Qi Ning hurriedly left the hospital.

The doctor was originally a busy profession and it was difficult to get off work on time.

After getting off work today for a while, he had an appointment with his boyfriend Cen Wei, but now it has exceeded the agreed time.

He could not remember how many times he was late, but maybe it was the same relationship of studying medicine. Cen Wei had always understood him and never got angry for this.

The two are from one school, and Qi Ning is two times higher than Cen Wei.

Now Qi Ning has officially become a doctor, and Cen Wei is still troubled by the internship.

Walking on the road, many people cast their sights on Qi Ning.

Qi Ning is accustomed to this. He is born with albinism. His white hair and pale skin are very conspicuous in the crowd. Coupled with his excellent appearance and tall figure, he often becomes the focus of others' attention.

Qi Ning rushed all the way to the dating site, a restaurant near the university town.

At a glance, he saw Cen Wei sitting at the window playing with his mobile phone.

Cen Wei is a kind of sunny boy. He looks clean and hearty. He is about the same height as Qi Ning. Many of his friends also like to laugh, but they are not rough.

The snack in front of Cen Wei was finished. He was probably very hungry, but he still waited patiently for Qi Ning to get off work, and did not even call to urge him.

Qi Ning sat across from him: "Sorry, I'm late again."

Cen Wei raised his head and smiled, his smile was warm and warm, and Qi Ning's coldness was a completely different style: "Being a doctor, busy is normal, you must be hungry after working for so long?"

Cen Wei handed the menu to Qi Ning: "Senior, look at what you want to eat. I just asked about it. The most popular here is this..."

Qi Ning ordered a meal while listening to a more professional introduction by Cen Wei than the waiter.

While waiting to serve, Cen Wei took out a delicate box from his pocket and handed it to Qi Ning: "Send it to you, senior."

Qi Ning took it, with some doubts: "What is the festival today?"

Cen Wei said: "No, I just saw it on the road, I feel that this is what you will like and bought it."

Qi Ning opened the box.

Inside is a silver vintage necklace with a beautiful pattern on it and a button on the pendant that can be opened.

He pressed the button, the lid opened, and inside was a picture of Cen Wei in a white coat turning back and smiling. Qi Ning remembered that this picture was taken by himself.

Cen Wei asked with a smile: "Am I handsome?"

Qi Ning nodded: "Handsome."

Cen Wei is still waiting for the following, and the result is gone. He stared at Qi Ning with a disappointment: "Senior student, please praise me..."

Qi Ning glanced at him without saying a word, but carefully hung the necklace around his neck.

Well, it seems that a handsome character is already the limit of Qi Ning.

Not long after, their meal was served and the two began to dine.

Looking at the way Qi Ning was eating, Cen Wei suddenly thought of the things not long ago: "Senior, today a girl asked me how I was attacking the Kaolin Flower of the Medical College?"

Qi Ning asked slowly: "So what do you say?"

"Actually, I was chased by the senior, I told you the truth, but no one believed..." Cen Wei put a mouthful of food into his mouth and chewed unevenly. "Do you want me to take the time machine and go back to chase you?" ?"

Qi Ning looked at him with a smile on his lips: "What? You want to experience the fun of chasing me?"

Cen Wei thought about it, or shook his head: "I don't think you will ignore those who are not interested in your seniors... Why do you like me, seniors?"

Because of Qi Ning's albinism and outstanding appearance, coupled with the cold character that refuses to be thousands of miles away.

Many people secretly call him the Kaolin Flower of the medical school, which belongs to the kind of legendary target that cannot be attacked.

As a result, he suddenly had a boyfriend the year he was graduating. This news caused a lot of waves in the school. Even the name Cen Wei became well known.

Qi Ning said quietly: "Love at first sight."

Cen Wei was surprised: "When? When will my junior participate in the event with you?"

Qi Ning said: "The freshman."

"Eh?" Cen Wei was confused. "Freshman...We seem to have seen it once..."

Qi Ning continued to eat dinner calmly: "One time, enough."

Qi Ning didn't know why. At that time, his information was lost, and a freshman who had just entered the school ran over and returned the information to him.

Obviously it was not a special scene, and no special conversation happened, but the sunny smile of the other party seemed to shine into his heart, and gradually took root in the following days.

Until later they met again because of the activity, he followed his heart and chose to take the initiative to approach.

Later, there is now the situation.

Probably the fate between people is like this, some people can't come together after exhausting their lives, and some people only need to meet once.

Qi Ning feels lucky to meet someone who wants to spend the rest of his life at such a young age.

And the other party seems to think so.

After eating, the two walked aimlessly on the street together.

Cen Wei talked about his arrangement: "I will start an internship in the emergency department tomorrow, and I'm a little nervous."

Qi Ning said: "According to your level, it is competent, but the emergency department is really hard."

Cen Wei looked at the endless stream of traffic: "I am not afraid of hard work. When I was a child, I went to the emergency department because of a car accident. I remember how the medical staff at that time tried to save me. At that time, I thought that I will become such a person in the future. "

Qi Ning turned to look at Cen Wei. Under the night lights, his eyes seemed to have starlight.

