrifying level.

Without the obstruction of the formation, these demons, criminals, etc., escaped from the capital as soon as possible and rushed outside.

Just like a fish returning to the water, the one who runs is a joy.

Only the true temple did not move!

Royal Palace.

Royal study.

Emperor Huiwen sat on the dragon chair, dressed in a black dragon robe, and a five-clawed golden dragon with long teeth and claws, wrapping around from his back to his chest.

Especially the dragon head on the chest, the dragon's whiskers are elongated, and it is not angry and majestic. Under the light of the lights, it seems to be alive.

Dandan golden light, wandering on top of the five-clawed golden dragon, adds a bit of domineering out of thin air.

Cold face, no expression.

But the emperor's aura emanating from his body can make the person oppressed unable to breathe.

It also affects the surrounding space, making it change with the momentum on him.

Behind him, stood two old eunuchs.

He has silver hair and an old face, like an old man who is about to die and his life is coming to an end.

But the light that burst out inadvertently in their eyes hides great terror.

The old **** on the left is called Ma Gonggong, and the old **** on the right is called Wen Gonggong, who protect the safety of Emperor Huiwen.

Opposite him, there were two young men, a man and a woman, sitting on the left.

Their surnames are very strange, they are actually surnamed God, and they are named after God.

The male is called Shen Cang, and the female is called Shen Yulu.

The temperament is very unique, ethereal and indescribable, as if it came from the depths of the soul, like a master from above, who controls the life and death of all living beings.

Even Emperor Huiwen's imperial aura could not suppress them.

Only in court.

The two sat on the chairs and drank the ice spirit tea calmly, the best ice spirit tea for the royal family.

With every sip, he frowned.

If it wasn't for the lack of good tea, they wouldn't even touch Bingling Tea.

"Too bad." Shen Cang bluntly expressed his contempt, without hiding anything.

After drinking the tea in the teacup, he took the teapot and poured himself another cup.

The mouth says no, but the body is very honest.

"Give me a reason to believe you." Emperor Huiwen was expressionless.

Just now, these two concealed all the guards in the palace, not even Eunuch Ma and Eunuch Wen, and appeared directly in the study.

Emperor Huiwen was startled and ordered to take them down.

But Shen Cang's words made him stop.

"Our ancestors and your ancestors of the Zhou family are brothers. The existence of our Protoss is to bless your inheritance of the Zhou family, so that your inheritance will continue, and then help you to dominate the fantasy world continent and sweep all races."

to this.

Naturally, Emperor Huiwen didn't believe it. He wanted to see what medicine the two of them were selling in the gourd at night when they rushed to the palace to see themselves.

So there was this scene.

"This is easy to handle." Shen Cang smiled confidently.

He looked at Eunuch Ma and Eunuch Wen contemptuously.

"The two of you are the strongest in the Emperor Realm. Within a minute, whether you join forces or take turns fighting, as long as you can break my body protection divine light, the two of you will do whatever you want."

Eunuch Ma and Eunuch Wen were furious and their faces were very ugly.

With their cultivation base, being so clearly seen by others is equivalent to hitting them in the face.

But the two of them remained indifferent and quietly stayed behind Emperor Huiwen.

"Okay!" Emperor Huiwen narrowed his eyes.

"Since you have this Yaxing, I will let them play with you."

Looking at Duke Wen.

Eunuch Wen understood, walked down from above, stopped in the main hall, put his hands on his back, looked at him with cold eyes, the terrifying aura of the emperor realm to the powerhouse erupted from his body.

Soaring into the sky, he controlled the range, limited to Shen Cang, and suppressed him domineeringly.

The Emperor Realm was furious, and the corpse was buried for a million miles.

The sky is falling apart, the sun and the moon have no light, and no one can bear its anger.

With them as the center, the surrounding space collapsed, and countless time-space turbulence rushed out, covering him and Shen Cang.

The terrible time and space turbulence that was enough to seriously damage the Great Sacred Realm and even the Fengtian Realm was shattered by the coercion emanating from him as soon as he rushed in front of Eunuch Wen.

"The Exotic Land Reclamation of Vegetable Skeletons"

Look at the gods again.

He was still sitting on the chair, letting the turbulent flow of time and space around him, no matter how powerful, could not hurt him.

See this scene.

Gong Gong Tong Kong shrank, put away the contempt in his heart, and became a little more dignified.

But that's about it.

"I'll play with you." Shen Cang put down the teacup and stood up from the chair.

