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I Pretended to Be a God of Fortune in the Fantasy World

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With the system, the traverser can definitely be the Seventy-two Concubine of the Sannomiya and the Sixth Courtyard?

Su Li used to think so. He originally just wanted to hug the saint’s thigh and eat soft rice, or be a worldly expert, with countless strong people loyal.

But a conspiracy to harvest his talents and abilities made him deeply understand how cruel the world of practitioners is…

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IPBGFIFW
Alternate Title:我在玄幻世界冒充天机神算
Author:Remnant Sword
Weekly Rank:#91
Monthly Rank:#120
All Time Rank:#4386
Tags:Betrayal, Male Protagonist, Weak to Strong, Xianxia,
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13 Comments on “I Pretended to Be a God of Fortune in the Fantasy World
  1. All the people in this novel are old yinbies they all secretly calculate. Fuck this shit is so complicated to read. Done

  2. Oooh, no no no. I read this story on qidan, and I deeply understood what brain drain is. The first dozens of chapters were normal, but then there will be such a thrash plot-plot-plot-plot-plot, just an unreal number of plots. There at all no one can be to believe, even small girls, because even she will build plots 🤯 the main hero slightly pseudo NTR not made even, but as the cost. the main character is constantly on the verge of life and death, just constantly, he does not even know who to believe, because even almost the closest friends constantly betray him. also very slow strength improvement

  3. True. Everything started normal, but after that everything is about plotting and it is out of nowhere. No one can be trusted, even his own system. Lol

  4. Maybe what he mean by pseudo ntr is MC is very close to girl but not to the point of confirmed relationship, but then that girl abandoned MC to become other's woman.

  5. every Chinese novel is generic. Why are you even on this website if don't want to read generic novel. Go read some other novels in different website. Why waste time and still complain.

  6. Yes, it is definitely not generic as claimed. Also, there is no NTR.In fact, there is no romance, better say there's no love in the story. MC will seem quite lonely, you will question whether his parents loved him or does he have any friend or ally let alone a lover. The world of cultivators in the novel is very repulsive morally. There is too much plotting and secrets though. The plot starts feeling convoluted but is still enjoyable. Have read 120 chapters or something but do remember that the size of chapters was VERY long. In the end, I would say stick for sometime, it might be your cup of tea.

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