On the other side, Jiang You also locked the position of the cabinet with the fart sound.

Jiang You couldn't help laughing, and she didn't know which kind of fool, but she hid in the cabinet and wanted to make such a movement.

Since it was delivered by himself, he justified it.

Because you want to open the cabinet, Jiang You can only put away the hemp-drunk-gun.

But he also prepared the ropes, and waited no matter which dog was inside.

Jiang Youmeng suddenly opened the cabinet.

A long-brewed fart smell came on the face with suffocating power, and the taste rushed to the forehead and almost lifted the heavenly cover.

He was so smoked that he couldn't help but lean back, and still felt spicy eyes, what kind of fart is so powerful?

Before Jiang You eased her breath, a black and white figure rushed straight ahead.

Lan Lan rushed out while opening the door, slammed into Jiang You's chest precisely, and pushed him directly to the ground.

"Run." Lan Lan shouted.

Then a group of furry rushed out of the cabinet.

Half of it is to escape, and half may be to escape from the range of iron fool.

I don't know how many dogs are hidden inside, they ran out one after another, just like opening a treasure chest.

Countless feet have stepped on Jiang You's body, without any sign of pitying Xiangxixiyu, almost stepping on his supper.

Jiang You was furious. He picked up the hemp-drunk-gun in his backhand, and he was about to give the messy Bianmu a hard look.

As a dog dedicated to fighting wisdom with Xiao Chengyan, how could Lan Lan be an ordinary furry?

Jiang Youduan started the Ma-Drunk-gun to attack Lan Lan, but Lan Lan Feng-Sao's s-shaped positioning made him simply unable to catch up. After several attempts, he had just aimed and Lan Lan's figure had changed his position flexibly.

After flashing several times, Lan Lan disappeared into the same place, leaving Jiang You, angrily corrupted: "Damn, run faster than a dog!"

Uh wait... It seems to be a dog originally, and it's no problem to run fast.

Knowing that running with a dog race doesn't make sense, Jiang You angrily grabbed the hemp-drunk-gun and continued to search in the pet paradise.

He didn't worry about them running out, because the pets were sleeping indoors at night, and he had closed the door long ago, and these little guys couldn't run away at all.

And he also cut off the monitoring, as long as he didn't make too much noise, he could do anything.

Soon, Jiang You discovered a new target.

Here is the end of a corridor, not far away there are two guys standing there, it seems that their luck is not good, and they are on the way to death.

Ning Ning and Wei Wei.

Discovering the arrival of humanity, Ning Ning took a step forward, blocking Weiwei behind him, and bent down his forelimb to make an attacking gesture.

"Hey, don't blame me for being welcome." Jiang You couldn't help laughing. The two are in good looks and valuable.

Jiang Yougang lifted his gun and was about to take aim. Ning Ning suddenly rushed at him, and the posture was extremely fierce, so fast that he was too late to react.

In the next moment, Ning Ning had bite on his wrist without any care.

"Ah!" Jiang You could not help but let go of her pain.

The wolfhound didn't get its name out of the waves. This bite was real, and he saw the blood in an instant. If you try again, Jiang You feels that she will be bitten out of her disability.

Ning Ning succeeded in hitting, and did not like to fight. He quickly greeted Weiwei and left.

He knew it when he dealt with dog dealers before. Humans are very cunning creatures. They don't know what strange things are on their bodies. It's better not to fight with him.

Jiang You sat alone on the ground, breathing for a half before the weather eased.

Fortunately, he knew there were big dogs here, and he expected to be injured. He brought disinfection drugs and bandages.

He is not worried about problems such as rabies. The dogs here are well taken care of, and the medical examination of the vaccine is not bad, but it makes him less worried.

After bandaging, Jiang You moved on.

The night is getting deeper and deeper, and his remaining time is getting less and less. Looking at this posture tonight, if he can't successfully steal the dog, he will probably be dismissed.

Or hurry up and leave after finishing the vote.

Suddenly, a golden figure appeared in front of him.

Wen Yi stood in the same place, the golden long hair was supple as if he was going to shoot an advertisement, followed by the standard white puppet cat and black Shiba Inu.

Jiang You's eyes lit up, and this Afghan hound named Wen Yi was his important target.

This is a top-quality purebred racing dog. When chatting with the staff here, the other party said that this dog is conservatively estimated to be worth 100,000.

Not only that, its owner went abroad during this time, and every month spent tens of thousands of dollars on dog care, beautician and press-mogi, and nutritious meals.

It vividly and comprehensively shows what a typical person is not as good as a dog.

Jiang You was very happy.

