After several years of running in love, Mikako Sato finally got his wish and married Lynn.

In particular, there is Linn’s support behind the scenes, and there is also death elementary school students who often find big and important cases.

Her promotion speed is even more soaring like a rocket. Recently, she has become a policeman and has become the immediate boss of Mumu Shisan.

In contrast, Miyamoto Yumi and Miike Naeko.

These two girls really have nothing to do in the traffic execution class.

Although Lynn also wanted to help them.

But unfortunately, his proposal had just been spoken when he was sternly rejected by the two girls.

According to them, it is.

A man who relies on his own is not a skill.

If you really want to be promoted, you have to learn from Meihezi and get an extraordinary promotion based on your strength.

But the problem is.

How could they be like Miwako, always following the Shinigami elementary school students to take credit?

So there is no way.

Over the years, they have been sticking to their posts, and they have been up to this day.

But this time.

A new boss who airborne above really annoyed them a bit.

I always like to arrogantly say something fake and empty, but also inexplicably show courtesy to the two of them frequently.

Obviously, he had already told him that he was married and had a family with a husband.

He was still unmoved, what to do and what to do.

Although there was no excessive transgression, the behavior of the other party still made the two girls very dissatisfied.

For this guy who dared to pry his own wall.

It's impossible for Lynn to let him go.

As long as a phone call is made, the guy can be transferred to a remote country to provide for the elderly. Don't be too simple.

But right now.

Solving a small-eyed person, this is not the point.

The point is.

Should Yumi and Miaozi resign and change to a new job.

To the own woman.

Lynn has always been very generous and open-minded.

They just do what they want to do.

For example, Oshimori Nana likes pets, so she always runs her favorite pet shop.

Enomoto Azusa likes coffee, so let her continue to run the coffee shop.

Pet sister.

Lynn is serious!

So as long as Yumi and Miaozi say what they want, even if they want to go to heaven, Lynn can definitely help them do it!

Don't doubt it.

Lynn really has this ability!


"Forget it, I'm still very interesting in the traffic class, and I have many friends, so I'm not too willing to leave."

"As long as that pesky guy is dealt with, I will continue to do this job."

Faced with the proposal of his own man.

Miyamoto Yumi hesitated first, then shook his head.

She is actually quite satisfied with her current job. She is not very busy and has many friends.

Suddenly asking her to resign, she really didn't know what she should do.

But after I finished talking about my thoughts.

Yumi immediately turned his attention to Miaozi.

"Miaozi, what do you think?"

"You don't need to think about me. If you are not happy here in transportation class, let Lynn help you change jobs."

Yumi has her own reasons not to resign, but she will not force Miaozi and refuse to let go.

If Miaozi doesn't like it, of course she still hopes that her good sister will do what she wants to do.

"my words……"

"I'm not too sure either."

"Actually, it doesn't matter to me whether I do this job or not."

"It's just that I don't know, if I change jobs... what kind of job I should change would be better."

Perceived Yumi's sight.

Miaozi's expression became a little embarrassed.

Just as she said.

In fact, she has no reason to insist on doing this job, so what she is struggling with now is not knowing what else she can do after resigning.

Listen to what Miaozi said.

Yumi also started to think.


Her eyes just lit up.

"You said... how about opening a flower shop?"

"Didn't you ever say that you want to open a flower shop?"

"How about taking advantage of this opportunity?"


After staying overnight at Yumi and Miaozi, Lynn returned to his house with a new mission.

It is determined that Yumi will not resign, and Miaozi Flowering Shop.

In this way.

The next step is to prepare a flower shop for Miaozi that will surprise her!

Then after returning home.

Lynn wanted to find Robertobert to help her find a suitable store.

Can't imagine.

However, he unexpectedly met Xiao Lan at home, which made him feel pleasantly surprised.

"Xiao Lan, why are you back?"

"Didn't it mean that this week has been very busy?"

Stepped forward to embrace his wife, who had entered the marriage hall after graduating from high school, and Lynn was very happy.

But look at Xiaolan again at this time.

She seemed helpless and sighed deeply.

"I didn't really have time to come back."

"But there is no way. There has been a conflict between Mom and Dad. I always feel that there is no room for relaxation. I must come back to deal with this matter."

"In addition... Shinichi's parents seem to be divorcing recently, I don't know what happened."

"If we find time, we have to take a look and help persuade and persuade."

