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I Raised A Sick And Weak Prince

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Suxi, who had been well cared for since childhood and had achieved excellent results, was a good girl everyone liked.

Lu Xun was exiled from his childhood and suffered humiliation before he became an emperor.

One day, Suxi downloaded a love cultivation Game App, and found that the game protagonist’s eyes were dark and beautiful. He was drawn completely according to her taste, and she immediately opened the mode of baby raising mode.

“Why is there no fire in the cub’s house? Do you want gold to buy it for him?”
“The pup looks better in snow white. Ouch, buy, buy, bought it!”
“Why was there a trace of footprints on the cub when he came out of the door? Is it a side mission to deal with the bully ?!”

Suxi enjoyed playing the cultivation game.
Lu Huan had lived in mud and blood since he was a child. He thought that living was just a matter of getting through one day then another.
Until he made a complicated discovery-

A warm charcoal fire was smuggled into his room.
His torn old clothes were quietly replaced with new ones.
Those who bullied him and ridiculed him did not know who taught them a lesson, and their faces were swollen and they dared not go out.

On his long lonely journey, he had a female bodhisattva walking his path with him.

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Short Title:
Alternate Title:我养成了一个病弱皇子[治愈]
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All Time Rank:#3231
Tags:Ancient Times, Beautiful Female Lead, Caring Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Misunderstandings, Modern Day, Politics, Possessive Characters, Smart Couple, Strong Love Interests, System, Time Travel,
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8 Comments on “I Raised A Sick And Weak Prince
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  1. OMG one of the best Novel I have ever read everything was just in a right propotion.I Just felt like the last four to three chapters was rushed but anyway it was satisfying

  2. Very good. Translation was easy to follow when it came to ML and FL interactions. I kind of got a bit lost in some of the finer details of the politics, but I understood the gist of it. ML is super cute. He is definitely a stand out character. I really enjoyed how the author described some of the more emotional scenes with him. It was really well done. I kind of wish there was a bit more character development for FL, but I guess this story was more about ML, than FL. By the time the I got to the ending, I wanted to see more, but I guess that’s how you know it’s a good novel. By the way. 100 points is finally reached at chapter 50.

  3. I had read up to chapter 21 and I agree that it is a lovely novel. It draws me in and I get excited to see how the story and characters will develop. BTW I read the story in Mandarin and I didn’t like the MTL version but I am glad that the story still come through for you :)

  4. The plot was interesting. The Mc got a game and take care of pitiful Ml. They can go back and forth in two world.FL has a Cub protecting personality for ML that it lead to ML doing many innocent seduction on FL to make him look like a man rather her child.. ML is op as usual. But still it did took him year or two to settle in modern world. So novel did has rational elements. It was interesting that ML created the game and send it to het lol. Story ended her with knowing why system is there. It is because system itself was created by ML as that was the last task that he has to do within 40 years and send to MC in 2020. Even FL avoiding her bad luck, winning lottery were done by ML via tasks after reaching 100 points. Before reaching 200 points FL phone get damaged and their connection breaks up as only through FL phone it can be established. So ML did his task and screen come up at his side and he jumps to her world without any care as to him she is his world.. Before that ML has many times professed his feelings but FL couldn't answer as to her they lived in different worlds and many practical things were thought by her. But after seeing ML in her world and without connection with him after her phone damaged she did realise her feelings and decided to take one step at a time. ML is also a jelly type lolol

  5. This is soooo good! I'm reading it for the second time and I still feel that thrills I got when I read it for the first time!

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