One step.

Appearing three steps away from Eunuch Wen, at such a close distance, the coercion that needs to be endured is too great, and the momentum that almost suppressed him was completely blocked.

But he was relaxed and comfortable, as if unaffected by it at all.


The cultivation base of the tenth level of the legendary realm broke out from Shen Cang's body, and there was no hidden cultivation base, and no hidden clumsiness.

Although it is not as tyrannical and terrifying as Eunuch Wen's aura, Shen Cang's aura is very condensed and pure. To be precise, he already has a divine nature.

Still very mad and very arrogant.

Facing Eunuch Wen's indifferent eyes, he carried his hands on his back, "Remember, you only have one minute! Within this minute, you can use any means, including domain power."

"We don't need your reminder!" Eunuch Wen's voice was cold.

Anyone who is provoked like this has no good temper.

If it wasn't in the palace, His Majesty hadn't ordered, Shen Cang dared to provoke himself like this, he would have slapped him with a slap and killed him, and he would never have lived for three seconds.

"Body protection divine light!" Shen Cang shot.

A purple divine light rushed out of his body, shrouded his entire being, condensed into a divine shroud, and firmly protected him.

Do it all.

He said again, "Come on! Don't make me look down on you, use your strength to suckle, and within a minute, as long as you can make me move, you will win!"

"I'm not ashamed to say it!" Eunuch Wen was angry.

The suppressed anger erupted in an all-round way, the right hand was raised, and countless golden lights condensed in the palm, compressed together, forming a golden palm print.

Just appeared.

The imposing manner on it is earth-shattering, as if this palm falls, there will be no heaven and earth in the world.

This palm used ten percent of the force.

He wants to directly kill the junior in front of him to defend his dignity.


The golden palm print slapped it with anger, and the world-destroying power all slammed into Shen Cang's body-protecting divine light, and a terrifying air wave erupted, but they were all confined by Eunuch Wen and did not spread.

If not.

This terrifying air wave alone can devour everything, razing it to the ground within a radius of hundreds of feet, or even thousands of feet, leaving this place a ruin.

Looking at his palm again, it fell on the shroud, let alone breaking the defense, even if it was rippling with a ripple, it couldn't be done.

Eyes narrowed.

Eunuch Wen couldn't believe it, looked at him in the hood, and glanced at his right hand, like a dog.

Shocked in my heart, "How is this possible?"

His face was gloomy and watery, very ugly.

With his own cultivation base, he made a full effort, but he didn't even break the opponent's defense.

If Shen Cang is a powerhouse of the same realm, it will be fine, but it is nothing, but the difference between them is too great, almost a world of difference, separated by several big realms, but there is no way to get him.

If this is spread out, will he be ashamed?

In other words, the face of the Emperor Realm supreme powerhouse will be thrown away by him.


He now represents Emperor Huiwen's side, and his shame is small. If it affects His Majesty, even ten or twenty deaths will not be enough.

"Didn't eat? With such a little strength, I can't even tickle me." The corner of Shen Cang's mouth curled up, his face sarcastic.

Fill up the hatred again.

"I've said it just now, let you use all the strength to suckle, use the power of the domain casually, don't hide it, show your true skills, and let me see if you can do it."

"As you wish!" Eunuch Wen was enraged.

"The realm of water and fire!"

The power of water and fire rushed out of his body, and he shot with all his strength, without any reservation, and merged with each other to form the field of water and fire. Two completely different attribute powers, the attributes were still colliding, and they merged together, making the field twice as high.

With the emergence of the water and fire domain, at this moment, he incarnates the will of heaven and earth.

He is the sky, and the sky is him. Between raising his hands and raising his feet, there is the power to open up the world and cut through the ages.

He did not spread the domain, turning it into a giant axe with two attributes of water and fire, suspended in the air.

Grab it from afar.

Holding a giant axe, he transformed himself into a world-destroying demon god, as if he had come out of hell, with a violent aura that swept wildly.

Looking at Shen Cang coldly, "I'll give you a chance, kneel and kowtow and surrender, we will spare you!"

"You are also worthy of the dead eunuch?" Shen Cang's soul made up for it.

Wherever you scold someone harshly, you will scold them specifically.

This time.

It can be said that Eunuch Wen was completely angered, and even the expression on his face became hideous.

"Rat, you are courting death!" Eunuch Wen roared.

