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I Really Don’t Want To Be a Natural Disaster

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“Humans have conquered the sky for thousands of years, but on this day, the sky has become a forbidden zone for Gods again…”

All beings are ants, and the world is the game. This is a game of gods and monsters that transcend dimensions.

Tower Era 2125, the four apocalyptic knights of conquest, famine, death, and war are like walking natural disasters, bringing war and annihilation to the world.

Irin witnessed the doomsday with his own eyes, and brought the “Knight of Apocalypse MOD” to rebirth before the doomsday.


[Do you believe in God? 】

[YES/NO? 】


One day Yi Lin smiled and asked the gods and demons.

“Are there any natural disasters in your plane?”

Suzhen Agreement, Void Demon, High-dimensional Invasion, known as the three natural disasters of plane civilization.

And this fourth natural disaster is actually…

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Short Title:IRDWTBND
Alternate Title:我真不想成为天灾啊
Author:Bachelor of White Clothes
Weekly Rank:#2134
Monthly Rank:#1907
All Time Rank:#4233
Tags:Apocalypse, Fan-fiction, Game Elements, Harem, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Sci-fi, Second Chance, System,
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  1. this is not that good, i read for 200+ chapters but still didn't understand the world. this type of infinite stream where world is changed is fine, but it is kinda boring with ll the seriousness the protagonist acts with. the one piece*PoC could be much better and i think that t was very rushed.

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