Frozen watermelon, strictly speaking, should be called ice melon pitcher.

The ice gourd pitcher is a lap bigger than the watermelon throwing machine, and it looks like an ancient catapult.

There was a chill visible to the naked eye, and ordinary people shuddered as soon as they approached.

The power seems to be much stronger than the settings in "Plants vs. Zombies".

The shooting range is 800 meters, and the killing radius is 12 meters!

What surprised Qin Hao most was that after the ice melon hit the target, it not only had a freezing effect, but also prevented the target's cell regeneration.

"This is tailor-made for ghouls!"

The only drawback is that it is a bit expensive!

It takes more than 5,000 ordinary zombies to mature one.

Qin Hao looked at the levels of the zombies around him. He was either a licker or a tyrant, and there were even countless special zombies.

A special zombie is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of ordinary zombies!

"Looking at the ice melon pitcher, it doesn't seem to be too expensive!"

Qin Hao just tasted a little bit.

"Then plant one hundred thousand trees first and take a break by the way!"

Qin Hao loosened his belt and began to use batch planting.

With a pitcher of 100,000 ice melons, Qin Hao only took five minutes to get it all done, which was unimaginable before.

Qin Hao opened his eyes and found that Nezha, Gourd Xiaojingang and Kui chopsticks into a ball in the pot in order to grab the last beef ball.

Qin Hao looked at the timing, pierced the beef ball with a chopstick, quickly provoked it, and put it into his mouth.

"You eat slowly, I'll send something later!"

The three of them looked at the empty plates all around, and then at the hot pot aniseed tumbling at the bottom of the pot, their faces were full of unhappy.

"What else to eat, any soup?"

"It's too much, we are just kids!"

"Mom, come back soon!"

Qin Hao smiled and took off the title, and flew towards the command post behind the defense line.

When he arrived at the headquarters, Qin Hao asked directly.

"Where is the warehouse closest to the defense line? I have something for you!"

Chang Lin was worried about the shortage of supplies. He immediately became excited when he heard this.

As a student of Qin Hao, Chang Lin had witnessed the highlight moments when the teacher turned out a huge amount of supplies.

In the past, students like them were so naive to bet what the teacher's ability was. As they got along, all the students stopped gambling.

You bet that he controls zombies, he can control plants.

Your bet is to control the plants, and he releases flames.

Your bet is to control the flame, and he controls the water again...

If this is another obsessive-compulsive disorder, it can definitely be driven mad.

This simply means that you can't win the bet. Chang Lin doesn't know how much he lost before he understands this truth.

Don't guess the teacher's ability, cherish life and stay away from gambling!

Chang Lin took Qin Hao to the storage area close to the border.

Qin Hao looked at several warehouses and shook his head.

"This is a bit small!"

"How many things can there be, teacher?"

Qin Hao looked at the large open space outside the warehouse.

"That place is quite suitable!"

Qin Hao flew up high and waved his hand, and a blue iceberg appeared on the spot.

To be precise, it is a huge mountain formed by the pile of ice melon pitchers.

People standing below are like ants. The scene is so shocking that everyone nearby is stupid.

Although Chang Lin had already done a good job of mental construction, he still couldn't help but want to ask the teacher.

"How is the treatment of being a **** in the sky? Do you still recruit people? I can't do it alone?"

Well, Chang Lin knew that as long as he dared to ask, the teacher would dare to kick himself in front of everyone.

Chang Lin barely suppressed his excitement and curiosity, and asked aloud, "Teacher, what are these?"

Qin Hao gave Chang Lin a detailed introduction to the ice melon pitcher.

After listening to Chang Lin, he repeatedly called out magical words, but did not fill up a sentence at the end.

"Summer is coming soon!"

Qin Hao kicked Chang Lin's ass, "I give you the ice gourd pitcher to prevent the Gorefiend from counterattacking, not for you to cool off in the summer!"

Flying in the air, Chang Lin clutched his **** and sighed. He was absolutely defensive, but after all he could not escape this flying kick!

But before Mao, I still look forward to it? After kicking teacher Mao again, I feel more at ease?

Chang Lin suddenly felt sick!

When Shan Rong and Liu Ruyi pulled Changlin out of the mound ten meters away, Qin Hao had already gone looking for insects.

The twenty-one-year-old young girl just came down from the front line, with a lot of zombie blood on her face, and more than a dozen tyrants tied behind her buttocks, which seemed to be rewarding.

Qin Hao shouted far away: "Bug!"

The girl was taken aback for a moment. She saw that it was Qin Hao. She was so nervous that she had nowhere to put her. Her head looked around like a rattle, as if she wanted to find a familiar companion to share with her.

It's a pity that the comrades around are busy casting envious glances at her.

"The king came to see Sister Chong himself, Sister Chong is too arrogant!"

"Ah, so envious, if the king can call my name, I will be willing to die!"

"The king is here, ah, so excited!"

At the moment, the worms are panicked, excited, and nervous. There are more worms, and the worms can't distinguish!

She is full of thoughts now, "Ah, what should I do if I see the king being so rude and leaving a bad impression on him?

"Ha, yes, my face is full of blood, the king may not recognize me yet, let me run first!"

Chong Chong didn't even want his own zombies, turned his head and rushed towards the bathhouse.

Not only Qin Hao was stunned, but the soldiers around were also stunned.

"Sister Chong, what's wrong?"

"I do not know!"

"Sister Chong is too fierce!"

"The king won't be able to call back from behind, Sister Chong is really pretty!"

"I can guarantee that Sister Chong is the first person who can't be called back by the king!"

Qin Hao touched his face, "Am I looking scary? Shouldn't I? I'm so handsome, how can I be scary? Doesn't she want to give me bugs anymore?

Qin Haoshun pulled up the zombies left by the insects and followed.

Seeing the insects rushing into the women's bathhouse, Qin Hao quickly stopped and found an open space, like a little hooligan, holding a toothpick in his mouth, and began to guard.

"The little spotted thrush has worked so hard to make you eat well. You have to fight for us and take a little more!"

After more than an hour, the clean insects emerged from behind the curtains of the women's bathhouse and looked around.

"Hey, why are you running!"

The abrupt sound made the insects excited. When he looked up, Qin Hao was standing in front of the curtain.

The eyes were facing each other, and the unavoidable bug blushed and denied.

"I...I didn't run. I have been taking a bath in the bathhouse. You just admitted the wrong person!"

"Oh, is it? I don't know who lost the zombies. Can this sell a lot of money?"

"I...cough cough, I don't know! Or give it to me, I am familiar with this neighborhood, I will go to the owner!"

Qin Hao was laughing crazy in his heart. This girl can really act, and Qin Hao won't break it.

"The bug that I gave me last time, the little spotted thrush has finished eating, can you give me some more?"

After talking about the bug, the bug immediately became confident.

"It's been prepared for you long ago, but it's stored in the barracks. I'll take you to pick it up."