Holding a giant axe, he deduced the power of the water and fire field to the limit, and stomped violently.

Heaven and earth stand still at this moment, time and space dissipate at this moment.

With this axe cut down, everything will turn into dust and disappear.

next second.

The giant axe landed on Shen Cang's shroud, and the purple divine light revolved, blocking all the power of the giant axe.

No matter how domineering and ferocious its power is, it will always make it impossible for it to move forward.

"Break it for our family!" Eunuch Wen was furious.

His face was hideous, full of twists, and he mobilized all the spiritual power, poured it into the giant axe, and went down.


Purple light, water, fire and aura, three completely different rays of light collided, showing a huge momentum and circulating in the hall, but they were all confined by Duke Wen and did not spread out.


The momentum is indeed very fierce, and the giant axe is invincible.

A blow that was enough to kill an ordinary Emperor Realm supreme powerhouse, the result was still the same as before, unable to break the shroud of the divine body.

Not even a shock can be done.

"You disappoint me!" Shen Cang shook his head calmly.

"You..." Eunuch Wen was about to speak when Emperor Hui Wen's voice sounded, "This is the end!"

"It's Your Majesty!"

He took back the water and fire domain and momentum, and stopped looking at Shen Cang, but he was very jealous of him, so he walked to the back of Emperor Huiwen and stood up again to protect his safety.

Shen Cang also put away the hood and sat down on the chair again, "Your Majesty is trustworthy now?"

"How did you do it?" Emperor Huiwen asked.

"This is the secret of our clan. If you are not from our clan, you can't do it even if you tell him." Shen Cang shook his head.

Emperor Huiwen's expression did not change, but he was thinking in his heart, whether to order them to be taken down, and after they were captured, they would be handed over to the True Temple for study and obtained the secret technique on his body. to a terrifying level.

At that time.

Destroying the Xia Kingdom will become easier.

Even if it's just one minute, there's so much to do in one minute.

If the Emperor Realm Supreme Master grasps this kind of power, what are the consequences?

At that time, the burst of power will block the gods and kill the gods, and the Buddhas will block the Buddhas.

Thinking of this, his eyes began to become cold unconsciously, with a cold glow.

Even the surrounding temperature became colder silently.

"Since we dare to come, we won't be afraid of your siege! We can't guarantee anything else, but we have full confidence in retreating from the palace. If that happens, we will help Xia Guo in turn..." Shen Cang is enough.

did not continue.

Both sides are testing and pulling.

"I have always cherished talents and would not do that." Emperor Huiwen shook his head.

"Show your majesty one more thing." Shen Cang smiled slightly.

He didn't believe what he said, strength determines status, there is no absolute strength, and relying on verbal promises is just an ignorant person in the lake.

Grab it from afar.

A little purple light condensed in the palm, and a token appeared.

The token is purple in color, only the size of an adult's palm, and is made of expensive materials. On its front, there is a small word "God" engraved, and a small word "Zhou" is engraved on its reverse.


Putting the token on the table, Shen Cang made a gesture of invitation.

Eunuch Wen came over and looked at the token on the table, just a glance, Tong Kong shrank, his heart shook violently, he glanced at Shen Cang subconsciously, retracted his gaze, and returned again with the token.

"Your Majesty!"

After taking the token, Emperor Huiwen's face was expressionless, and the self-cultivation he had cultivated for a long time would not show on his face no matter what he encountered.

But my heart turned upside down, setting off a huge storm.

Look at the token carefully and confirm that it is true, "Where did you get the divine order?"

Mobilize the spiritual power and pour it into the divine order.


The **** made a shock, and countless purple auras rushed out of it, suspended in the air, and evolved a word "God".

In his mind, he recalled the scene where his father passed the throne to himself before his death.

"Those who hold divine orders can be unconditionally believed that they are Da Zhou's closest partners."

"It's passed down from the ancestors." Shen Cang smiled.

Ask a question.

"Can your majesty believe it now?"

Before Emperor Huiwen could speak, a middle-aged **** hurried in through the side door, whispered a few words in Eunuch Wen's ear, and then backed out.

Eunuch Wen attached to Emperor Huiwen's ear and told him the news.

After listening.

No matter how good Emperor Huiwen's qi-raising skills were, he couldn't help it at this moment.


He clapped his palm on Yu Yu and cursed, "Waste!"

"What happened?" Shen Cang asked.

"The Hell was robbed, and all the demons and criminals imprisoned in it were released. Now the Hell is empty." Emperor Huiwen did not hide it either.