Cen Wei turned to look at Qi Ning: "Both of us are doctors. It seems that the time we spend together will be very limited."

Qi Ning said: "Yeah, but we still have many years, let's go slowly."

Cen Wei smiled: "Yes, we will travel around the world together when we are all retired!"

Qi Ning smiled: "At that time, they were two old men."

Cen Wei said: "The old man can also travel around the world, and then everyone will give us a seat, how good."

The two talked and laughed along the way, and their figures merged into the crowd, and it was gradually difficult to find.

Back at home, Qi Ning brushed the news casually and was seeing a news that "a female white-collar worker was killed after get off work alone."

The murderer was not captured, only a portrait drawn according to the description of the witness.

When he found that the incident was close to the hospital where Cen Wei worked, he forwarded the news to Cen Wei.

[Be careful]

[It’s terrible, but you have to be careful about seniors, the hospital you work in is not too far away]

[Well, rest early, good night]

【Good night=3=】

The days passed as usual, and nothing special happened.

One week after Cen Wei’s internship.

Late that night, Cen Wei was on duty, and the emergency department accepted the injured in a car accident.

After the inspection, fortunately it was only a skin trauma, and Cen Wei treated the wound for him.

Cen Wei's movements are not as skillful as those of experienced doctors, but they are meticulously bandaged well.

After finishing the wound, he gave the man some precautions.

Suddenly Cen Wei felt that the man looked a little familiar, but he couldn't remember when he had seen it for a while. He glanced at it for two more times, but he still couldn't remember it.

Forget it, he saw more people this week than he had seen in previous months. I can't remember it at all. I really can't remember this person.

And the other party didn't say hello to him, they should not be acquaintances, maybe they just met by chance.

After sending the injured away, Cen Wei turned around and picked up the medical equipment.

It seemed that the patient who was honestly about to leave had quietly turned his head and stared at Cen Wei's back. He felt the other party's look. Could it be...What did the doctor find?

The man's eyes hung down, concealing the fierce light hidden inside.

After a few days.

Cen Wei walked on the way from get off work.

The emergency department was really busy, and he was interning in a well-known hospital, so he was too busy to be involved.

I just finished a night shift, and then immediately went to the white shift. When it was finally possible to get off work, it was already eleven o'clock.

Now that Cen Wei felt that his head was muddled, he wanted to find a bed and lay down to sleep in darkness.

Cen Wei took out his phone and looked at it: "I haven't seen the senior in a few days."

Preparing to send a message, he glanced at the time again: "Forget it, the senior should have taken a break..."

Cen Wei put away his phone and decided to go home early.

This path is a bit desolate. Although he is a big man, it is not safe to walk at night.

Suddenly, a figure emerged from the greenery next to it.

Cen Wei had no time to respond, and a knife had been stabbed in his chest.

The sharp pain came from the chest. Cen Wei looked up at the man in front of him and found that the man seemed familiar, but could not remember.

The man's gloomy eyes stared at him: "Did you recognize me?"

Cen Wei was confused: "Who are you...I don't know you..."

The man ignored him, raising his hand and stab him again.

Cen Wei felt inexplicable. Why did someone suddenly attack him?

But instinct told him that now is not the time to reason with the other party. He tried to flash off the attacked knife, pushed away from the other party, and ran in the direction of his arrival.

But he was injured and ran stumbled.

In addition, there was a continuous flow of blood from the chest injury, which made him feel more and more weak.

Cen Wei knew very well that if he couldn't go on like this, he had to deal with the wound immediately, but the people behind him kept chasing after him.

Soon, the man already caught up with him.

Before Cen Wei rebelled, the sharp blade had already penetrated his body, one knife after another, as if there was some bitter hatred.

After not knowing how many knives, the perpetrator dropped Cen Wei, who had not yet died, and disappeared into the night.

"Why! Why... why should you..." Cen Wei was lying alone on the cold ground, feeling the power in his body was dissipating. He wanted to call the police or call 120, but his fingers were too heavy to move at all.

Cen Wei's always smiling eyes gradually lost their brilliance. He looked at the starry sky above his head, his lips moved slightly, and muttered what no one could hear.

Eventually, he stopped breathing.

Once again someone was killed and the case caused a sensation.

After the police's full detection, the identity of the suspect was finally locked.

This man is called Lu Ren. He is an escaped murderer. Before the female white-collar worker was killed and Cen Wei's case was committed by him.

The police directly issued a public bounty for this person and raised the bounty to one million, hoping that the masses would actively provide clues.

Qi Ning looked at the monitor.

In the video, the man constantly waved his sword to Cen Wei, each of which was so hard that he cut off Cen Wei's vitality.

Just after the man left, Cen Wei tried to get up, but failed.

His lips opened and closed, and there was no sound, but Qi Ning read the content--


The blood in one place stung Qi Ning's eyes.

Numerous first aid solutions flashed through his mind, but they were useless.

This is a surveillance video. Cen Wei is lying in the mortuary at this moment. Excessive blood loss makes him extremely pale and can't see the slightest breath.

Cen Wei, already dead.

The light of the video shone, Qi Ning's face was expressionless, but his eyes were obscure.

