Lolo asked: "What are you going to do?"

Lan Lan said in a small voice: "I know this kind of situation. The host said on the TV that the bad guys should call the police."

Lolo: "But humans don't understand our words."

Lan Lan: "..."

Yes, what they say to human beings is just wavy and meowing.

A stupid human being is really stupid, except its owner.

Lan Lan said: "Then let's wake everyone up first, let the bad guys succeed."

Seeing that humans had gone far, Lolo jumped to the ground: "Come on, come with me."

With that said, cats and dogs sneaked in the pet park quietly. With their sensitive hearing and sense of smell, they carefully avoided the position of human beings.

At this moment, a little light suddenly appeared outside the window.

Lan Lan looked over there and saw that there was a black car parked behind the pet park.

The car is very bulky, and there will be no problem with many dogs, and it is dark all over, so it is very hidden in the dark.

The car's taillights flashed regularly a few times, as if sending a signal.

Lan Lan's ears stood up: "The bad guy's car has come, we have to hurry up."

They were preparing to move on, but heard the approaching footsteps.

It’s that human! He came here.

Faced with this sudden situation, Lan Lan and Lolo have no time to leave, they can only hide behind the cabinet.

The space behind the cabinet is so small that a cat and a dog have to be packed together.

Lan Lan was squeezed uncomfortably: "Well... Lolo, you are too fat, I have never seen a cat as big as you..."

Luo Luo said: "According to the size, you are bigger, and if you are fat, you are fat."

Lan Lan was not convinced: "I'm not fat. The owner said that I'm just fluffy. You go in a little more. Isn't your cat liquid?"

Lolo was also helpless: "Liquids also have a volume, heh, he's here."

As soon as Lolo's words fell, humans had arrived in the hallway where they were.

One cat and one dog dared not speak anymore. They struggled to maintain their present posture, keeping quiet and observing each other's movements.

The man was carrying a hemp-drunk-gun in one hand and a bundle of ropes on his shoulders. It was not like he was ready to do a good job.

Humans are unaware of observing their furry while hiding in the dark, humming the song while walking towards the other side.

When the man walked away, Lolo said: "Oh, he entered Ning Ning and Wei Wei! They are in danger!"

Lan Lan also got nervous: "We have to help them."

What should be done?

Lan Lan turned his brain while searching around, trying to find something that could help them at this time.

Suddenly, his eyes stayed on the light switch.

In order not to attract attention, the bad guy did not turn on the lights. Now the interior is dark, only his flashlight and the street lights outside can be illuminated.

Lan Lan said to Lolo: "Have you ever seen a ghost film?"

Jiang You is a little **** who has no learning skills.

I usually do everything by stealing chickens and dogs. I like eating, drinking, gambling and owing a fart-share debt. The biggest wish is to get rich overnight.

Recently, he accidentally heard that there is a good pet base nearby, and many of the pets in foster care are sold at a good price, and he was moved.

Just in the early days, the pet base recruited new employees. He behaved honestly and liked animals, and finally got in through interviews.

When I came in, I saw that the dogs here are not only of good breeds, but also of good quality. If you steal them and sell them to the dog factory, it would be a lot of money.

And some dogs are simply, the treatment is better than people, he does not have an exclusive nutrition meal and groomer.

Jiang Youdu is sore, what a man is worse than a dog.

However, the management here is really strict. Not only are the special staff preparing the food, but there are also monitors over there.

Even at night, two or three people were on duty together. He didn't find a chance for a week, and he almost wanted to give up.

Fortunately, the number of people on duty has recently changed to two.

Even better, another person who worked with him had an urgent matter to ask for leave today. Jiang You said honestly to the other party: "You can rest assured, let me leave everything tonight to me."

The other person left with a grateful look, which gave him a chance.

He was walking on the road now, and he felt that he was walking on a road to prosperity. The big dog was afraid of anything. After a needle anesthesia, he would not fall.

He took a hemp-drunk-gun and walked carefully towards a room.

He remembered that there was a place where a Labrador and a Russian Wolfhound liked to sleep. The Labrador was gentle and didn't need to worry. But the other one is very fierce, big and big, and it's more than one meter long without standing up. It will have to be fixed first.


Suddenly the light above his head turned on.

Jiang You was taken aback by the sudden brightness, and subconsciously felt that someone had come.

He looked carefully around, but did not see a figure.

What's wrong with this light? Why does it light up suddenly?

Jiang You felt inexplicable, but he was a thief, who turned on the lights?

He walked over and reached out to turn off the light.

After making sure that there was really no one around, he moved on.


Just walked to the previous position, the lights turned on again.

Jiang You suddenly looked back at the position of the switch, where it was still empty, without half a figure.

There is only a decorative cabinet with potted plants nearby, which obviously cannot hide people.

It's impossible for someone to prank with him.

There was a chill on Jiang You's back. What happened? Was the switch broken, or... was he fucking?

I was a little flustered, but poverty made people hard, and it was still important to be a thief. Jiang You stepped forward and turned off the lights again.

Just when the lights went out, he felt something silky and light touched across his back.

That touch feels like fur.

Jiang You breathed for a long time and couldn't help turning on the light.

But after the lights came on, there was nothing in front of him, and he looked back behind him, and there was still nothing.

But the sense of touch just now could not be fake. What did he encounter?

Jiang You swallowed and was hesitant about what to do.

At this time, another corridor behind the corner suddenly turned on again, and the lights flickered. It was a weird frequency. A strange black shadow could be seen faintly between the flashes of the lights.

This is too haunting!

Jiang You panicked and decided to leave the corridor first. He didn't want the Labrador and the Russian Wolfhound.

In order not to expose himself, he still did not forget to turn off the lights.