When such a big thing happened, you can't hide it.

"We have just come here, and we haven't had time to offer the welcome gift yet. Since there is an accident in the underworld, we will send a big gift to His Majesty to catch all the escaped demons and criminals." Shen Cang said.

"Do you know how many demons are imprisoned in hell? How profound are their ways?"

"It's not important!" Shen Cang shook his head and said domineeringly.

"Before we take action, they can still make waves. Once we take action, even if we have the ability of the sky, we are only slightly stronger ants in front of our eyes."

"Okay! I'm waiting for your news." Emperor Huiwen said.

"Can your majesty return the divine order to me?"

Emperor Huiwen threw the divine order.

Shen Cang and Shen Yulu turned and left.

After they left.

Emperor Huiwen's eyes flickered, and he didn't know what he was thinking. After a while, he said, "Let the Nether Guard fully investigate all the information about the Protoss!"

"It's Your Majesty!" Eunuch Ma replied.

Stand up from the dragon chair and walk inside.

for a while.

Emperor Huiwen entered the underground palace, and there was a young man sitting on the bed. His name was Zhou Jing, the fourteenth prince, and his concubine was the current queen.

Since birth, he has been frail and sickly.

Even if he gets better, every few days, he gets sick again.

From then on.

Emperor Huiwen announced to the outside world that he would be imprisoned in the palace, and no one would be allowed to receive him. At the same time, he sent strong men to protect him around his palace.

ten years down.

There is very little news about him, and people from the outside world are almost about to forget him.

In fact.

He was secretly protected by Emperor Huiwen, cultivated in secret, and found him the best teacher, including martial arts!

All kinds of cultivation resources are sufficient, and all are open for supply.

Its purpose is to regard him as his successor.

Hear footsteps.

Zhou Jing opened his eyes and saw that the father was coming. He hurriedly jumped off the bed and saluted respectfully, "My son has seen the father!"

"Yeah." Emperor Huiwen smiled gently.

He took his hand and sat on the side chair.

"How is it?"

"After a while, Erchen will be able to practice the "Qingdi Zhoutian Xingchen Gong". Wen Tao and Wu Bei have been successfully completed under the guidance of Teacher Chen Gong. The teacher said that he has nothing to do on this. Teach your ministers, the only difference is experience." Zhou Jing replied.

Although Taoist Chen Gong did not have any official position, he was a guest of Emperor Huiwen.

He also has great power in Zhou Kingdom, and his identity is mysterious.

"Not bad!" Emperor Huiwen nodded in satisfaction.

"Where's Daoist Chen Gong?"

"The teacher said that if you want to break through the last level of the Qingdi Zhoutian Xingchen Gong, you have to have the help of the dragon family, and have already headed to Beihai."

"It bothered him." Emperor Huiwen said.

The dangers involved, they all know.

Dare to go to the North Sea Dragon Clan, and dare to catch a powerful real dragon and take his blood, or he might stay there completely.

"Cultivation well, and don't let your father's cultivation be let down! When you have fully mastered the Qing Emperor Zhou Tian Xingchen Gong, it will be time to make you the crown prince."


"As for now, your good brothers, no matter what their status, will be crowned king after two days of deduction, they will always be your help, and they are destined to respect you in the future! If you have two hearts, deprive them of their status, Seal his cultivation base and put him in the Zongren Mansion."

"My son understands." Zhou Jing replied.

"Your mother misses you very much, try to practice this practice as soon as possible and meet her."


After explaining a few more words, Emperor Huiwen got up and left.

on Palace Avenue.

Shen Cang and Shen Yulu walked side by side, passing by the surrounding guards, a miraculous scene happened, they were like air, and the people around could not find or see it at all.

"Do you think he will believe it?" Shen Yulu said.

The "he" in her mouth refers to "Emperor Huiwen".

"Is this important?" Shen Cang asked back.

"His Zhou family was originally our clan's enslavement. If it weren't for our current strength, Shenlong was accidentally killed by someone half a year ago, and Shenming Lord needs to guard Tongyou Mountain. Only the two of us were born. If it wasn't for fear of using it God ordered them to suppress them, to destroy our clan's plan, and he was suppressed just now."


"After thousands of years, I didn't expect that a dog who was begging for life at the feet of my family in the past has now established a country, and still has such a large family business."

