Late at night, the convenience store is about to close.

Xiao Lan changed his uniform and was collecting his things. The young facial features were handsome. His skin was cold and fair. Under normal circumstances, he should go home quickly, and then race to sleep every minute because he needs to be at 5 o'clock the next morning. Get up and start a new part-time job.

But at the moment he didn't know where to go.

Today, he was just kicked out by the landlord, because the landlord wanted to give his house a daytime leak and a night wind leak, all day crunching the broken bed hovering on the edge of the breakup, and almost all the income was used to pay the debts. Xiao Lan really had no extra money .

So after harvesting a fancy taunt about the poor ghost, Xiao Lan can only pack up and leave, and the black backpack in his hand is all his belongings.

Xiao Lan opened the door of the staff room while thinking about whether to find a vacant room tonight and make up for one night.

Outside the door was dark.

Xiao Lan suddenly felt something was wrong. Just now... Did he turn off the light?

Before he left the convenience store, how could he turn off the light, and the direction of the light switch is opposite to the staff room.

The unusual silence in the dark, even the engine sounds that occasionally pass by vehicles are gone.

In the corner, there seemed to be a thicker black spreading than at night.

The situation is strange, Xiao Lan directly walked long legs around the dark, and rushed out of the convenience store. As a qualified employee, he did not forget to lock the door.

After going out, he rode on his old bicycle except for the bell ringing all over the body. The tall and thin young man fully stepped on the foot pedal, away from the convenience store with the fastest speed.

The night wind in the city was mixed with the hustle and bustle of the day, blowing up his slightly curly black hair, with a bit of dust. It was not refreshing, but it was Xiao Lan's most familiar taste, and it is still the same today.

The wind stopped unconsciously, but the weird feeling still did not subside.

It was too quiet, so strange, there was no human voice, no sound of air-conditioning operation, not even insects and wind, and the whole world seemed to be still at the moment.

The rich darkness gradually permeated from a distance, engulfing the street lamp that was already fighting drowsiness, the street fell into the darkness little by little, and the darkness stepped closer to Xiao Lan's direction.

Seeing the unfavorable situation, Xiao Lan adjusted the handlebars and galloped in the opposite direction to the darkness.

However, after passing through several streets, all of them were the same silent, looking up, each direction was gradually approaching darkness.

——Be surrounded.

The darkness eroded in front of him with magnificence, and Xiao Lan fell into a completely dark world in the next moment.

Opening his eyes again, what appeared to Xiao Lan was a door.

It's not a high-end product, it's the kind of low-quality particleboard doors that often appear in public toilets. The rubber on the surface has been peeled off, and it must be affixed to it, revealing the wood chips inside. The door also reads:

【The rich woman is asking for money 136xxxxxxxx】

[Is it stupid upstairs? This is a female toilet]

[Very good, your success caught my attention]

Some people even wrote a whole song of a good man, revealing a bitterness...

Xiao Lan unscrewed his handle, but nothing happened. I tried to push the door again, without moving. This is unscientific. When did the public toilet door have such good quality?

Looking out from the door gap, there was no trace of it.

Looking around, the light in the toilet compartment was dim and flickered from time to time. The walls were covered with a lot of mildew. The ground was covered with dust and mixed with stagnant water. It seemed that it had not been used for a long time.

However, the more terrible thing is-Xiao Lan's backpack is gone!

Not only the bags, but also the unprocessed lunches that can't be sold today, and his only fifteen dollars of cash left, and his exclusive car-Mr. N Hand Bike, who was born in the last century.

Now all he had left was the broken cell phone with transparent screen glued on the screen in his pocket, and... he could not add a hundred pieces of clothes and shoes from head to toe.

"All my belongings--" Xiao Lan couldn't help rubbing his face to see if he could wake himself from the nightmare.

When you think you are poor enough, reality will throw you a noble and glamorous slap and tell you "No, you can still be poorer." I don’t know if it’s terrible to appear in this strange place, or if the bankruptcy crisis is fatal.


Suddenly, a hoarse laughter sounded outside the silent compartment door, accompanied by a somber cold wind blowing across my ears, making people extremely uncomfortable.

Xiao Lan suddenly raised his head. He had just confirmed that no one was outside.

