The mobile phone conference ended perfectly. The market response on the first day was very good. If Chen Hansheng used to find Xiao Rongyu and Shen Youchu, he would show it off.

   But now he is no longer qualified. The only comfort is that he does not have to worry about the situation on Shen Youchu and Xiao Rongyu, because the Queen Mother is doing "time management".

   Liang Meijuan went to visit a "daughter-in-law" the next day, because Chen Hansheng also specially arranged a driver, so the Queen Mother Liang was unimpeded, and of course she was not partial.

   I even ran a lot more times. After getting familiar with the route, Liang Meijuan felt that Jianye was not that big anymore.

   Chen Hansheng can’t bother Shen Hanhan and Xiao Yu’er. Luo Xuan is studying in Korea again, and Shang Yanyan is taking care of her mother in Shanghai. Fortunately, Zheng’s girlfriend is by her side. She should also be concerned about the situation of the second-generation mobile phone of Nutshell.

   After the meeting in the morning and after handling the company's affairs in the afternoon, Chen Hansheng was about to call girlfriend Zheng and ask her to treat herself to a supper. The two were blowing the summer breeze and chatting was quite cool.

   Unexpectedly, Wang Zibo called one step in advance.

   "Dingling bell~"

   Chen Hansheng glanced at the screen and put it down.

   "Dingling bell~"

   The phone is still ringing reluctantly.

   "Hey, what's the matter?"

   Chen Hansheng could only answer the phone, and asked roughly.

   "Ah... it's nothing."

  Wang Zibo has a "ghost" in his heart, so he speaks very unnaturally: "I think you did a good job at the press conference this morning, funny and humorous..."

   "It's alright, I don't need you to praise it, it's not artistic at all."

   Chen Hansheng interrupted impatiently: "If it's okay, I'm going to hang up."

   "That... I'll go and find you."

   Wang Zibo hurriedly said: "The press conference is very successful, it should be celebrated."

   Chen Hansheng shook his head speechlessly. The two of them have been young for so many years. What is Wang Zibo's thoughts, Chen Hansheng feels like a mirror in his heart.

   This guy must want to be a good old man again. He has forgotten Huang Hui's deception and hurt. Now that she is seriously ill and is about to die, she is ready to save her again.

  Wang Zibo used to be like this. When in the first grade of elementary school, Chen Hansheng had a "dead enemy" in school. The two often fought, and even called for friends to fight in groups, and Wang Zibo did not take part in it.

   Later, the father of this "dead enemy" passed away unexpectedly. The school called on everyone to donate to help. Chen Hansheng was very disgusted with this coercive behavior, but there was nothing to do. He could only donate 50 cents.

   But to his surprise, Wang Zibo actually donated 5 yuan.

   Five yuan in elementary school is almost a month’s pocket money, and Wang Zibo’s family conditions are far worse than those of Chen Hansheng’s.

   Chen Hansheng asked him why he had to donate so much.

  Wang Zibo said that without his father, life must be very hard, so I should help more.

   Chen Hansheng is particularly incomprehensible. If the relationship is good, then forget it. What kind of "enemy" can help?

   But Wang Zibo is very persistent, Chen Hansheng has no choice but to say that I will donate for you.

  Because this donation can be anonymous but real-name, Chen Hansheng donated the 5 yuan anonymously, and then donated 1 cent under the name "Wang Zibo".

   When the donation list came out in the school, Wang Zibo looked at his "1 cent" donation amount and chased Chen Hansheng two streets alive.

   "Well, you can come and celebrate if you want, let's have some barbecue."

   Chen Hansheng said calmly, he decided to cure Wang Zibo's "Mother's Heart".


   After Wang Zibo arrived, Chen Hansheng didn't drive and strolled all the way to the food stall on the "Ladies Street".

Summer is approaching, and the temperature is slowly rising. This can be seen from the clothes of female college students shopping. Winter trousers have been replaced with long skirts. The calves exposed under the skirts are white and thin, showing this The youthful style of age.