"The old ancestor's plan back then was not wrong. He used great magical powers to modify the memories of the ancestors of the Zhou Kingdom. Let them pass it on from generation to generation. My family is a trustworthy person. If not, if they appear in front of them in an upright manner, they will be afraid to fight to the death. "Shen Yulu said.

looking at him.

"The divine power accumulated in your body has been used up. If you want to recover, you can't do it in a short time."

"These are small things." Shen Cang didn't care.

"As long as my clan's plan can be realized, what is the mere divine power?"

"That's true." Shen Yulu nodded.

"What happened to the Qiongqi family?"

Shen Yulu replied, "I have taken it."

"Okay!" Shen Cang's eyes lit up.

"Send an order to them, and let them do whatever it takes to capture all the demons and criminals who have escaped from **** in the shortest possible time. If they resist, they will directly kill their heads."

"Yeah." Shen Yulu nodded.

Between the words, the two completely disappeared in the palace.

The scene that happened in the palace, including what happened to Zhou Jing, and the appearance of people from the Protoss, no one knew.

Everything is very secret.

Yujing Street, No. 16.


With a flash of golden light, Xiao Ran rushed out from under the ground, took off Fang Tian, ​​which was tied around his waist, and threw it on the ground.

A wave of the right hand.

A golden light was knocked out, and a barrier was placed in the room to protect it firmly.

Then he injected a pure spiritual power, fell into Fang Tian's body, and unlocked the seal on his body.

The aura of the demon erupted, and the fierce aura emanated from his body, soaring into the sky with great terror, but in an instant, it enveloped the entire room, and within a few flashes, it had returned to its original size.

And Fang Tian also woke up from the coma.

It was a "familiar" face that entered the eye. Just now, on the ninth floor of the Underworld, the two sides fought a battle. He had all the details, but he was taken down unexpectedly.

A carp kicked up and jumped from the ground with physical strength.

Then retreated to the back, until five steps away, thinking that it was safe, and then stopped.

The first time is to check the condition of the body.

The pipa bone was sealed, and there was no news of the spiritual power, so it was impossible to move.

Looking at the surrounding golden light, the entire room is firmly protected. Even if there is trouble here, the outside world will not know.

Looking at the man in black in front of him, he asked fearfully, "What do you want to do?"

Glittering gold.

Xiao Ran controlled the night clothes to change into a white brocade suit, and then took off the face towel from his face.

His current appearance is still that of Su Yan.

"I ask you to answer. There is one thing that makes me dissatisfied. Your end will be miserable."

"..." Fang Tian was speechless.

If it hadn't been for him, he would have let Xiao Ran know how powerful he was.

"Okay!" Taking a deep breath, Fang Tian responded decisively.

"Who are you?" Xiao Ran asked.

"Fang Tian."

"Speak clearly."

"Abandoned son of the Qiongqi family."

"Your talent is very strong, why did they give up on you?" Xiao Ran asked the key point.

Fang Tian hesitated, his face hesitant, not knowing whether to say it or not.


In the next second, Xiao Ran was already in front of him, raised his right foot, made a straight line with his body, and hit him on the right shoulder with supreme strength.


As his knees softened, he knelt directly on the ground, and he cried out in pain.

Withdrawing his feet, Xiao Ran said coldly, "My patience is limited, don't try to challenge."

He struggled to stand up from the ground, but Xiao Ran's foot was too strong. He just stood up on this side, and before he could stabilize his body, his knees went weak again, and he fell to the ground weakly.


He sucked in a breath of cold air from the pain, but fortunately, he broke the jar and sat on the ground.

Looking at Xiao Ran, he asked, "Do you really want to know?"

"What do you think?" Xiao Ran asked back.

"I'm afraid you can't bear it!"

"You don't need to worry about it!"

"The Qiongqi clan has been taken down, the whole clan is subordinate to one person, and life and death are in the hands of others, but all clansmen must take the "Slave God Pill", once taken, even if they are separated by thousands of miles, no matter how profound , the other party can solve it with just one thought, so that his soul cannot enter the reincarnation of the six realms." Fang Tian exploded a heavy bomb.


Xiao Ran was shocked. Although the Qiongqi family had never been in contact with them, they were fierce beasts, and they were still the top beasts. The whole family actually surrendered to others. What kind of means did the other party use?

"who are they?"

"Protoss! I don't know the other information." Fang Tian shook his head.

As if afraid of Xiao Ran's disbelief, he explained it carefully.