After he leaves.

Lolo, who was hiding behind the small cabinet, stretched his head, and Lan Lan, who pressed the switch in the other corridor, also came over.

They gave each other a small look of approval.

The second cooperation was still very pleasant.

Without further ado, they ran quickly to inform Ning Ning and Wei Wei.

When they came to the small room where they were sleeping, the room was still quiet, and you could vaguely see two overlapping figures sleeping together.

Ning Ning remained alert even when she was sleeping.

Hearing the movement at the door, he quickly opened his eyes, his eyes radiating a chilling light at night.

But its body did not move, because Wei Wei had a part-the body was resting on it, and if it moved, Wei Wei might wake up.

Luo Luo quickly rushed into the door: "Ning Ning, don't sleep, tell Wei Wei to get up, something happened."

Seeing that they really aren't kidding, Ning Ning asked: "What's wrong?"

Lolo said: "The employee on duty today is a bad guy, it is ready to take us all and sell it."

Ning Ning rolled over and made an angry voice in his throat: "A dog dealer again."

Wei Wei was almost taken away by the dog dealers. There are still a long scar on his body. If he succeeds, won't they be seen again afterwards?

At this time, Wei Wei also woke up, and San Wang Yi Miao quietly left the room together.

They wake up sleeping pets in the pet park, and along the way, the pet army that is quietly advancing is getting stronger and stronger.

On the cushions full of toys, Corgi and Teddy are sleeping.

Teddy slept very badly, kicking his legs while sleeping, chewing on Corgi's ears.

Corgi seemed to be used to it. Although he slept seriously, he did not wake up.

Lan Lan stepped forward to wake them up: "It's about to get up, there are bad guys."

Teddy looked at Lan Lan sleepily: "Um...bad...egg...then can't eat..."

Corgi turned around with a short leg kicked on Teddy's face, kicked it off, and kicked its doze off completely: "Get up."

Lan Lan saw them awake and went on to call other pets.

It happened to see a Husky that fell asleep with slippers, and it was very engaged, even the mouth in the sleep was smashed from time to time.

Lan Lan shoved it, but nothing happened.

Luo Luo said: "It's called Tiehanhan, here is a bit..."

As he said, he pointed his head with his paws: "It may not be able to communicate with us the same way."

Lolo jumped on Tiehanhan's head and thumped Tiehanhan's face with his large cat fist.

After a while, Tiehanhan finally opened his eyes, and from the moment his eyes opened, a not-so-smart breath spread out, pulling down the intelligence level of the whole room.

Tiehanhan held slippers: "Ao?"

Lolo said: "Don't nibble, there are bad people who want to catch us and follow us."

"Hmm...?" Tie Han Han tilted his head and didn't seem to understand.

Lan Lan asked: "Why doesn't it speak?"

Luo Luo said: "Probably the level of evolution is relatively low, and you will find that when you see more pets, not every pet will speak."

There is no way to communicate with Tie Han Han, they can only push Tie Han Han to signal it to follow along.

The pets are all assembled, and they plan to go to the security guard first and let humans solve the human villain.

They kept quiet and approached the gate carefully.

At this time, Jiang You, who finally adjusted her mindset, was also ready to work.

No matter how terrible a ghost is, he is so poor. How can a ghost treat him?

If he doesn't pay the money again this month, there will be a crisis of being beaten into ghosts. It doesn't matter what the **** is.

But wait for him to walk to the area where pets usually like to sleep.

The dog is gone.

Not one but two, but all, not only dogs but cats are gone.

Jiang You is going crazy. What is going on tonight? Is it written in the almanac, "I should not be a thief"?

Where did all these dogs go? ! !

Is it a collective slip? ?

He hurried to search everywhere, and touched some dog kennels with Yu Wen, it seems that these little guys did not go far.

Jiang You hurriedly raised the hemp-drunk-gun and began to find their location.

The pets who fled quietly were tense as they heard the footsteps getting closer and closer.

Lan Lan made a decisive decision: "Find a place to hide, don't make a noise, hurry up."

Suddenly, everybody drilled the table, the table, the cabinet, and the small ones behind the curtains were squeezed in.

Joining Lolo to open the door of the cabinet, Lan Lan drilled in.

This is much larger than the space behind the previous cabinet, but no matter how big the space is, there are too many dogs to come in.

The influx of dogs squeezed the space so much that they could hardly move.

A Sheng whispered, "A Xian, you are fat."

A Xian was guilty: "I don't have..."

A Sheng said firmly: "You have, you have become q bomb."

A Xian: "..."

Yang Yang: "Whose foot stepped on my tail?"

Ning Ning: "I'm sorry to be me."

Tiehanhan was also squeezed out, feeling that his stomach was beginning to feel unwell: "Ao..."

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and everyone stopped breathing and stopped talking.

Wen Yi's well-tended long hair brushed Teddy's face, making it want to sneeze.

At this critical moment, Corgi slapped in the past and successfully patted the sneeze back.

With the help of the flashlight, Jiang You looked around.

He glanced at no trace of the dog and was preparing to move on.



The fart sound is particularly obvious in a quiet environment, and it also has a twisting tone, which may not be heard by the deaf.

Of course Jiang You is not deaf, and he didn't let this fart go.

In this place, you can fart, but also release such a dynamic fart, there must be something hidden here.

His steps couldn't help but stop.

"Porphyrpor--" The fart sounds came out from the cabinet one after another, forming a unique serenade in the silent night.

The pets' hairy faces are almost green, and they look at the culprit—

Iron Hanhan.

What the **** did you eat at night, so much fart? !

And the taste is so rich...

Tiehanhan felt the murderousness from his companion with his not-so-smart head. When he was nervous, he let go of another fart.


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