Lu Ren saw his wanted order and was very upset.

After feeling recognized, he followed the doctor for several days, and finally chose a suitable position to start.

Who knows where the kind of bird does not **** is actually monitored, and he is photographed right in front of him.

His news is everywhere now, it is almost becoming a celebrity.

This made him dare not go anywhere. He could only find an old house in the old city to be demolished to hide.

Although there is no water or electricity, there is no one to live. It is a safe place for him.

However, his injuries in the previous car accident did not change the medicine for a few days, and the wound has begun to inflame and infect, but he dare not go out to buy medicine.

Today he couldn't stand it anymore and decided to steal a little from the pharmacy at night.

Late at night, Lu Ren carefully left the hiding place.

He only dared to do activities in areas where no one was there and no monitoring. Most of these places did not have street lights, making it very difficult for him to move forward.

Even worse, he was almost at the pharmacy nearby, but he stepped on the manhole.

As a result, the manhole was not a manhole cover at all. It was probably a temporary replacement. He broke it with one foot and stuck his leg in.

There is something sharp below that cuts a deep wound on his leg. The wound is bleeding, and it will be bad.

If he stays like this for one night, he must be cold the next day.

Lu Ren struggled for a long time and failed to get his legs out, and he was sore with sweat.

Suddenly he heard footsteps not far away.

Lu Ren looked carefully towards the position where the voice came.

It was a man in a black trench coat, tall, black hair, carrying a suitcase in his hand.

The man seemed to just pass by, but stopped when passing by him.

Although Lu Ren couldn't move, he couldn't help but clenched the knife secretly.

Unexpectedly, the man turned his head and asked him: "Need help? I am a doctor."

It looks very gentle and easy to talk, and it seems that he doesn't know him yet.

As soon as Lu Renling made a move, he immediately pretended to be honest and honest, saying that he had come to the city to find a job and was accidentally stuck when he returned home.

The doctor was really kind. He pulled Lu Ren out and helped him back to the place where he temporarily stayed.

He also treated his wounds by the weak candlelight in the room.

After doing everything, the doctor chatted with Lu Ren: "Why do you live here, there is no water and electricity, and no other people live."

Lu Ren perfunctory: "Aren't I without money? Although it's bitter here, I don't need money to live."

He looked at the doctor while pretending to have a simple smile.

Although this person does not seem to know himself, it is hard to guarantee that he will not know later, whether or not...

But he still said: "Thank you, don't know what to call?"

The doctor said, "My surname is Qi."

Lu Ren said: "Dr. Qi, you are so nice."

Dr. Qi asked, "Why do you say that?"

Lu Ren was stunned for a while. The reaction seemed a bit strange. He still said, "Because you helped me like this."

Dr. Qi laughed. His laughter was low, with a somewhat hoarse feeling, and a little crazy.

He stood with a smile and walked towards his suitcase.

Lu Ren feels inexplicable, is this person a lunatic?

"Dr. Qi, what's wrong with you?" He was about to stretch his neck to look at the situation, but suddenly felt his head dizzy. "Oh, I'm a little dizzy... can you help me see it again..."

"Oh, then I'll take a look at it for you." Dr. Qi said gently.

But when he turned around, he was terrified.

I saw a scary beak mask on Dr. Qi's face. He took off his black wig, revealing the original white hair color.

He took out a black bowler hat and put it on top of his head, with a silver scalpel in his fingertips.

Lu Ren suddenly got nervous, and the fool knew that something was wrong now.

But his body is getting weaker and weaker: "That... Doctor Qi..."

Dr. Qi approached him: "I will take a good look, don't worry."

Lu Ren wanted to run, but his leg injury and dizzy head made him unable to move and could only be slaughtered.

At this moment, he probably understood the feelings of those killed by himself.

At this moment, the surroundings suddenly became quiet.

Then a deep darkness spread like night, gradually engulfing the two.

"Welcome to the advent world, you are all chosen lucky people."

Qi Ning, playing with the scalpel in his hand, turned to look at Lu Ren, who had lost his ability to move around.

The corner of the mouth under the mask slowly lifted.

Many years later, a new order has arrived in the world.

Only those who are between life and death will receive an invitation to come to the world and will be informed of the risks. Whether they accept it is up to them.

The real world has already returned to peace, and the previous disappearance case has become an unsolved mystery in the world, and there has been extensive discussion so far.

Qi Ning is also about to awaken.

Over the years, he still likes to walk alone.

He once lived in a man's heart, which was later dug out abruptly. As deep as that person lived in his heart, the wounds were as deep as they were, and despite the years of circulation, there was never any sign of healing.

Before awakening, Qi Ning returned to the real world and walked in the place where he was once familiar.

Every time he returned to reality, he did so.

Unconsciously he walked back to the street near the university town.

There are still young faces coming and going. They are smiling with energy, but they are no longer the faces he is familiar with.

Qi Ning looked up and saw the signboard of the restaurant he once dated.

It turned out that he came here again.

He suddenly felt that the sun was dazzling, otherwise how would he feel sore eyes, and even wanted to cry.

Just then, a voice came from behind him: "Senior..."