The dog is served deliciously and deliciously every day, and at any time it looks like he is lazy and does not want to move. He has never heard a barking even when he barked, and he has never resisted anything when combing hair and taking a bath, especially a loved one.

It is estimated that I was stupid and lost my nature long ago.

And the Shiba Inu and Ragdoll cats besides are also in good condition, just packed.

It's just right to use them as a starter.

Jiang You smiled and approached Wenwen Yi: "Well obedient Wenyi, don't be afraid, I'll come and brush you a hair."

Wen Yiyun glanced at him with dignity and a little contempt and disgust in his eyes.

Then gave Yang Yang and Shirley's family a look.

In the next second, the three figures went away like the wind.

Jiang You's outstretched hand was stiff in the air.

What about the loved ones? Are you okay?

Isn’t this clever? And it runs so fast...

He glanced back at the disgusted look just now, when it looked at the beauticians and sisters, it was clearly not the case.

Why, he looks ugly, so even the dogs dislike him?

Jiang You was going to be mad.

Once again encountered a failure, Jiang You can only continue to look up.

This time he decided that he would never play any Huairou policy again. He went up with a numb-drunk-gun.

Turning around the corner, he happened to meet Teddy who tried to sneak away.

Jiang You learned the previous lesson and no longer issued a time-wasting villain declaration, directly picked up the hemp-drunk-gun and aimed at Teddy.


Suddenly his ankle hurt, it felt like he was bitten hard by something.

The mouth came quickly and ruthlessly, and Jiang You's attention was completely focused on Teddy in front of her. She was unprepared for it, and she fell to the ground with an unstable heart in shock.

He couldn't help turning back to see what was the thing that bit him, but he only saw a round and full ass, and he walked away.

Although it is a short leg, but Corgi is a guard dog.

It's even possible to work as a cattle raider and fight against bad guys like now.

Corgi took Teddy away quickly and disappeared into the corridor.

"Lying-groove?!" Falling on the ground, Jiang You couldn't help but doubt her life. How could even Corgi put him down?

He can't even steal a puppy, is he really a doomed firewood?

Recalling his failed life for more than two decades, he couldn't help feeling sad.

Jiang You has some doubts about standing up, is it really inappropriate to be a thief today? Why did he feel uncomfortable?

Or don’t steal the dog anymore, just steal something and take it away, at least pay back the wages this week?

He thought unwillingly.

But destiny destined him to go all the way to black today.

Because this time it appeared to him-Lan Lan.

Lan Lan and Lolo were standing in front of the door of the house, but they accidentally discovered that the door was locked, which made them feel a bit distressed and were discussing countermeasures.

Jiang You remembered that it rushed out and threw himself down, and then started his journey to failure tonight.

An unknown fire rose from his heart, blaming this guy. Without it, he would be able to wipe out the group of dogs in the closet at the time, and it would take a lot of effort afterwards.

Jiang You once again raised the fighting intention, this one, he must not let go.

He must have slaughtered this guy.

Jiang You picked up the hemp-drunk-gun without saying anything, and pulled the trigger at Lan Lan who was fiddle with the door lock.

"Danger!" Lolo sensed something was wrong, and he slammed into it, knocking Lan Lan's body a little bit.

Fortunately, Lolo's size is much larger than the average cat, otherwise it can't touch Lan Lan.

The anesthesia needle rubbed Lan Lan's body and slammed into the door.

A cat and a dog turned their heads and saw Jiang You, who was so fierce.

Lan Lan said: "He looks so angry."

Lolo: "I think he wants to drink dog broth, or Lan Lan's taste."

Hemp-drunk-gun is to not hurt the dog, so that he can sell for a good price, but now he has not planned so.

Jiang You put the Ma-Zui-gun on her back, took out the knife he had prepared before, and rushed towards Lan Lan.

Lan Lan and Lolo are not stupid, they fled away.

But this time, driven by anger, Jiang You chased after them.

With his familiarity with the terrain, Jiang You was able to chase them tightly and chase them all the way.

Running across the corner, Lan Lan suddenly lost her heart.

It was misplaced, there was only a storage room at the end of the corridor, and there was no other way.

The bad guys behind him were getting closer and closer, and they had to hide in the storage room as a last resort.

Jiang You also chased it all the way.

This time he learned to be clever and directly locked the door with his backhand to see how they still ran.

The storage room was quiet with no sound, but Jiang You would no longer be deceived by such an illusion. He carried a knife and slammed into every suspicious place.

Lan Lan and Lolo exchanged glances in hiding: so fierce.

It seems that this time they have not escaped so easily.

Seeing Jiang You's position getting closer and closer to them, Lan Lan couldn't help getting nervous.

This human being is so fierce, if he is found, something bad will happen, maybe he will never see his master again.

