"You seem very proud?"

Lin En's performance caused Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu to raise her eyebrows.

After so many years of husband and wife, she doesn't know much about her husband.

She is very clear.

Now that Lynn knew about Ying Lili's crush on him, the golden retriever dog was destined to never escape from him.

And because of this—

"I heard that in the industry, Hongsaka Zhuyin has been enjoying a lot of scenery recently, and it is suspected that there is a pusher behind to give her strong support."

"This person... Isn't he the junior you?"



Good end.

What do you mention about Hongsaka Zhuyin?

When Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu spoke, Lin En's face immediately showed an awkward expression.

no way.

Because the senior sister was right, it was Lin En who supported Hongsaka Zhuyin behind the scenes recently.

As for why I support Hongsaka Zhuyin...

You know this kind of thing.


It's okay to support Hongsaka Zhuyin.

But she was caught upright by the senior sister.

This is not so easy to explain!


"Obviously, I looked down on others so much at the beginning, but now I regard them as treasures."


"Your name is Unsatisfied!"

Looking at Lin En with her eyebrows raised, Xia Zhiqiu Shiyu snorted first, then pushed her husband in front of her, and let out a long sigh.

But fortunately.

Judging from her appearance, she shouldn't be angry about it.

This made Lynn secretly relieved.


"I can only say... that was really an accident."

He scratched his head with a dry smile.

Lynn was sorting out the words in his mind, thinking about how to make this matter perfect.

But he hasn't waited for a reason to explain.

Look at Xiazhiqiu Shiyu again.

She had already slapped Lynn's belly with a slap.

"All right."

"I don't want to listen to you and Hong Ban Zhu Yin's little trouble."

"Calling you today, besides wanting you to accompany me, there is another thing to tell you."

Such a turning point made Lynn instinctively stunned.

Yinglili and Hongzaka Zhuyin are not important.

What else does the senior sister have to find yourself?


"I say…"

"You are the president who manages so many giant companies anyway, can't you learn from Yu Yue and the others and do your own job?"

"I always go to find new people, what's this?"

A certain office under Lin En's—

Facing Saori Nishifukai in front of him, Lin's expression was helpless.

As his first right-hand man, Saori Nishifukai is already Lynn's most trusted and most capable subordinate.

She is now.

She already controls many top companies, and it is not an exaggeration to say that she is the most capable woman in the capital market.

But the result?

It is such a dignified top female president who prefers to work as scouts.

This is not.

She left so many important jobs, and went to personally end up lobbying the new idol to join her own office.

The senior sisters who were doing it all asked about this, and Lynn shouldn't be treated as ignorant, he had to come and talk to her well.


"I can't control myself..."

"There are so many beautiful and cute girls, it is a violent thing to not train them into top idols!"

Facing Lynn with a speechless expression.

Nishifuka Saori's face was a little embarrassed. After all, she also knew that she should not do this, but she couldn't control herself at all.

Especially when it comes to those cute girls.

Next second.

Her expression became even more energetic for an instant, making Lynn helpless.

"Are there few idols in our firm?"

"By the way, even if you want to cultivate, you can't cultivate it, right?"

Saori Nishifukui, who has had an attack on this dog-like nature.

Lynn is really wrong.

I can only rub my temples, wanting to persuade one or two more times.

Can't imagine.

After hearing his words.

Nishifukai Saori rolled her eyes at him without angrily.

"Don't blame you for this?"

"We have a lot of idols, but the question is, who can escape your clutches?"

"The most hateful thing is!"

"You still spoil them the most, many of them just give up business!"

"I won't talk about others."

"Just say Nikka!"

"That girl originally chose to become an idol because she longed for Yoko."

"But it turned out to be good!"

"Knowing that the idol she longed for had married her own brother-in-law, she even learned from idols and caught up with her own brother-in-law!"

"You said it was your fault!"


After so many years, Saori Nishifuka, as a face dog, has already found an opportunity to quietly taste Lynn's taste.

That's why.

She is now completely self-proclaimed as Linn's woman, and naturally there is no fear of Linn.

As for her vowed rebuttal at the moment.

After Lin En heard it, he was speechless for a while.


As a man in charge of Dongying's entertainment industry, with so many high-quality idol resources under his command, Lynn wants to protect his idol and give him everything he wants.

Isn't that a very reasonable thing?

Especially most of the time, it really wasn't Lynn's initiative.

Do not say far away.

Let's just talk about the Japanese flower in the mouth of Saori Nishibukai.