"and also……"

"Sister Shumei's dojo is about to open. She asked me to come and help, but she couldn't refuse."

"So there is no way."

"The work of recording songs can only be suspended first, and after everything is resolved, we can continue to do it well."

All right.

Hearing what Xiaolan said, it turned out that all this big deal happened by chance.

And speaking of it.

The father of Maori Kogoro really broke the heart of Xiaolan's daughter.

It's been many years, and the relationship between him and Fei Yingli still hasn't been sorted out.

Although the main thing is that the woman Horikoshi Yumi blended in, the two couldn't get back together at all.

But more, it's actually Kogoro Mouri who can't control the waistband.

Especially when he and Horigotsu Yumi were bumped by Hiori at a hotel, the relationship between the couple was even more on the verge of breaking down.

To this.

Don't talk about Xiao Lan, Lynn is also completely helpless.

It is estimated to continue like this.

Kogoro Mori and Hideri Ki...I'm afraid they are really going from separation to divorce, right?


The contradiction between the couple, Kogoro Mouri and Hideri, will not be mentioned for the time being.

over time.

Xiaolan already knew the truth that Conan was Shinichi Kudo.

Although very surprised at the beginning.

But soon, she also accepted this setting. After all, she was already married to Lynn as his wife at that time.

The relationship with Shinichi Kudo is no longer like the childhood sweethearts of the past, but more like a naughty younger brother.

That's why.

Xiaolan must have gone to ask about the divorce of Kudo Shinichi's parents.

I just don't know.

What is the situation with that couple?

Aren't they two very affectionate?

It was fine when we met last time.

Why did the divorce start?

Is it because back then...


never mind.

It's not good to mix things up between the two husbands and wives.

Let’s talk about the last Tsukamoto Sumi’s dojo business.

Since graduating from university.

Tsukamoto Sumi determined to pass on Lynn's free-flowing karate, and aroused his desire to create a dojo.

To this.

Lynn, who has already completed the transition from teacher to husband, naturally needs to give her full support.

And as the goddess of karate, who is well-known as Tosakura.

Xiao Lan will definitely help the senior sister build her momentum too.

Therefore, after the marriage crisis of the two middle-aged couples was settled, the development of this free-flowing karate must be more thoughtful.

Of course!

Whether it is a marriage crisis or the dojo of Tsukamoto Sumi.

For Lynn now, neither is important.

I haven't seen Xiaolan for so long.

The rare couple reunited, how could he waste this wonderful time?

So in the next second, Lynn hugged Xiaolan directly in his waist—


"These troubles, let's wait until tomorrow."


"It's our time alone!"


"Enjun, don't make trouble, I haven't taken a bath yet!"

"No bath?"

"Then chant together."

"I didn't wash it anyway."

"Enjun, you..."




"Grandpa, you lost."

In an antique pavilion full of Ming Guo style.

Lynn was holding a chess piece with a triumphant smile on his mouth.

At this moment, sitting on the other end of the chessboard, an old man who was still stubbornly smiled and shook his head.

"Yes, Grandpa lost."

"Since I started playing chess with you, Grandpa has never beaten you once."

"You... I really don't know how to make an old man."

"no way."

"Don't I have to help my dad win it back."

"Grandpa, what you said, playing chess with your father, he has never beaten you."

"Now you have never beaten me again, just a tie."

Face the old man.

The smile on Lynn's face grew stronger.

And after hearing his words.

The old man was not angry, but was even more relieved.

"makes sense."

"The mistakes I made to your dad back then, now you have to make up for it. This is also a reincarnation."

"But speaking of..."

"En'er, you really don't plan to return to Ming Dynasty?"

"You should know that your majesty welcomes you back, and he is ready to marry the princess to you."

"if you are willing to……"

"Okay, Grandpa, I know what you want to I also appreciate your majesty's kindness."

"Mingguo, I will go back, but not now."

Suddenly hearing the old man's persuasion, Lynn interrupted midway without waiting for the other party to finish.

His remarks obviously made the old man very puzzled.


In the eyes of the old man, his grandson should naturally return to Ming to do more. It is better than nesting in this small area of ​​Dongying Island.

Can face the inquiries of the elderly.

Lynn didn't answer any more, just slightly deflected his sight and placed it on the virtual screen that the old man couldn't see at all--

〖Ding——The sign-in has been completed today, the time-space portal of the sign-in reward, the sign-in reward has been issued】

"Because I... there are more important things to do!"

End of the book.

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