Must take the initiative to attack.

One cat and one dog started the cooperation plan again.

Jiang You checked the suspicious location in turn, and soon he was half checked by the storage room.

Sharp eyes scanned the other half of the space, and it seemed that the dog was here.

He was preparing to go with the knife, and suddenly a black fluttered in front of him, obscuring his sight, accompanied by the pain of scratching his face.

Jiang You was angry, he knew what this was!

This is the **** cat of the store manager. He knew all day long that he looked at him with disgusting eyes, as if he was something dirty.

Sure enough, it's an annoying guy, even at this time it has to come out and make trouble.

Jiang You tried to grab Lolo and gave him a happy knife.

But he didn't want the cat to be sensitive. This guy was like a sperm, so slippery and impossible to catch.

He didn't dare to wave his knife casually, in case his head was stuck in his head, it was not a joke.

One person and one cat is deadlocked.

At this moment, a strong force hit his back.

Lan Lan hid with Lolo in a high place before. This time, he saw the timing and pushed the dog food in big bags.

The 10kg large package immediately smashed the lower Jiang You into a stagger.

Seeing that he was not standing steadily, Lan Lan tried his best.

The neat dog food piled up was pushed by it continuously, some fell to the ground, and some fell on Jiang You's body precisely, making him unable to concentrate on dealing with Lolo.

Finally, Jiang Yu stumbled over the dog food that had fallen before with limited eyesight, and the whole person fell **** the ground.

Upon seeing this, Lan Lan pushed several packs of dog food in a row and pressed Jiang You firmly.

Then the dog food was not enough, Lan Lan pushed a few more cans smoothly.

The hard can slammed on Jiang You's head, making a "dong" sound. Jiang You, who was still trying to struggle, stopped moving in an instant.

Seeing that he didn't move, Lan Lan asked, "What's wrong with him?"

Lolo stretched out his furry claws and gave him a cat punch.

Did not wake up.

Try to breathe again, and.

Lolo calmed down and concluded: "Halo."

Lan Lan jumped from a height: "What shall we do now?"

Lolo's claws tapped a string of sparkling crystals in front of him: "He has a key on him, but our claws can't unlock, we can only wait for someone to come to work tomorrow."

At this time, it was already a bit twilight, and there would be the first batch of employees to work soon.

So, a cat and a dog guarded Jiang You by guarding the prisoners.

After that, more and more pets approached here. They surrounded the storage room with three layers and three layers, and their heavy eyes seemed to penetrate the door panel.

the next day.

Zhao Xiaohe and No. 1 Richest came to the advent pet park early.

Today they found that the situation was a bit wrong, why is the door of the interior space locked?

By convention, there should be pets playing outside at this time, and now it is quiet.

They all realized that something was wrong.

Fortunately, as employees, the two of them also had keys in their hands, and soon opened the door.

There was some lingering indoors, like the result of pets playing crazy all night.

But no pets were seen, none of them.

Zhao Xiaohe was confused: "Where did they go?"

The first rich man is also a little ignorant: "Let's find it again..."

Finally, after searching all the activity areas that pets like, and no pets were found, the two girls who were sweating foreheads for the forehead finally found the gathering-like furry near the storage room.

They all gathered together, as if they were guarding some serious prisoners.

Seeing the two girls coming, many dogs waved their tails at them, and offered to make way for them.

The two of them opened the door of the storage room with a look of embarrassment under the posture of the stars.

The storage room was a mess.

But this is not the most serious. Last night's night shift staff was pressed under the big bag of dog food, eyes closed, looking like a coma.

Zhao Xiaohe was anxious: "Yeah, this is not the new one. What's wrong with him?"

She was about to step forward, but was stopped by the next richest man.

Facing Zhao Xiaohe's puzzled eyes, the first rich man pointed to Jiang You: "Wait, you see that he has a knife in his hand, and he seems to be carrying hemp-drunk-gun and rope on his back."

Zhao Xiaohe took a closer look and it turned out to be the case.

An employee of a pet paradise locked the door in the middle of the night, still carrying ropes, knives and hemp-drunk-guns, what did he want to do?

She looked at the pets and read the alert to Jiang You from their eyes. This is not the normal way they look at the employees.

She looked again at the cat in the shop-Lolo.

Luo Luo was standing in front of Jiang You, and the light golden eyes seemed to want to tell her something.

Summing up this information, Zhao Xiaohe instantly understood what must have happened last night.

The first rich man took out his mobile phone: "In short, let's call the police first."

While waiting for the police to come, Lan Lan and Lolo exchanged glances.

Humans certainly can't think of what night they have spent.

This is a secret exclusive to furry.