   After ordering beer and barbecue, the two of them ate and chatted, occasionally Chen Hansheng was recognized, and he just smiled and nodded in greeting.

   This is how everyone reacted. The well-known Chen Dong actually hasn't graduated from his senior year and is still a college student.


   After Chen Hansheng drank a cold snow beer, Wang Zibo immediately filled it up.

   Actually, Wang Zibo wanted to speak several times. Chen Hansheng deliberately pretended not to see it. In the end, Wang Zibo had no choice but to ask sideways: "Xiao Chen, how can you quickly own 500,000?"

   "Look at the Criminal Law Handbook."

   Chen Hansheng shrugged his shoulders: "It explains all kinds of getting rich quick, it depends on whether you have the courage."


  Wang Zibo scratched his head: "That's not illegal."

   "There are too."

   Chen Hansheng's tone is still light: "You deposit 30 million in the bank, and the annual interest is almost 500,000."

   "Damn, if I have 30 million, I still need to ask you?"

   Wang Zibo's urn replied.

   "Don't worry."

   Chen Hansheng drank half a glass of beer, raised his eyebrows and said, "Actually, I also have a channel to earn 30 million legally."


   Wang Zibo is very curious.

   Chen Hansheng grinned: "You first deposit 2.5 billion in the bank, and the interest will be 30 million."


   Wang Zibo stomped his feet depressed, he also knew that he had a small gap between him and his hair. If he went around like this, Chen Hansheng could accompany him until the next morning.

   "Little Chen."

  Wang Zibo finally broke the paper and said in a low voice: "Huang Hui seems to be unable to hold it anymore. I called yesterday and his tone has become weaker."


   Chen Hansheng ate the greasy lamb, as if someone came to say hello, he responded casually.

   "I have been thinking about it for a long time these days, and I feel that I have no feelings for Huang Hui, but when she encounters such a thing and finds me specially, I really can't be indifferent."

  Wang Zibo sighed, his face was lonely: "If I don't do anything, and think of it in the rest of my life, I will definitely blame myself and feel guilty."


   After Chen Hansheng ate and drank enough, he lit a piece of China and slowly smoked it.

   The night is getting heavier and the flow of people at the food stalls is increasing. The flavours of egg cakes, squid skewers, and stinky tofu are mixed with each other. Every table is filled with the sound of pushing cups and changing lamps. The lights on the world are so lively.

Wang Zibo said a lot on and off, and Chen Hansheng also missed a lot. This feeling is like a leader looking for employees to fill chicken soup or draw pie, and the employees nodded and said yes. In fact, they have already thought about whether to go home at night to play games or eat first. Up.

It was not until Wang Zibo said that he had transferred his savings of 40,000 yuan to Huang Hui Hansheng then jumped up and said, "You're **** crazy, I'm not afraid to lie to you again. ?"

   "I called the public hospital and asked."

   Wang Zibo explained: "They really have a female patient named Huang Hui, who is of the right age, and acute leukemia is not suitable for bone marrow."

   "It's really hopeless, I must have been cheated again."

   Chen Hansheng stood up straight: "You don't need to force it anymore. Unless Bian Shishi agrees, I won't borrow money."

   Chen Hansheng left the barbecue stall after speaking. He still suspected that Huang Hui was lying, but even if he didn't lie, he wouldn't pay attention.

   Around 2 o'clock in the middle of the night, when Chen Hansheng was asleep in the dormitory, he suddenly heard the sound of slamming the door outside the door.

   "Fuck, it's weird!"

   Chen Hansheng rubbed his sleepy eyes, thinking that this is Lao Tzu’s site, who is so capable that he can run over and smash the door unimpeded all the way?

After opening the    "creak", Chen Hansheng's first sight was Wang Zibo.

   This kid is a "acquaintance", and the security guards know that this is his own childhood.

   But there is another person behind Wang Zibo, who is actually Bian Shishi with red eyes.

   Chen Hansheng couldn't help but smiled, "Wang Zibo's second pen, is it really true?"

   really is a good brother who is loyal enough, knowing that he is single, so he has to break up to accompany him.