In the rest area, the director is watching the script.

"Excuse me." Then Cheng Wen walked over.

He is dressed in a white high-definition suit, both in and out of the play, and his hairstyle is always exquisite and fashionable.

Even if this person walks from the toilet door to the toilet, he must walk out of the general style of being a catwalk.

Cheng Wenyi is a wealthy n generation who brought capital into the group, and filming is just playing.

Originally he was aiming at the position of the protagonist, but after reading the script, he found that the protagonist's character was a poor man, and he did not meet his temperament at all. In the end, he chose the reincarnation boss, the most suitable role for himself.

Although this man is so cute, he looks very troublesome.

But when he was filming, he behaved very professionally. Not only did his acting passable, but even the fight scenes were taken by himself, and he never needed to be a substitute.

Not only that, he often invited the whole crew to dinner and afternoon tea, and the ability to use banknotes won everyone's favor.

In addition to the fact that sometimes I love to add drama to myself, which a little annoys the director, Cheng Wenyi is generally a big winner welcomed by the crew.

As soon as Cheng Wen sat in front of the director, according to the process, the two talked politely.

After the greeting, Cheng Wen has always been the subject: "The last person carries the whole scene, how about changing to my scene, the lights should be cool, and the blower will open ten for me."

The director scratched his head, and the most troubled time came: "This... this part of the script is the protagonist's part."

Chengwen waved his hand with a big hand: "I will make an additional investment of 1 million yuan."


If it is so sincere, it seems that it is not impossible...

At this time, a voice was inserted: "Wait, according to the script, I will invest an additional 2 million."

The two turned around and looked at the person in black, handsome and walking towards them with long legs.

This is Luo. He is one of the two male actors in the crew and an investor in the crew. Everyone wants to fight for the existence of his father.

At the same time, he is also a loyal defender starring Xiao Lan.

But whenever someone asked about the relationship between the two, they always laughed and said nothing.

The director's cautious thoughts were taken back instantly.

It’s better to write a script. Shooting according to the script will ensure the best quality of the drama.

One article: "3 million."

Luofen did not give up: "4 million."

One article: "5 million!"


In this way, the crew inexplicably entered the daily routine of additional investment.

The melon-eating crowds of the crew watched the two people who kept increasing their prices like a holiday, and the whole air was full of cheerful atmosphere.

That's great, it seems that it is possible to add meals again.

In a quiet lounge.

The hard-working students Dang Muyang and Zhao Xiaohe are doing their homework.

Although Mu Yang is a genius in games and programs, it is unfortunate that these exams are not taken.

So from the point of view of his test results, it is almost terrible.

Mu Yang raised his head: "Xiao He, this question..."

Zhao Xiaohe also spoke at the same time: "Xiaoyang, this question..."

Face to face, they all understood each other's eyes, which is unique among the scholars, with self-doubt in the confused.

No drama.

At this time, the door of the lounge was opened, and the green-haired Matt genius girl, the first richest man, debuted.

Shining, physically flashing, she wore a leather jacket decorated with rivets today, and flickered like a walking light bulb under the light.

The richest man got an ice cream for each of them.

After handing out the ice cream, the first rich man looked at them frowningly and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

Zhao Xiaohe seemed to see the savior. While eating ice cream, she waved toward the first rich man with the test paper: "Sister Rich! Help me--"

The first rich man took the test paper and glanced at random: "This is very simple, that's it..."

In less than three minutes, a question was solved perfectly and smoothly.

Mu Yang and Zhao Xiaohe couldn't help but gave her a shining look. Is this the God of Learning?

Mu Yang couldn't help but pick up his test paper: "Sister Rich, can you teach me how to write essays?"

Unexpectedly, the first rich man's face turned green in an instant, and almost had a tone with her hair: "No, no, no... I really can't do composition...I can't do this in my life..."

Having said that, the first wealthy man fled into the desert, as if he were a legged vegetable, and behind him was iron hanhan chasing.

Zhao Xiaohe and Mu Yang looked at each other.

Zhao Xiaohe: "What do you think Sister Fugui has experienced?"

Mu Yang: "I always think this is my future..."

Outside the studio, in a quiet corner.

Qi Ning was still wearing a costume, and it was a little troublesome to dress up as an epidemic doctor, so he was too lazy to change it during the break.

He is holding a cell phone to answer the message:

[Senior, when will you come back tonight? 】

[I’m still filming, maybe later tonight]

[You have to pay attention to rest. I will have my part in two days. I will come to see you and bring you snacks.]

【it is good】

[I heard that there are two cats in the crew, so I really want to play with them]

[Don’t think about it, you are allergic]


[I will bring them over, and then find you a pair of gloves, you can play together]


Next to the camera.

Members without amnesty gather here.

Huajia was watching his last scene. He pointed to the screen: "Brother eh~ you look at your brother, I am tragic and tragic!"

Hua Bei covered her face: "It's a bit bloody...I...I dare not watch..."

Woman with long linen hair: "Her husband, it's so hard to keep our posture, the white armor can't stand."

Man with tattoo on the back of the head: "Yeah, my waist is sore."

Woman with long linen hair: "Your backache may not be the reason for the movie. Should you go to the hospital to check your kidneys?"

Man with tattoo on the back of the head: "..."

Dirty braided man: "I don't have a name, bang bang."

Girls: "Although we don't have a name, we are pretty anyway."