As the younger sister of Nanakusa Yuzuki, Nanakusa wants to become an idol. Lynn, the brother-in-law, must support it, right?

But because she longs for Yoko, she wants to be Lynn's woman like an idol, this kind of idea is beyond human intervention!

Obviously at the beginning, Lynn had already rejected the child and kept a proper distance from her.

But in the end she found a chance and got into Lynn's bed. What could he do?

Just these words.

Lynn couldn't explain it clearly.

After all, he didn't want those cute girls to leave a bad impression on Saori Nishifukai.


In the end, can you only take on all this silently?

Actually popular... it’s really not my fault! !


Gancheng Brilliant Amusement Park—

"That's Manager Lynn, right?"

"Why are you so free today, Manager Lynn will come to the amusement park?"

Somewhere in the aisle of the Mage’s Hill, the amusement park is currently ranked second and third in popular mascots, Macaron and Tiramis, and is witnessing Lynn and the popular No.1 mascot of the amusement park, Pine Muffin talked, and then turned away again.

For Lynn's arrival.

The two fairy mascots are of course surprised, after all, this manager is rare to show up here.

Of course, the more important thing is.

Both fairies knew very well that their immediate boss, Muffin, was one-hundred and one-hundred-and-a-half different with other people's manager Linn.

Although on the surface, there was no conflict between the two.

But God knows exactly what the muffin will be like after Lynn leaves.

"That's the dragon."

"Manager Lynn...that...muffin, are you okay, dragon?"

When he got close to the muffin, the voice of Tiramie fell off, and Macaron wanted to say something afterwards.

As a result, he didn't expect it.

At this time, looking at the muffin again, its expression has become extremely angry, as if to destroy everything in front of it.

This shocked both macarons and tiramis.


"I'm fine..."


Although it is approaching a volcanic eruption.

Muffin suppressed his anger at the last moment.

Some time passed.

Looking at the muffin again, it barely returned to normal.

"That guy... is here to come to see La Tifa, by the way, to inform the elemental fairies to start business."

"Recently, the elemental fairies are all performing in the amusement park, and the popularity outside has quickly dropped."

"They must go to accumulate popularity as soon as possible."

When I met Lynn, the muffins were hot, but they knew the priorities.

This time Lynn came to the amusement park, the main purpose is to bring the elemental fairies to reopen.

Knowing the importance of the popularity of the elemental fairies, muffins naturally had to abandon their dissatisfaction and prejudice against Lynn.


"Come and see your Royal Highness Mi?"

"Hey Hey…"

"That's the same rice."

"Manager Lynn did not come and date the princess Mi."

"In the recent period, the princess has not been watered, and she has begun to become bitter."

Originally speaking, it was serious.

The muffin's words fell into Tiramie's ears, and this LSP suddenly showed a humble expression that could only be unspeakable.

Corresponding to it.

The macarons on the side also changed their expressions.

Showed the clear look of a fellow in the same way.

"It's not a dragon."

"It's not just Princess Dragon."

"Women in our amusement park, who is not looking forward to the arrival of Manager Lynn?"

"Isuzu...Miss Secretary and others, they have already waited for a long time to see through their eyes!"

"I really envy Manager Lynn Ah Long."

"Our dignified Ganhui Paradise has turned into Manager Lynn's harem...gong...gong..."

When the two LSPs get together, the topic of discussion is naturally full of ergonomics.

And they are right. The beautiful girls in this amusement park, even the princess, have been wiped out by Lynn long ago, and they have become an after-dinner conversation among many goblin employees.

But the problem is.

It doesn't matter how the two arrange Lynn in secret, only the two of them know.

But now.

But Latifa, the uncle of the princess, was present.

I heard the lace talk about my niece, could this muffin be bearable?

Do not!

It can't stand it at all!

Therefore, it hasn't waited for Macaron to finish speaking, or even wait for it to spit out its usual secrecy.

Next second. UU reading www. uukānshu.com

A powerful momentum that caused it to tremble subconsciously, instantly enveloped its whole body!

Turning back tremblingly.

A black figure came into view.

Macarons and Tiramis know.

Today, I am afraid it is doomed.

Then just after these two fairy mascots were almost out of luck under the furious Muffin.

Throwing down two muffins under the hands of LSP as if throwing rubbish, and finally set his sights on the direction of the castle in the playground—

"Damn bastard!"

"Sooner or later, I will beat you up personally!"


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