As the insect said, he walked out from behind the curtain inside.

Qin Hao was puzzled, "You didn't bring any clothes when you first went in, so why did you change your clothes!"

Chong Chong laughed twice and urged Qin Hao to go faster.

The two did not go far before they heard such a shout from the women's bathhouse.

"Where's my old lady's clothes? Which **** stole my old lady's clothes?"

Chong Chong covered his face with his hands, and unconsciously stepped a little faster.

The corner of Qin Hao's mouth twitched, and decisively chose to close one eye.

According to regulations, boys are not allowed to enter the women’s barracks.

Qin Hao was King Qin, and he could completely ignore the rules, but Qin Hao took the initiative to abide by the rules, standing outside the barracks against the big sun, waiting obediently.

The soldiers who saw this scene all showed respect to Qin Hao.

"You see great wisdom in details, and true temperament in times of crisis!"

"It's my fortunate to have such a great king, and the fortune of Qin State!"

"I believe that under the leadership of King Qin, the kingdom of Qin will surely clear the world and leave a bright future for future generations!"

"I believe too!"

"I believe too!"


Qin Hao waited for more than ten minutes, and the insect walked out with two large boxes.

The bottom one is iron and the top one is glass.

Through the glass, Qin Hao saw that the box above was full of bugs.

The density was such that Qin Hao couldn't help but see his scalp numb.

The insects were treated as treasures, with their faces pressed against them, and they were saying something as they walked, seeming to be saying their final farewell to the insects.

Chong Chong handed the two large boxes to Qin Hao.

"You let the little spotted thrushes eat faster, and they will have less pain!"


Seeing the worm's sad expression, Qin Hao really didn't know what to say!

"Don't waste it!"

Chong Chong added another sentence.

Qin Hao released the Golden Winged Thrush, "You should tell it yourself!"

Insects immediately turned into an old mother who sent her daughter to marry. Holding on to the spotted thrush was like catching the **** who took his daughter away, a bunch of stinky long instructions were directly pasted on the golden-winged spotted thrush's face.

Although the golden-winged thrush can understand human words, it can't understand it at this moment. Like a fake bird, it looks at the insects and Qin Hao with suspicious eyes.

Those eyes seemed to say, why should I experience this as a bird?

Don't I just want to eat some bugs?

As for?

The animal enclosure can store living things other than the animals that Qin Hao contains!

The premise is that the living thing is either the companion or food of the animal that Qin Hao takes.

As the companion of the Golden-winged Spotted Thrush, Time Chicken moved into the first compartment of the Golden-winged Spotted Thrush, and began a cohabitation of two birds.

And these insects, as food for the golden-winged thrush, can naturally be stored directly in the first compartment.

After collecting all the insects and golden-winged spotted thrush, Qin Hao took out five woody fruits as a thank you.

Chong Chong wanted to refuse, but Qin Hao pushed it over.

After bidding farewell to the insects, Qin Hao returned to the bottom of the pan where Demon Eater had become.

As soon as he went back, Qin Hao saw that the three of Nezha were passing the iron pot there, one mouthful, for fear that anyone would drink more.

Qin Hao looked at the bottom of the pot, there was not much soup left, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

"Is this an iron stomach? This is hot pot, it's very spicy!"

"Can you at least respect the special spicy hot pot!"

Qin Hao forgot what the three Tie Hanhan said last, anyway, after that day, Kui had hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids worsened after eating deer grass.

Qin Hao realized after a second thought that Deer Living Grass can promote cell regeneration, but it can't get rid of the necrotic blood clots in the flesh and blood.

Aoi's regeneration ability is also useless, unless it is cut.

Qin Hao is not a professional in removing hemorrhoids, so he can't help.

Fortunately, the Suijun Hospital was not far away, so Qin Hao took Kui to visit.

Kui was lying on the hospital bed, still smiling.

Qin Hao was dumbfounded.

"I can't eat it at all, and I still drink hot pot soup. You really have it!"

"Mom, don't say anything, I won't drink it anymore!"

The nurse next to him, upon hearing such a conversation, looked at Kui with shocked face, then at Qin Hao, then at Kui, then at Qin Hao!

After confirming that she was not blind and had no hallucinations, the nurse was already afraid of death.

"What do I know, my goodness, the amount of information is so large, I know what I shouldn't know, I won't be killed, I haven't fallen in love yet, woo..."

Qin Hao really didn't understand why the nurse who sent Kui into the operating room was crying.

Qin Hao touched his handsome face, "Could it be that I was so handsome who cried? Well, it should be!"

The doctor in charge of the operation was very professional. Within half a minute, Kwai ran out of the operating room alive and well.

"Mom, well, let's go!"

The doctor rushed out of the operating room like his wife had been robbed, and hugged Kwai not to leave. "Don't go, my needle is still hanging on it?"

"En? What's the situation?"

Qin Hao asked, the doctor dared not answer.

"After I cut the hemorrhoids, I just put a stitch on the wound, and he grows up on his own. He didn't even look at the girl. There was still a needle in his butt, so he put on his pants and ran out!"

The needles used for mutant surgery are all forged from Nirvana!

Not to mention the precious materials, the processing is even more difficult, and the doctors dare not really let Kwai run away with surgical needles that are more precious than gold.

"Uh! Sorry, I forgot to tell you that you don't need to sew it. It was my fault, sorry!"

King Qin apologized to himself, but the doctor did not dare to respond.

In this way, Aoi was sent to the operating room to remove the needle.

Qin Hao felt ashamed this time.

Kwai: "Shame? Mom, who did you lose? I'll find it for you!"

Well, for the child raised by the blood demon, Qin Hao didn't expect her to experience his feelings anymore.

"Hey, wait, Kui, the person involved, doesn't feel ashamed, what kind of person am I missing!"

Qin Hao gave full play to his shameless fine tradition and walked out of the Anorectal Clinic of the Suijun Hospital in a big way.

Kwai followed Qin Hao, learning in a way, just like a student who came to the stage to accept the award, with the small proud expression and the small steps that the six relatives did not recognize.

It can only be said that things are gathered together, and people are mentally ill in groups!

In the following days, Qin Hao was on the western border, catching zombies while planting zombies.

At the same time, the people living in Noah City, Qin State, are experiencing the pain brought about by the development of the times.

It is like a crossroads in life, waiting for many people to choose.

On one side is the comfortable, rich and stable Noah City, on the other side is the bitter and barren, dangerous new capital-Tianjing.

Whether to move or not is a problem!

The ordinary citizens consider the cost of living in the two places.

Merchants consider future development potential.

"Where King Qin is, there will be unlimited business opportunities. There is no doubt about this!"

"Not at all! I heard from inside sources that King Qin intends to build Noah City into the economic and industrial center of Qin. Tianjing will be the political center and cultural center in the future!"

"One south and one north, echoing each other, such a grand and advanced plan must come from King Qin!"

"I can't imagine that King Qin had such a long-term vision at a young age!"

"Of course, Qin Wangxiong is a rough man, not something that mortals can compare to me!"

"So should we businessmen move?"

No one can give a specific answer.

As for those officials, Qin Hao has made a choice for them.

If you move, your immediate family members must follow along. This is an order.

In order to take advantage of the loopholes, some officials choose to fake divorce.

I'm sorry, don't be an official, go home with your child!

Qin Hao is quite tolerant to people from all walks of life, except that his requirements for officials are almost harsh.

Character and ability are all assessment criteria.

If Qin Hao knew something wrong, he would be furious.

The position of the officials is really critical. Every decision they make is related to the lives of thousands of people.

Of course, the salary Qin Hao issued to the officials was quite generous, and even those in business were jealous.

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