Xiao Chengyan: "Wife, I'm so handsome to die this time. Let's watch together when it is released!"

Wen Qi: "..."

What kind of experience is it to appreciate the scene where he died with his husband?

Wen Qi couldn't help but think of the time when he shot the plot of his death.

She was dying on the bed with pale makeup, and Xiao Chengyan was watching.

As a result, I don’t know which nerve of this guy is wrong. When I watched Wen Qi on the hospital bed, she began to wipe her tears and cried: "Wife! My wife!!!"

In the end, Xiao Chengyan was forced out of the studio because of interference with the shooting progress.

As a result, this scene happened to be photographed by the paparazzi outside, and was posted on the social networking site with the backhand.

Later, #影帝萧成岩 was cast out of the crew and cried ## also went on hot search, becoming one of the annual laughs.

It's so shameful.

The boss's lounge.

Zhang Dong is struggling to practice signatures. He has already saved a lot of such signatures, but no one wants them.

But Zhang Dong did not give up, he felt that he would become a big star sooner or later.

the other side.

Crow is also signing. He only signs three a day, but both readers and Yan Fan are eager for his signature.

There were too many people who wanted to sign, and the output was seriously inadequate, and later even developed a related yellow cattle industry.

Adelin secretly looked at the signed crow at the desk: "Mom, the crow teacher is so handsome!"

Mrs. Hongyue, or Mrs. Weld, gently touched the head of her daughter: "Good boy, you are too young to fall in love early."

Adeline: "Can I buy all his books?"

Mrs. Hongyue: "The subject written by Mr. Crow is not something children can read."

Adelin pouted: "..." (I want to see it more)

Mrs. Bella sat in front of the makeup mirror: "Make-up artist, please paint me a little more beautifully. You must be the kind of beauty."

She secretly looked at Mrs. Hongyue who was talking to her daughter: "At least prettier than her."

Makeup artist: "..."

This requirement is so high, can you give this difficult task to the later stage!

Hidden alone draw circles on the ground alone.

But no one can see it.

Gu Mo sat on the sofa, surrounded by a group of younger brothers, who looked like a big sister.

Gu Mo: "You said that the group of guys want to avenge me?"

Brother: "Yes, we received the news. They used the power of Zhang Jie's family to prepare to strike you tonight."

Gu Mo sneered: "Oh, it seems that the lesson is not enough, then I will play with them again."

There is a corner of the lounge that is empty. It was originally a 404 landlord and tenant.

But they were too noisy because of playing mahjong.

Police officers and lovers stand on the balcony and blow their hair.

Police: "Can I go to my house for dinner tonight? My parents said they wanted to see you."

The lover was surprised: "Eh... I didn't prepare in advance."

The policeman's serious face showed a little smile: "It's okay, my mother likes you very much. This time they just went abroad to play and brought you a lot of gifts. I can't wait to give you."

The lover was distressed: "I didn't prepare a gift for my uncle and aunt..."

Police: "Will wait for us to choose, let me help you."

The lover smiled: "Okay."

On the edge of the flower bed outside the lounge.

The dragon sets playing the boss of Endemion crouched on the ground to eat bento.

"We have so few plays."

"Yeah, but this crew is really generous."

"That's right, the bento is delicious!"

"There are big red envelopes!"

"I heard that they have two investors who are stupid and have too much money and they like to add money."

"so good!"

"I want to come to run the dragon next time."

Not far away, there is a magic stick that is out of place with everyone.

"This brother, do you believe in eternal life?"

"You just have to drink this bottle of God's Fountain to ensure that you are old and youthful, and not only that, it can also make you..."

Later, someone called the police, and the police uncle directly took the magic stick away.

Locker room.

Wang Ke felt very troubled.

His younger brother's height has been advancing by leaps and bounds. It's the same as eating Jinjila. It has skyrocketed all the way, and now he is one head above him, making him feel great pressure.

Sadly, the heightening pad in my hand can no longer be tucked into the shoe.

Why can a pair of shoes only be stuffed with such a heightening pad?

Will it be better to change to wearing boots in the future?

Wang Ke sighed quietly and could only wear shoes to leave.

To the studio.

Today's scenes are all action scenes, and the intensity of shooting is very high, but it is not too difficult for Wang Ke, who has practiced martial arts since childhood.

He quickly stood back to back with Wang Teddy under the direction of the director, and raised his knife in a murderous posture, his eyes instantly switched to the extreme state.

Each of his knives is neat and sharp, and his movements are beautiful and sharp, anyone who reads them will be shocked by his momentum.

"Card." The director paused the shooting and said to the staff next to him: "Bring Wang Ke a wooden box as a foot pad, otherwise he will only have a head left when the lens is pulled in, and he will not be able to take the picture. action."

Wang Ke: "..."

Wang Teddy came over and comforted him: "Brother, it's okay, I've placed an order for you to grow happy."

Wang Ke's hand holding a knife burst into blue: "..."

Do you know stupid brother? Growing happiness cannot save adults.

In an unknown corner.

Luo quietly pulled the director: "I want to add a bed scene, invest in good negotiation, the plot is probably..."

The director was hesitant: "However, bed scenes of this scale cannot be broadcast."

Luo smiled: "That's not important, you can just give me the original film later."


Is your purpose too obvious for this gentleman?

Luo: "How is it?"

The director thought for a while: "Deal!"

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