Suddenly, a line of text appeared in front of Xiao Lan unscientifically:

[You are so poor that Zhang Dong is happy, there are finally people in the world who are even poorer than him, so he decides to give you a chance]

[Trigger Hidden Branch Task: Reach the Party]

[Task Description: Reach out to borrow a piece of paper from the lucky guys outside the door]

[Mission Reward: Random Skill*1, Zhang Dong’s Gift*1]

[Hint: Hidden spurs are extremely rare. The task cannot be abandoned. If the task fails, you can never leave the current space]

This is the rhythm of being trapped in the toilet forever as unsuccessful!

What a **** opportunity.

There is a **** that I don't know when to say it or not.

After Xiao Lan tried to open the door to no avail, and confirmed that he could not get through the wall, he finally accepted his fate, didn't he just ask someone to borrow paper in a weird toilet?

Also **** is a female toilet...

But who is Zhang Dong?

After a while, someone finally entered the toilet, and the number was still quite large.

They looked at the toilet: the accumulation of dust everywhere, the mildew on the wall, the accumulation of water on the ground, and the low-wattage lights flashing at the moment, the atmosphere was strange and inexplicable.

"That one……"

A voice sounded faintly, echoing in the shabby scene, and even echoed.


A piercing scream sounded, breaking up the courage they had accumulated, and then several people retired in a hurry. A man in a suit persuaded him for a while, and they refused to enter again.

Finally, only men in suits and two mixed-looking men and a short-haired female student chose to explore the toilet. They walked to the door of the cubicle where the sound came from, and the man in the suit was about to ask.

But I saw a hand stretched out in the gap under the door: "Excuse me, can you lend me a piece of paper?"

Four people: "..."

They want to go back.

Those of you who have not heard one or two weird talk about the toilet. The bridge section next door to borrow paper is simply classic and can no longer be classic.

The female student shrank back slightly.

The fraternity brothers with gold chains next to them couldn't help but mention the pants, maybe they were afraid of urinating.

The man in the suit seems to be well-informed, at this moment his face is not white and he is not panicking. He pushed his glasses and said calmly: "Are you also being pulled in here? The sudden darkness around, very quiet, appeared here after waking up."

"Yes, it is."

It turned out that Xiao Lan was not the only one who encountered strange things. Xiao Lan didn't know whether to be happy or worried at the moment. In the end, what can pull so many people to another place at once? I always feel more trouble than a person encountering a supernatural event.

"The one inside is probably the same as ours." The man in the suit said to the three people around him, and it seemed a bit troublesome, "I don't have paper on my body, do you have any?"

The gangsters looked at each other, and the good guy never took paper on the street.

"I...I have." The only girl pulled out a pink pack of napkins from the bag, and tremblingly handed it over under the gesture of the man in the suit.

"Thank you." Xiao Lan reached out and took the cat. The cat on the tissue opened his innocent eyes and looked at him.

In an instant, the task display in front of me became [Completed].

At the same time, a skill card and a European-style vintage envelope with the word "Luo" appeared in front of him out of thin air.

After touching the card, the card disappeared immediately, and information about the skills came to Xiao Lan's mind:

[Name: Poverty cannot limit my imagination (already bound)]

[Abilities: 1. Imagine an ability, give yourself within five minutes, the poorer the more powerful (lv.1) 2. Enhance the player's physical fitness according to poverty (passive)]

【Cooling time: 24h】

[Description: Although I am poor, I can dream! This is the last stubbornness of the poor ghost

Xiao Lan: "..."

Obviously it is a skill, but it also comes with sarcasm. As a negative bourgeoisie, he felt discriminated against.

Looking at the ability description, Xiao Lan thought, an ability, I don’t know whether it is the ability that human physique can achieve or non-human ability, I need to find an opportunity to test it. The poorer and stronger skills show that Xiao Lan has a bad conjecture, would he not be able to get rid of poverty and become rich in his life...

As for ability 2 to enhance physical fitness, Xiao Lan jumped twice in situ, which seemed to be higher and easier than before. It doesn't feel much more, is he not poor enough in the eyes of skills?

Just thinking of this, another line emerged:

[The current poverty index is 10,000, which has just reached the level of skill activation. Please make persistent efforts to create brilliance on the path of poverty]

Wan, exactly the sum of all the miscellaneous liabilities of Xiao Lan, plus the usury that appeared inexplicably to him.