"I happened to pass by at that time and saw that they were suspicious, so I hid in the dark and eavesdropped on it, but I didn't expect to find a shocking secret. Then I ran away, and then I was chased by the Qiongqi family. In desperation, I had to hide in the State of Zhou. Beijing."

"How did you get out of hell?" Xiao Ran asked again.

The sharp eyes, like the blade of a blade, want to see through him.

Facing Xiao Ran's eyes, Fang Tian smiled bitterly, but did not dodge.

"My luck may be really bad. You may not believe it when you say it. It was originally hidden here. Who would have thought that the people of the sixth prince were hunted and killed, and they fled to me. After killing him, from He got something in him."

More bitter.

The more he thought about it, the more angry he became, and he uttered a foul language.

"What the hell! Who did Laozi provoke? I just want to hide in peace and escape the pursuit of the Qiongqi family, but who would have thought that what I got from the people of the sixth prince would be involved in the Zhou Kingdom again. in the whirlpool of royalty."

Xiao Ranjing waits for the next paragraph.

"It is recorded in this thing that the sixth prince harmed the eldest concubine, and the evidence is conclusive. Once exposed, the sixth prince will die without a place to be buried! Even the German concubine will suffer."

Humiliatingly, he held his palm.

"I knew at the time that I was unlucky again, and wanted to leave. Just as I was about to leave, the Sixth Prince's people chased and killed them. The secret method turned into blood, hidden in his body, and mixed into the hell. I wanted to hide there for a while, but this tiger demon committed too much crime and will be executed tomorrow. If you are discovered, you will end up dead. You know what happens next."

"You are indeed miserable." Xiao Ran said.

As the saying goes, when people sit at home, disasters come from heaven, and it is him who speaks.

Obviously escaped from the wolf's den and fell into the tiger's den.

"What about things?"

Fang Tian swallowed, opened the space in his body, and took out the things.

A blood book and a jade pendant.

Open the blood book, which records the various evil deeds committed by the sixth prince.

Move a little more to pure spiritual power and input it into the jade pendant.

The golden light evolved, showing a picture, playing like a small video.

on the screen.

A young man in a luxurious brocade uniform smiled wickedly, "Come on! Scream hard! No one can save you, even if your throat is broken, the sky is broken, and the ground is broken. "

Xiao Ran did not look at the next picture.

Another move, put away the jade pendant and the blood book.

"It's embarrassing."

"It's embarrassing! If you see the end, it's really embarrassing." Fang Tiandao.

"You are a prince. He was trained since he was a child. Including the prelude and the aftermath, he didn't even insist on it for three minutes. Let me come, it will take at least an hour."

Xiao Ran looked at him deeply.

Fang Tian was embarrassed, "Slip of the tongue!"

"Then, that I have already told you everything I know, can you let me go now?"

"Do you think it's possible?" Xiao Ran asked back.

"!!" Fang Tian was speechless.

Seeing Xiao Ran's palm lifted, the sharp blade energy condensed, and it seemed that it would be cut off in the next second, sending him on his way in one wave.

"Wait!" Fang Tian panicked and hurriedly spoke.

"I-I am willing to surrender to you!"

The sword qi dissipated, Xiao Ran narrowed his eyes in thought.

His talent is good, and he is still a family of Qiongqi. Although he can't compare with himself, he is also very strong.

Keeping him is better than killing him.

As for the pursuit and killing of the Qiongqi family, and the matter between the princes of the Zhou Kingdom, in his opinion, it is not a matter at all.

Even if there is no such stubble, they will meet.

thought here.

He said, "Relax your heart!"

"Well." Fang Tian hurriedly opened his mind.

"Go!" Xiao Ran shot.

A power of reincarnation penetrated into his brain, and then a forbidding technique was cast in his brain.

Do it all.

He took out a Qingxin Tianyuan Dan and threw it, "Eat it."

"Thank you!" Fang Tian's eyes lit up.

Take the medicine pill and take it orally.

Xiao Ran untied the pipa bones on his body again, and the seal was gone, Fang Tian hurriedly sat on the ground and performed exercises to heal his injuries.

After a few minutes.

The injury on his body, after the recovery of Qingxin Tianyuandan, has been improved.

With a flash of gray light, he transformed into a piece of clothing with his spiritual power, stood up from the ground, and gave a respectful salute, "I have seen you in the sky below!"

"It doesn't look good." Xiao Ran said.

