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I Raise Monsters In the Interstellar

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The traverser Wei Jiang raised four cubs, one is a chicken, one is a small red fish, one is a small blue grass, and the other is a group of white wolf cubs.
Wei Jiang, who mistakenly thought that he had crossed into the world of high-tech immortality cultivation, thought that these were four cute little monsters. In order to let the little monsters grow up healthily, he took them to the Starship Battle Tournament. The regulars on the list have countless fans.

Wei Jiang: O_O?

Fans think this must be a combination of five geniuses. They are prominent in reality, turning their hands into the clouds and covering their hands into the rain.

Wei Jiang: O_O? ? ?

A few years later, the four cubs have become real bosses, and he has also become a legend of the empire.
According to legend, he was ten feet tall, stepped on thunder and lightning, and wore golden light. He was like a god.

Wei Jiang: O_O? ? ? ? ?

Wei Jiang felt very wronged. He hoped that the boys would clarify, and then…
Second child·Xiao Huang: He is not ten feet tall, but it is true that he stepped on thunder and lightning.

The third child: Hongyu: He did not step on thunder and lightning, but it was true that he was wearing golden light.

Fourth, Xiaolan: He is not wearing golden light, but being like a god is real.
Wei·The more you describe the darker·Jiang:…

In the end, the fifth-year-old Luvian Xiaobai helped him make a clarification: he is not ten feet tall, he is not covered by thunder and lightning, and he is not a god, but he is unique in my life.

Wei Jiang:…

Wei Jiang: Yes.

*1v1, the retreat big devil attack X is gentle and harmless (?) But the control is affected, he.
*Only Lu Wei’an (Xiao Bai) has love for Wei Jiang, and other “people” regard Wei Jiang as his father or elder brother.
* When Wei Jiang picked up Lu Wei’an, the opponent was already an adult.
*Daily update.

Content tag: StarCraft Face Slap Upgrade Stream Cute Pet
Search keywords: Protagonist: Wei Jiang, Xiaobai (Angeks·Lu Wei’an) Supporting role: Others:
One sentence brief: After raising a cub, I dominated Interstellar.
Purpose: Every working life has the right to live on an equal basis in this world.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IRMII
Alternate Title:我在星际养妖怪
Author:Spring rain apricot blossom white
Weekly Rank:#7319
Monthly Rank:#8126
All Time Rank:#7428
Tags:Action, Animal Characteristics, Childcare, Family, Fantasy, Future Civilization, Futuristic Setting, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Monsters, Pets, Royalty, Spaceship, Teamwork, Transmigration,
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  1. Voy en el capítulo 25 todavía, pero el mc es un robot!? Esa no me la esperaba. Y es robot toda la historia o cambia? De verdad transmigro o es algo creado en su subconciente? Que alguien me de respuestas por favor 🙏

  2. sad i wanted to read comments to see if the story is good to read and i dont care if its yaoi sadly most comments are trash like this one.

  3. I don't understand how some could just ignore a good story just because they discriminate against it. Why can't they just ignore the story instead of trashing it and disrespecting the story itself. Other than the same gender there is nothing offensive to yaoi or bl novels and they are not even explicit in writing sexual scenes. Most don't even have some. Instead of ruining other people's day by trashing what we love to read why don't you just mind your own business. I hate stories about a straight man haggling just about every creature with a skirt and their self centered characters so I just detoured when seeing the tag, why can't you guys do the same? We all have our own likes nothing could be done about it but what we all basically need as a normal functioning person is respect for others. I think you're all just angry to the fact that all good stories with interesting plots are yaoi or SHOUNEN AI novels while normal heterosexual novels have more or less the same plot.

  4. I agree with the first part just yaoi make me feel wrong and just can't read it and I never came across a good yaoi read yet that could be me because I not gay and not a fan of romantic stuff but I do read some romantic but it still need some action

  5. me too at first, but you can just ignore the gender or pretend one of them is female. That works for me, I'm not gay too btw lmaoo. or maybe because I used to read gender bender books first so I just don't have so much resistance.

  6. but reading yaoi doesn't mean you're gay... just like if you want to hook up with another man, if you like to see how they love each other in cute mode, you're a fudanshi❤ this is what i think

  7. If u feel wrong then don't read it. Nobody held u at gunpoint to read it mate. BTW most of the people i know who kept insisting they are not gay turned out to be one after some time.

  8. Ngl tho some of them are getting in my nerves,just because its gay doesnt mean irs already bad, honestly rating stuff very low just because its gay or bl is just plain dramatic and over the top braindead.

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