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I Rely On Poverty To Sweep Through Survival Games

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Novel Summary

Xiao Lan was a pauper who couldn’t do anything that required money.

On the road after work, he was engulfed by darkness and opened his eyes to a frightening and dangerous survival game.


The app that can’t be deleted; the people it locked on to were unable to escape except through death.

Ordinary players: Save me, I don’t want to die!!!

Xiao Lan: Sorry, the phone is too broken and it froze. Can you wait a little longer?

A hand reached out from inside an old-fashioned television; the people caught would enter its world.

Ordinary players: Ahhhhhhh! What to do?!

Xiao Lan: According to my many years of experience repairing old household appliances, it seems that this model can be opened like this…


Finally, the bosses gathered around Xiao Lan one day, prepared to deal with this bug(game bug).

But they saw him roll up his sleeves and stride forward on long legs, and he beat up the bosses until they doubted their ghostly births.

Xiao Lan: Do you think an overtime worker’s night travels are for nothing?

Luo: Mister is always this cute.

Passer-by (shivering): Isn’t your definition of cute a little strange…

【Omnipotent, tall, broke and handsome shou x Refined degenerate big bad wolf gong】

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:
Alternate Title:我靠贫穷横扫逃生游戏
Weekly Rank:#4416
Monthly Rank:#4954
All Time Rank:#2817
Tags:Amnesia, Calm Protagonist, Cheats, Handsome Male Lead, Lack of Common Sense, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Manly Gay Couple, Overpowered Protagonist, Poor Protagonist, Pragmatic Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Strong Love Interests, Strong to Stronger, Survival Game, Transported into a Game World, Unlucky Protagonist, World Hopping,
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  1. why do i feel as if the extra's is incomplete but not at the same time....specially 209 & 210 NingxWei & MasterxNPC.... even thoughit could be justified as open ending but still its too open!!

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