Xueling Hou originally wanted to find a chance to kill Qin Hao after retreating, but he didn't expect Qin Hao to catch up with him.

Although he was afraid of Qin Hao's fan, it was confident that it would be killed the moment Qin Hao took out the fan.

Facing Qin Hao's series of questions at this moment, Xue Linghou's answer was also very direct.

"The dead don't need to know much!"

The reason why Xueling Hou was so confident was that it was not eight Blood Demon but nine who participated in the siege of Qin Hao this time.

The ninth Blood Demon, named Blood Shadow, is the best at hiding and can be invisible.

Even Xuelinghou himself could hardly find the location of the blood shadow.

And looking at Qin Hao's reaction, he obviously didn't know the existence of blood shadow.

"It seems that I don't need to do it!"

Xueling Hou Zheng thought, the air next to Qin Hao suddenly fluctuated very slightly.

The blood shadow has been hidden for a long time, and the invisible killer move is the most deadly.

The completely transparent claws of Blood Shadow got closer and closer to Qin Hao's throat.

Just when it was about to succeed, Qin Hao suddenly stretched out, and even the Demon Devouring Blade in his hand suddenly raised.

Xueying looked at the suddenly raised blade, and 10,000 mysterious creatures rushed past in his heart.

Xueying never dreamed that Qin Hao would suddenly stretch out at this moment, and completely unprepared, it bumped its head on the blade.


The blood shadow only had time to say this word, and it really disappeared in place, as if it had never appeared at all.

The blood demons saw with their own eyes the shock and grievance on their faces just before the blood shadow disappeared.

"How can this be?"

"How could it be such a coincidence?"

"No, this is by no means a coincidence, it's him who is playing tricks!"

Qin Hao simply didn't pretend, "Oh, I'm a bit embarrassed to give such a big gift just after we met!"

Most of Xuelinghou's confidence just disappeared.

"You found out a long time ago?"

"I'm telling you, my eyesight has been good since I was a child. Do you want me to teach you a little trick to avoid myopia? In return, you only need to answer the question I just asked, OK?"

Qin Hao didn't tell lies here, his eyesight was really good, and he had real eyes that could see through all the disguise, so bad eyesight would be the blame.

But these words, hearing Xue Linghou's ears, became a naked mockery.

"Damn you!"

"Ha, are you furious? Are you going to fight? That's great, I can finally try the results of my recent training!"

Qin Hao put away the Demon Devouring Blade as he spoke, and set his posture.

Take a half step forward with your right foot to make your body stable like a rock, and your right hand stands like a shield like a knife, across your chest, and your left hand clenches a fist and closes your arms, like a mighty force, gathering on it.

It's a simple posture, it looks even a little ridiculous, but Xuelinghou frowned.

Xue Linghou was shocked to find that he could not see the flaw.

It seemed that the human teenager in front of him could easily resolve any move he made.

"Since you don't move, then I'll move!"

As Qin Hao said, he arched his back like a cheetah about to pounce on its prey.

The next moment, the ground under Qin Hao's feet suddenly sank, and Qin Hao rushed towards Xuelinghou like a cannonball.

Xue Linghou was also aroused, and he shouted, and rushed towards him.

One man, one demon, two figures fighting in one group, the movements are too fast to see clearly.

Only hearing the thunder-like fighting became one piece, the rocks fell and the river surged.

Soon, the sound of Qin Hao's counting came out of the thunderous fighting sound.

"1, 2, 3, 4..."

The blood demons who guarded the surroundings were puzzled. How could they count them during the battle? What's wrong?

It wasn't until Qin Hao counted 18 that the two figures opened the distance.

Xueling Hou laughed with one hand on his hips and said, "You are very strong, but unfortunately your strength is still a little weaker. You hit me 18 times. What can I do? I'm not standing here properly?"

Hearing this, the eyes of the blood demons looking at Qin Hao immediately changed.

"It turns out that he counted to count how many times he hit the blood demon!"

"Eighteen times, eighteen times, I can't do it, this is too exaggerated!"

"What's an exaggeration? Even Xuelinghou's defense has not been breached, so how about 18 times!"

"The ending is doomed, how could a human of the sixth rank of the sky defeat the Xuelinghou of the eighth rank of the sky!"

Qin Hao smiled and asked, "Is it really impossible?"

What do you mean?

When the blood demons were puzzled, Xuelinghou's face suddenly stiffened.

In the next second, the joints of Xuelinghou sounded the sound of broken bones.

With a face full of disbelief, Xue Linghou collapsed to the ground like a puddle of mud.

"No, it's impossible!"

"How can it be?"

"Xueling was defeated, and Xuelinghou was defeated!"

The other blood demons, as if they had been greatly impacted, were all crazy, shouting in shock.

Qin Hao took advantage of this opportunity and quickly activated his skills, and the death cage covered himself and the Gorefiends.

Qin Hao estimated that the death cage could buy himself ten seconds at most.

Ten seconds is enough for Qin Hao to do a lot of things.

But Qin Hao obviously made an unnecessary move, and the remaining seven Blood Demons did not intend to escape.

"This human being is too despicable. He must have used some insidious means. Let's go together and kill him directly!"

"Yes, everyone, don't keep your hands!"


The remaining seven Blood Demons attacked Qin Hao together.

Qin Hao smiled, very happy.

"As long as you don't run, you can say anything!"

Qin Hao is no longer the Qin Hao who can only lose skills.

His fists and feet can always fall on the most vulnerable part of the Gorefiend's body in the most tricky way.

Although there are occasional nasty moves, Qin Hao doesn't care!

As long as the effect is good, the blood demon can laugh.

What's more terrifying is that Qin Hao incorporated his own abilities into his moves.

When the fist hits, the thin line will pierce the opponent's body along the fist.

When the fingers were inserted, flames would emerge from Qin Hao's fingers.

If there is a wound on the opponent's body, Qin Hao will use his palm to forcibly slap the water in, expanding the wound with water permeable.

The blood demons became more and more frightened, and within three minutes, two more clansmen fell.

One covered his face, the other covered his crotch.

The remaining five blood demons tried their best, not even Qin Hao's hair was hurt, and they were so angry that they cursed.

"Despicable and cunning human beings have the ability to confront us head-on!"

"Humans like loach can only use insidious tricks."

Qin Hao stopped suddenly and said with a serious face: "Since you want to face-to-face confrontation, then I will fulfill you."

Enabling the power of faith, increase attack power by 1000%, physical strength by 1000%, and mental power by 1000%, lasting ten seconds

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