Fang Tian understood in his heart, and as his cultivation was restored, the entire yard was under his shroud, knowing that Xiao Ran was the only one in the house, and he used the technique of transformation to transform into an old housekeeper.

Even the brocade clothes on his body have changed, becoming an ordinary green robe.

Run the secret technique again to restrain the breath on the body, although it still emits a little, it is much better than just now.

"A little bit." Xiao Ran shook his head.

Bend your finger a little.

The spiritual power of a Tortoise Breath Divine Art penetrated into his body, wandering around the sky, and then seeing the complete change in the momentum of his body, from the inside to the outside, from the outside to the inside, it looks like an ordinary person.

Even people who are familiar with him here would not recognize him.

"You will be the housekeeper of my house in the future. If anyone asks, you will be called Tianfang."

"My subordinates understand." Fang Tian replied.

Tian Fang is the inverse of his name.

"Sir, what is your current status?"

"My name is Su Yan, the great scholar of Jiyin Academy." Xiao Ran said.

Seeing him puzzled, he said again.

"This is just my face-to-face identity. As for my real identity, as you guessed, it's not from Zhou, but from Daxia, called Xiao Ran."

With the power of reincarnation and the art of forbidden spirit, I am not afraid of him saying it.

I'm afraid that just when I had this idea, the power of reincarnation will explode now and kill him.

"Ah!" Fang Tian was shocked.

He guessed many possibilities, but he didn't think about it.

Thinking of the supreme power that Xiao Ran used in the **** before, he asked in shock, "You, did you use the power of time before?"

"Yeah." Xiao Ran admitted generously.

"No!" Fang Tian looked puzzled.

"Everyone can only have one kind of domain? It can contain a variety of attribute powers, but why can you use two kinds of domains? And the second domain is also very powerful, it seems that it is not the ordinary power of the five elements."

"You have good eyesight." Xiao Ran explained simply.

"This seat is very gifted, amazing, and extremely talented, and its talent is very terrifying, far beyond your imagination. For ordinary people, you can only master one field in one's life, but there is no such statement here in this seat, the second field. Although it is difficult to comprehend, it takes a little time to comprehend it.”


"As for the second field, it is not the acquired power of the five elements, but the innate power of the five elements, so the power is so huge."

"It's actually an innate power, second only to the top ten supreme powers. No wonder it's so powerful." Fang Tianmingwu.

I was a little unconvinced just now, but now I am completely convinced.

Although Xiao Ran's cultivation base is not as high as his, but he has a profound background, and he has mastered the power of the Supreme Being and the power of the five elements.

At that time, with Xiao Ran's backing, he was fighting back and killed the Qiongqi family by tough means.

Thinking of this, excitement is written on his face.

Finish his business.

With a wave of his right hand, he closed the surrounding barrier.

With a contemplative expression on his face, he instantly had an idea about the Sixth Prince.

This evidence, he intends to personally spread out.

If it is handed over to Concubine Qing, although she can take revenge, she will take this opportunity to get rid of the sixth prince and hurt Concubine De.

But it will not be made public.

Thinking about it with your toes, UU reading has something to do with the face of the Zhou royal family. Whether it is Emperor Huiwen or other members of the royal family, they don't want to see this thing spread out, and everyone in the capital is aware of it.

Once so.

Their faces will be completely lost.

As for the eldest prince, Emperor Huiwen will think of other ways to compensate, which is not in line with his plan.

Either don't do it, and since you do it, you will completely damage the Zhou Dynasty's royal family, press their faces to the ground and step on them so hard that they can't lift their heads.

Concubine Qing can only make one sound, tell her the news, and let her make arrangements in advance.

Once his side is ready to take down the sixth prince, she can take advantage of the situation to suppress the German concubine. If she plans well, she may be able to get rid of the German concubine completely.

There will also be a squeak from the Nether Prison, everyone is a man in the trenches.

The purpose is very clear. In dealing with the Zhou Kingdom, if Emperor Huiwen wants to suppress this matter, or favors the sixth prince, then they will be ruthless, one will do it, two will not stop, and will suppress the sixth prince.

in a moment.

Xiao Ran thought a lot and took all possible situations into consideration.

Looking at Fang Tian, ​​"Come here, I have something for you to do."

"It's an adult." Fang Tian hurried over.

Xiao Ran whispered a few words in his ear and looked at him seriously, "Remember?"

"Please rest assured, my subordinates have already remembered."

"Go! Don't let anyone find out." Xiao Ran said.

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