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I Really Just Want to Hit the Iron (All I Really Want Is To Play Basketball)

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This novel is also known as All I Really Want Is To Play Basketball

In the 1990s, when David Stern stood anxiously outside Datianchao TV station, looking at the NBA video tape in his hand and wondering how to open the potentialless Chinese market, he never thought of it … …. It turns out that TM makes a wish to God!

“Iron Shadow”, “Northern God”, “NBA Basketball Frame Smile Protector”, “Not Backward Never Shoot”, “One-handed Jumper Picturesque” … When Su Fengheng with the above nicknames Out of nothing, the youth of many people in the future began at this moment!

“Ah! This gang of black powder is endless! The nickname of labor and management is clearly ‘God killer’!” Su Feng said angrily, looking at the newspaper.

The killing is the killing of the god, the one is the killing of the god, as for the god? How many gods can there be in the NBA in the 1990s?

- Description from Qidian


Short Title:IRJWHI
Alternate Title:我真的只是想打铁 / All I Really Want Is To Play Basketball
Author:Write Quietly
Weekly Rank:#1312
Monthly Rank:#1312
All Time Rank:#2346
Tags:Basketball, Handsome Male Lead, Level System, Reincarnation, Strong to Stronger, System, Weak to Strong,
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  1. I hope admins will make the name of teams and player fixed, so i can search for them on google, because i'm not basketball fan, and just know jordan and kobe name for nba player, but i like this novel, so it'll be helpful if the name fixed for teams and players.

  2. I have an question, does this mc get reincarnated in this story after the sotroy first plug-in by the same author, because, in first plug in, at the end it mention this story please tell m I’m am so confused 🤷‍♂️

  3. just saying but in chapters 426 and 427, he isn't the first nba player to get back to back 60, it's wilt-hehashisrecordseverywhere-chamberlain. just looked it up lol oh well at least he is the first one in modern basketball

  4. on ch 93, and I just can't stop. Though if u are an English reader, I recommend u read the proper English version for the first 60 chapters before coming here. The spurs gonna make the playoffs again. You can read it on noveltrench. It is called I just really want to play basketball

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