Noisy seaside city.

This is an area with a developed tourism industry. There are countless tourists coming and going every day, and there are many cruise ships here.

Xiao Huangmao looks like an unemployed nomad, but he still has another identity-

He is actually a member of a mysterious organization.

They accept commissions around the world to help clients complete the work of finding objects, investigating, and even assassinating.


Their organization has not opened for several months, and they still owe their employees wages.

So Xiao Huangmao is now picking up trash, trying to subsidize households.

Little yellow hair is sweeping the streets, where there are many tourists, there are many plastic bottles to pick up.

"Eh hehe~" He picked up and was beautiful, it seems that not only can he make money today, but also eat a good meal.

Suddenly, a white thing appeared in his sight.

It was a plain envelope.

But the strange thing is that this thing fell on the ground, next to the mineral water bottle discarded by others, and there was a footprint with muddy water on the floor. The envelope looked clean and there was no stain on it.

Xiao Huangmao couldn't help but walked over and reached for the envelope.

"Dog...egg..." He recognized the words on the envelope and tried to find the owner of the envelope, but there was no address or recipient on the envelope except for these two words.

Xiao Huangmao turned the envelope over and over and looked at it several times, still not getting any information.

Is this an envelope that has been badly written and thrown away?

He tried to open the envelope, but found something even more magical-

This envelope cannot be opened at all.

It was stronger than the glue, and the opening of the envelope was closed tightly, just as it was welded, no matter how hard he used it, he couldn't open it.

The unwilling little yellow hair couldn't help tearing off the edge of the envelope.

I didn't expect this envelope to be paper in touch, but it was stronger than plastic and could not be torn at all.

"Huh?" Xiao Huangmao scratched his head, feeling very strange, he couldn't help but put away the envelope, intending to go home and study slowly.

At night.

Xiao Huangmao went back to his small broken rental house and took out the envelope from his pocket to start researching.

He tried to soak the envelope in the water, and found that the envelope did not absorb water at all, and it was dry when he picked it up; he tried to write on the envelope, but he couldn't write a word.

Little Huang Mao felt very magical: "What the **** is this?"

His eyes inadvertently swept the candles on the table, because his small broken house often had power outages, which he used for lighting.

Xiao Huangmao's eyes lit up, and he lit the candle and put the envelope up.

Sure enough, the envelope is also incombustible.

Feeling fun, he kept moving the envelope closer to the candlelight and moved it away, and had fun playing.


Suddenly there was writing on the envelope, which surprised the little yellow hair.

He shook his hand, and the envelope hit the candle with a click, putting the candle out.

There was silence in the room.

Xiao Huangmao stared at the envelope where the handwriting suddenly appeared, feeling a little panicked.

But after a few seconds of panic, he felt curious again and couldn't help but poke at the envelope: "Hey, you... are you a dog?"

The writing on the envelope disappeared, but no new ones appeared.

Xiao Huangmao poked again: "Eh, doggy..."

The envelope still ignored him.

After Xiao Huangmao poked for several times, the envelope seemed to be intolerable, and a line appeared:

[I don’t call dog eggs]

Xiao Huang Mao was happy: "Dog, you can talk ah eh hehe hey!"

He picked up the envelope in one hand and smiled silly as if the child had found a new toy.

"Dog, do you know how much 1+1 is?"

"Dog, do you think I'm handsome?"

"Dog, why don't my favorite sister ignore me?"


The master felt a little surprised.

He was actually defeated by the rebel and his associates, and was swallowed up and banished to the game.

He was not anxious at first, he knew he would not die, so he could wait.

As long as it can be picked up by a player, he believes that he can successfully make the other party trust him and take him through the customs.

In this way, he can continue to draw strength in the game.

Even if the rebel now leaves a force on the envelope to prevent him from breaking the seal, there are always accidents in the world, right?

For decades, hundreds, or even thousands of years, wouldn’t the rebels have any unexpected situations?

As long as the rebellious person falls into weakness, serious injury or deep sleep, it is a good time for him to come out again.

But the accident happened to him first.

The guy who picked up this envelope is undoubtedly an npc, and it seems that even the little boss is not a big deal, probably a passer-by or guide npc.

It's not that the player can't clear the customs, and the failure to clear the customs means that he can only stay as he is.

It was already terrible already. What's worse is that this guy is still talking about tuberculosis and suspected of ADHD.

It was a disaster.

"Dog egg dog egg dog egg, you say something!" Xiao Huangmao persevered.

[I don’t call dog eggs]

Dog eggs, oh no, it's the troublesome master.

"Dog, you talked again, awesome!"

[I don’t call dog eggs]

"Alas, gossip, I haven't received a salary for several months. Why can't our organization recruit agents?"


[Did you count yourself? 】

In the game field of Endemion, the players' identities are randomly assigned.

There are many organizations in the game field, not every one is assigned to the player, but the one that can be assigned to this pheasant organization that does not **** is the unlucky one out of ten thousand.

Generally speaking, players who can get into the high-level field will not be too lucky, so often a game starts, and no one will be assigned here.

This organization is a perennial by-pass organization.

But Xiao Huangmao's focus is obviously wrong: "Hey dog ​​eggs! So you will say something else!"

[I don’t call dog eggs! 】

The master feels that his level of self-cultivation has fallen off a cliff. How could there be such an annoying guy in the world!

"Dog--" Little Huang Mao wanted to say something, but a bullet swept across the tip of his nose and slammed into the wall next to it.