Does this skill hope that he will be sunk into the sea by the creditors one day? There is no humanity! !

Create your sister's glory! !

Xiao Lan turned his attention to the envelope without expression, and a few lines of instructions appeared on the envelope:

[Name: Unopenable envelope (bound)]

[Explanation: This is Zhang Dong's recognition of you, because you are poorer than him, but this envelope looks like a super, city, stagnation, sales, and goods]

The brightly slogan "supermarket slow sales" is full of presence.

Xiao Lan: "..."

Take a deep breath and resist the urge to shove it away from the toilet.

Shut me up in the women's toilet and gave me such a shabby thing for a long time. Brother Zhang, are you too picky! ! !

Putting the envelope in his pocket, and then watching the crowd, I didn’t know whether it was "You actually have the mood to go to the toilet" or "Mother has a pervert in the female toilet", Xiao Lan opened the door and calmly came out In the compartment, I also washed my hands to show innocence.

Later, under the leadership of a man in a suit, he walked out with three other people, meeting with others.

Everyone got together, men in suits, gold chains, flower arms, three female students, a couple, middle-aged women, wealthy bald middle-aged men.

With Xiao Lan, there are 11 in total.

Everyone was about to communicate, but before they could speak, the rolling shutter door that looked like rusty behind made a bitter metal friction and opened a little bit.

There was a stale breath.

Everyone's eyes can't help but turn away.

Appearing behind the roller shutter door is a supermarket that is almost worn out just like the toilet. The area is not too large, the light is dim, the ground is stained, the shelves are messy, and there are even suspicious dark handprints and finger marks on the walls.

"Welcome to the finish line supermarket, lucky ones!" A soft and nice female voice sounded.

A woman wearing a shopping guide uniform suddenly appeared in front of everyone. Xiao Lan can be sure that when he looked at the supermarket, there was no half figure. Where did this woman appear?

She smiled sweetly but stiffly, and said to them in a warm tone:

"Next, you will participate in supermarket activities."

"Every hour, please go to the cash register and choose a product under the witness of the boss."

"Choose a product that is out of standard and fails to make a choice when it is overtime will be punished."

"Wish you a happy game!"

As soon as the female shopping guide bowed to the crowd, she planned to leave.

"Wait a minute!" The balding middle-aged man quickly stopped her. "What the **** are you doing? Recording a show or a prank? I'm on the phone with millions of people. I'm really not interested in playing with you."

The female shopping guide is still that stiff smile: "Here is the advent of the world, you are all chosen lucky."

"What the hell, I'm leaving now!" The bully with the gold chain is quite annoyed. He looks fierce. In fact, he is most afraid of this kind of incident. Now his spirit has been stretched to the limit, and he stepped forward and grabbed the female shopping guide's wrist.

The female shopping guide still repeats: "You are all lucky..."

The golden chain rudely interrupted her and shouted: "Fart! Warn you not to play this set with Lao Tzu!"

The female shopping guide is still a strange and stiff smile, from the moment it appeared to the moment, there has been no change at all. Xiao Lan felt that the situation was wrong, and quickly opened the door to stop the gold chain: "Calm down--"

Before the words were finished, the gold chain had slapped towards the female shopping guide fan, her body flew out directly, and her head slammed heavily against the wall, making a muffled noise.

The female shopping guide's body slowly slid down the wall, leaving a deep red trace of blood. She lay motionless and her chest did not undulate, like a broken puppet.

"I, I... uselessly vigorous." Jin Lian looked at his hand, and could not set a channel.

The crowd fell into silence, and the sudden game and this strange woman were already difficult to digest. Now that the woman is dead, are they still likely to leave?

"She... she moved." The short-haired female student pointed to a female shopping guide whose life and death were unknown.

I saw the female shopping guide's body cramped, her head was still hanging, but her body was propped up on the ground, using a strange movement to move her limbs and the ground toward the gold chain...

Seeing the bad situation in the gold chain, she turned around and ran, but the female shopping guide speeded up and directly fell on him, holding him tightly on all fours.

Then a scene of numbing scalp appeared-the two actually merged!

It slowly melted into a pool like chocolate under high temperature. Then, from this beach slowly climbed out a human figure-wearing a shopping guide uniform, the smile was sweet but stiff.

It is a female shopping guide!

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