Qin Hao's momentum soared instantly.

The faces of the remaining five blood demons changed drastically.

"How could this be?"

"The power of detachment, this is the power of detachment!"


The five blood demon screamed and fled away, and Qin Hao moved at the same time.

With a flash, Qin Hao appeared beside a blood demon, and directly slapped the cervical spine of the blood demon.

Another dodged, swept across with a hand knife, and interrupted another Xuemohou's throat.

He reappeared, just in front of the third blood demon, a lunge punched through the chest of the third blood demon.

Qin Hao stepped on the fourth blood demon and broke his legs.

The last one was the most exaggerated. Qin Hao appeared in front of it, raised his right foot, and kicked it under its chin.

The Blood Demon Hou directly raised his head and fell more than ten meters high before slamming it to the ground.

The Blood Demon Hou was all resolved, Qin Hao shook his head, and then he slowly lowered his right foot to draw a beautiful arc on his head.

At this time, the blood demons who fell on the ground realized what kind of existence they were facing.

"It is impossible for a human with such strength to appear in the human breeding area. Who are you?" asked Xue Linghou, who had just recovered his legs, gritted his teeth.

"you guess?"

Qin Hao released the Demon Devouring Blade and collected all the seven Blood Demon Lords except Xuelinghou into the zombie enclosure.

Qin Hao said with a smile, "Next we can talk about it, Lord Blood Demon!"

Xue Linghou was so scared that he backed away, "You...what do you want to talk about?"

"Just start with the questions I asked you!"

"Do you really want to know?"

As soon as Xuelinghou said this, Qin Hao suddenly had a bad feeling.

Sure enough, in the next second, in Xuelinghou's mouth and eyes, there were countless blood-red big worms like earthworms crawling out.

Some rushed directly at Qin Hao, while some went underground and fled.

Qin Hao kicked away the worm that was approaching, and quickly threw the Demon Devouring Blade.

It was a pity that it was too late, and there was only an empty shell left.

Qin Hao quickly activated the soil attribute ability again, constantly compressing the gap between the soil, hoping to temporarily trap the bugs, but was shocked to find that those bugs were better at manipulating the soil than himself.

The death cage surrounding it became a decoration, and Qin Hao was so angry that he smashed the nearby rock with a punch.

"Damn, it's overturned!"

"Qin Hao, I remember you in Xueling. The next time I meet, it will be your death date. We will have a date later!"

The voice of Xuelinghou came from nowhere!

Qin Hao quickly took out the purple gold red gourd and shouted loudly, "Xueling, do you dare to agree if I call you?"

The surroundings were quiet, except for a few zombies that were suppressed by the rocks and screamed, there was no sound.

Qin Hao called out the name of Xuelinghou several times, but there was no response.

Qin Hao sighed helplessly, "It looks like he really ran away!"

Qin Hao changed his mind and felt relieved, "Put one back and bring a group, this business is not a loss! Hey, Xueling, next time I will use the gourd you gave me!

Qin Hao picked up the bone spear that was left behind by the stabbing of Xueling.

The spear was as crystal clear as jade, and it was extremely cold to the touch. Qin Hao held it in his hand and waved it twice, realizing that there was nothing special besides being hard.

Demon Eater licked his lips and said, "Master, I want to eat!"

Qin Hao threw the bone spear to Demon Eater Blade.

Demon Devouring Blade is like a dog gnawing bones. If you want to bite, you can’t bite it.

Qin Hao looked funny.

With the eight blood demon in the account, Qin Hao was immediately aroused.

This time, instead of flying the Demon Devouring Blade, Qin Hao began to look for the Blood Demon everywhere.

Strangely, the blood demons seemed to know Qin Hao's whereabouts, and they all avoided it in advance.

Qin Hao flew for a hundred kilometers, but did not see a blood demon.

"Grandma's, guarding against me is the same as guarding against thieves, as for?"

Qin Hao reluctantly contacted his children, and the children's situation was similar. The blood demons suddenly disappeared.

Qin Hao frowned, "The organization of the blood demon is higher than I thought!"

Knowing that there was no point in chasing after him, Qin Hao reunited with the children and began to count the gains this time.

Nezha, 21 ordinary Gorefiends and two Gorefiend generals;

Little King Calabash Twenty ordinary Gorefiends, one Gorefiend general;

Kui twelve ordinary blood demon, two blood demon generals;

Qin Hao is the least, five common blood demons and eight blood demons;

A total of seventy-one blood demons.

It takes 18,000 to ripen Jiu Sui He, so don't think about it for now.

There are still a large number of zombies near the border, but you can consider it, just to brush the plants, maybe there will be a new baby.

Qin Hao took the children back near the border and found that there was still a sea of ​​zombies.

The soldiers killed and caught again, but they didn't even consume one percent of the zombies.

Qin Hao was not polite, and threw the Demon Eater Blade directly, turning the Demon Eater Blade into a pan again. He sat in the center of the pot and put on the title.

The zombies immediately seemed to be crazy, pouring into the pan.

Qin Hao asked Nezha to guard him around, while he moved a chair and began to brush up the plants.

Although Qin Hao had enough experience points to upgrade the second piece of Black Crystal Land, he did not rush to upgrade.

Qin Hao worried that if something like Jiu Sui He were planted on the second piece of Black Crystal Land, there would be even less land he could use.

"Swipe first, I really can't make good things, then upgrade the land!"

Qin Hao's thinking was very clear, and he immediately started the crazy planting mode.

Stubble after stubble, Qin Hao's eyes were almost blooming, but he planted many new plants.

Unfortunately, they are some of the most common, similar to dog's tail grass, jujube trees and the like.

The most outrageous thing is that Qin Hao even planted enoki mushrooms.

Looking at the white and tender enoki mushrooms, Qin Hao drooled.

"I want to shabu the hot pot again, what if I get swollen!"

Qin Hao's purpose is to tolerate everything else, except eating.

Take the pot, pour oil, set fire, and stir-fry.

A set of movements is more skilled than farming.

The purpose of catching zombies is to make a living, and eating hot pot to catch zombies is called life.

Of course, eating will not delay Qin Hao's focus on brushing plants.

I don't know how many times I have filled it with water. Anyway, the smell of hot pot has overwhelmed the rotten smell of the zombies and drifted into the noses of the soldiers on the defense line.

"What smell, it smells good!"

"It's still a bit choking!"

When Chang Lin smelled the smell, his face became very ugly.

"The teacher is too much!"

Shan Rong asked hurriedly, "What happened?"

"The shabu-shabu doesn't even call me, it's too much!"


On Qin Hao's side, the hardworking people who worked hard, finally brought out useful new plants.

"Frozen watermelon is a frozen watermelon, hahaha the frozen watermelon in Plants vs. Zombies..."

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