Xiao Huangmao was a member of a secret agent organization anyway. He realized that something was wrong, and he stooped inside-looking for bunkers.

Then there were a few more shots, all of them targeted.

Xiao Huang Mao was confused: "Why did you start with me? We haven't opened for so long, and the after-sales will not come now?"

But the situation is critical, he must run away.

At this moment, he found that the envelope fell to the ground in the previous action and was still within the shooting range of the other party.

Did you just slip away or bring the eggs?

Little Huang Mao thought for less than a second, but still decided to take the dog eggs.

Although dog eggs don't seem to die, what should they do if they are taken away by an organization with a research habit, maybe they will be treated by various inhumans.

Anyway, the dog's egg is also a thinking thing, he can't just leave the dog's egg like this.

After making a decision, Xiao Huangmao quickly reached out to the envelope, grabbed the envelope, and quickly fled through the window.

But as a price, he also received a shot in the hand he extended.

The blood ran down his arm, flowing down all the way to his fingertips.

The master felt strange, why did this guy come to take away himself?

Obviously he left first before he was the most correct choice. Bringing him not only does not help him, but also increases the risks he faces.

Why did he make this stupid choice?

Little yellow hair blood dripped on the envelope.

The envelope would naturally not be absorbed, and the blood beads fell to the ground in a flash, but the master felt the temperature in the blood.

It's a little hot.

Xiao Huangmao fled all the way, he was very familiar with this film, and disappeared into the night.

In a corner of no one, Xiao Huangmao squatted down to deal with the wound. The bullet could not be taken out for the time being, he had to stop the bleeding first.

"Hiss..." Xiao Huang's hair was so painful that he grinned. He was envious of the agent who treated the wound without changing his face. It was also very handsome, but he couldn't do it. It was really painful.

Xiao Huangmao is still confused: "Why are they staring at me?"

[Did you pick something strange?]

Handwriting appeared again on the envelope.

Xiao Huangmao scratched his head: "How can there be..."

Having said that, he picked up his pants pocket.

There are so many things in it: small colored advertisements, discount coupons, fake ID cards, crumpled toilet paper, and -

Ghost symbol.

The paper was clipped in several advertisements, but he didn't find it when he tried to advertise.

Xiao Huangmao picked up the weird piece of paper, which was full of unreadable text.

No matter how pheasant is, his organization is a secret agent organization. Little Huang Mao instantly understood that it was broken. He must have accidentally taken away important information from other people.

The master added another straw to him:

[This is a list, they came to you for this, no matter if you have read it, in order to prevent accidents will remove you]

"Oh..." Xiao Huangmao felt cool.

At this time, the sound of rustling footsteps sounded around him, and the sound of the footsteps was heavy and steady.

It sounds like a lot of people, and is approaching here.

I use fart-share to know what they are doing.

Little Huang Mao was suddenly nervous and had to run.

But he is no longer familiar with the area ahead, where should he go?

An arrow appeared on the envelope.

Xiao Huangmao said, "Dog, are you showing me the way?"

No text appeared on the envelope, I don't know if I didn't want to answer, or I didn't want to admit the title of dog egg.

Xiao Huangmao gritted his teeth, and ran in the direction indicated by the envelope.

In this way, under the instructions of the envelope, Xiao Huangmao went up and down all the way, walking extremely elegantly, and smoothly throwing away the chasing soldiers behind him.

"Wow, what kind of monster are you, how can you be so powerful." Little yellow hair exclaimed.

[I don’t call dog eggs]

[Not a monster]

"Then what are you?"

no reply.

"Eh, tell me..."

There is still no reply.

The rental house was temporarily unable to go back. Xiao Huangmao quietly boarded a cargo ship and secretly returned to his hometown.

Xiao Huangmao's hometown is a small fishing village with few people and a self-sufficient look.

The day after, Xiao Huangmao was making bubble noodles.

[Don’t use my envelope to cover instant noodles]

"Dog, there are no suitable things around me, you hold on."

[I don’t call dog eggs]

As he said, what was still mixed in Xiao Huangmao's hands: "I'm a cumin-flavored cola and lemon mustard tea, I must be a rising star in the beverage world!"

He took a sip with confidence: "Vag..."

After vomiting, Xiao Huangmao regretted: "Alas... the rising star in the beverage world has fallen."

Although a little regretful, Xiao Huangmao sat on the recliner and waited for the instant noodles while basking in the sun in a laid-back manner.

Once again the master was puzzled by this guy.

[Why do you laugh? 】

He was obviously injured, and he didn't seem to have any money. He didn't even see the next meal.

Little Huang Mao said: "Life is so short, why not be happy every day?"

【happy? 】

Xiao Huangmao: "Yeah, you can be happy in the sun, and you can be happy if you have delicious food, and you can be happy in the sky."

"Shall you also sunbathe?" Xiao Huangmao removed the envelope from the bubble surface and placed it on the side of the table where it could be exposed to the sun. He also picked up a small paper umbrella with a decorative drink as an umbrella for the envelope. .

Xiao Huangmao asked, "Dog, how do you feel?"

[I don’t call dog eggs]


Having said that, the master still got the sun.

Xiao Huangmao opened his instant noodles: "What the **** are you calling?"

[I don’t have a name]

Xiao Huangmao smiled: "Isn't that dog's egg good?"

The master was too lazy to argue with him.

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