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I Ran Away After I Online-dated the Slag Marshal

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21st century superstar Jian Nai’s friend encountered a scumbag who cheated money from people. As soon as the other party walked away, his friend became the laughing stock of the entire entertainment circle overnight!

Jian Nai immediately decided to take revenge on behalf of his friend, preparing to make the scumbag pay the price for playing with other’s feelings and then dump him!

Jian Nai : “Baby, I just got off work, and you?”

The other party : “Just finished the battle with the invading army.”

Jian Nai : “Honey, I will cook for you in the kitchen. What do you like to eat?”

The other party : “Nutrition solution.”

“… …”

Getting along for a while, he finally dumped the other party and said he was just playing around. After saying the harsh words, he realised– it’s over, he copied the wrong ID!

Not only did he add the wrong person, the other party was not even a person from Earth at all!

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Short Title:IRAAIDSM
Alternate Title:网恋渣了星际元帅后我跑路了
Author:Zhi Tang
Weekly Rank:#1106
Monthly Rank:#1533
All Time Rank:#6353
Tags:Body Swap, Cold Love Interests, Comedic Undertone, Cute Children, Doting Love Interests, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Misunderstandings, Modern Day, Mpreg, Shameless Protagonist, Showbiz, Transmigration,
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15 Comments on “I Ran Away After I Online-dated the Slag Marshal
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  1. I feel as though the ratings for this novel are too high. While it had good potential, the relation was rushed, the character backstories are rushed, and the whole plot is rushed. The Mc has a supposed best friend who only appears like three times in the story and he doesn’t even think about him 99% of the book. The antagonist Lu Jie is unreasonably obsessed with the Mc if he liked that much why did he cheat on him? Why did he date someone else? Why are authors obsessed with entertainment MCs the entertainment ultimately did nothing to add in to the MCs character. The Mc also could’ve explained earlier who he was to the Ml but of course he waited until he was almost raped to do a rushed version of it and for someone who got betrayed twice the Ml fell in love way to easily the third time especially with how he was raised. Ultimately the novel had good ideas but the novel is nowhere near a 5 star novel

  2. Well, about the best friend. Sure, he could chat with him when he has time, but ultimately, the book focuses on the main couple, so it isn't necessary to add it. Still, you're also right though. Just not necessary. As for the Villain, I agree with you, but like, I think Liking someone "selfishly" is different from like, love, like, the villain only thinks about theirselves. Which I think is not unreasonable, just... Confusing to a normal perosn's perspective. As for the entertainment... Yeah... But like, I'm also obsessed with stars... Maybe it's just that. Like, an author's personal likes affecting novels. Which I think isn't bad, but you're right. It didn't affect MC ultimately. Eh, whatever. Just that... I think this novel is supposed to be a light read only and there is no need to dwelve deeper in details, like, just enjoy the feels and things. But you're right about it being overrated.

  3. A short lovely story. It's like a normal YAOI out there, but at least it's well written. I would recommend this, and I enjoyed it, but it's not one of the top novels I've read. It's good for passing time, and you can read it if you want. Now, before I review this, just want to tell everyone that this comment merely intends to express my opinion, not to offend anyone. You are free to hate, like, agree, or disagree with my review. Anyways, Plot: 9.5/10: The plot suffers from lack of backstory. If nightingale was such a good species, then everyone would have enslaved them at first, which should at least cause an impact like, nightingale being free of doing whatever they want, then becoming a noble species. Dragons too, and some planets. And it need more diverse species, like, foreign species visiting dark star courting MC, or something. The transmigration part was also unreasonable, although it may happen, I was expecting a reason. But I like their society. At least its decent and logical. Also, the.... Environmental friendly planet was a cool thought. Overall, it didn't affect the main idea much. So... It's okay, I guess. Characters: 9.5/10: I feel like Marshall (ML)'s past was only used to connect MC and ML and author did no justice to it. Marshall, as a dragon, must be really old, and the mental trauma accumulated in those years can't just be gone with a single emotion. And yet, Marshall showed no such signs of traumatic behavior, except for indifference. As for MC... Kind... A little understanding... Vengeful... A little shameless... And... Persistent.... Ummh... A normal MC, I guess? Anyways, poor side characters. The villain ones just, really went idiotic and vengeful, like whut? Theme: 9.5/10: "Romance" is.... Not bad. It's sweet, soft, and all, but I was kinda expecting a... Grander "devotion". Like, giving it your all, not just eating fruit then bam! And the "Game" is.... Not bad. Just not fully explored. Even though there were levels, there were no attributes and others. The "drama" is kinda good too. With the Marshall ignoring MC, it was suspenseful. The "transmigration" is... Not that good though. You only transmigrated to f*ck a dragon, not do something. Writing: 9.9/10 : The writing is good. The words are understandable, as well as the flow. You would be able to vividly imagine the images and scenes as well as "feel" the emotion. Pacing: 10/10: Author focused very much on the main couple, which is the main idea of the novel. The scenes also slow down or speed up when needed. Ending: 9.9/10: It... Isn't grand or anything. It's actually kinda normal among other novels but.... It's good. It's heartwarming, lovely, and it's peaceful. As for parting words... Thanks for the good ride. I enjoyed the novel. <3

  4. help me, i lost this novel. Yaoi novels are about transmigration. So he transmigrated many times, his scenes and worlds were different. One scene I remember is that he can absorb some kind of evil spirit, but his body gets weaker and paler. He used to be a student at a school. There is also a scene where he sells lunch boxes.

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