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I Really Don’t Want To Be a Trainer

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Standing in front of you now is—

The board of directors of Devon Corporation, the founder of Rainbow Rockets, the master of inverse attributes, the champion of the world championship…

Legendary trainer Lu Ye, recalling the scene of the first live broadcast, sighed.

“You may not believe it, my original wish was to break through 100,000 subscriptions and show my face.”

“I just want to make some money and start as an UP master in the game area.”

“I really don’t want to be a trainer!”

This book is also known as: “Adolescent Trainers Don’t Dream of Shenao Champions”, “Miss Zhulan Wants Me to Confess”, “Becoming a World Champion Starts with Anchor”…

[Integrated world view, parallel world + animation, game setting + special edition]

Keywords: Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon, Pokemon, Special

PS: There are no villains in this book.

Team Rocket symbolizes the dark side, but also has the warmth of trainers and elves.

The reality is already hard.

Because of the existence of elves, the elves world will not make people so lonely.

This is a pseudo-invincible, happy PM article.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IRDWTBT
Alternate Title:我真没想当训练家啊
Author:Kitagawa Nankai
Weekly Rank:#628
Monthly Rank:#498
All Time Rank:#3906
Tags:Adventure, Devoted Love Interests, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Pets, Pokemon, Slice of Life, Strong Love Interests, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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27 Comments on “I Really Don’t Want To Be a Trainer
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  1. I read this without knowing anything about pokemon. Then i discovered something big, Ibrahimovic is actually a pokemon

  2. Great novel if u read it on conrademao. Mc even made pakemon cards for people without pokemons and the gba fire red game xD really funny novel to read. Love his pokemons too like they are too much and that blastoise has a terrorist complex like he always scan everything for hidden bombs and only puts away his turrets after everything is confirmed to be safe

  3. Pretty good pokemon fanfic, compared to other pokemon ones I've read. Cons: 1. It is hard to read pokemon names due to mtl 2. Misunderstanding troupe may be too hard to handle 3. Dont like how economy worked in this novel, author made mc farme currency for your usual freebies. 4/5

  4. I have to ask because the chapter number looks scary next to the break-up between chapters but how long does it take for the story to find its form? I've made it 150 MTLNovel chapters and I am finding it a little slow. I took a quick peek at the end of the novel to see if the story is meant to be a slice of life but saw the protagonist actually battled so I have to ask when the series of mini-arcs ends and the story begins?

  5. I have searched a lot but nothing else I found (The strongest trainer). Does anyone know of any other pokemon fan fiction where there is a harem and the story is not shit. Please someone answer me.

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