Less than ten miles away from the little boy, a little girl carrying a shovel was confronting a Gorefiend general.

The little girl's combat power reached the second rank of the sky and the blood demon general's combat power reached the third rank of the sky.

The superiority in combat power makes the blood demon general full of confidence.

"Human, you look delicious!"

The little girl scratched her head and said with a serious face: "I still want to protect my mother, I can't give you food!"

The Gorefiend was stunned, then laughed and said, "It's not your decision!"

The Gorefiend's arm suddenly turned into spikes and grew rapidly.

In an instant, it grew to eleven or two meters, and it pierced the little girl's heart.

The little girl blocked the shovel head directly in front of her.

There was a loud noise of "Dang".

The little girl and the shovel were knocked out, and the spike that the gorefiend would extend was also broken in the loud noise.

The blood demon changed his face greatly.

"What the **** is this shovel, I was able to pierce the bulletproof armor with a blow that was so blocked?"

At this moment, a flash of light suddenly flashed behind the blood demon general, and the girl appeared behind the blood demon general, with the shovel in her hand patted directly at the back of the blood demon general's head.

The Gorefiend would have known it long ago, his arms bent.

Two more spikes grew rapidly from the blood demon general's elbows. This time the girl couldn't dodge, and was directly pierced through her shoulders. She was picked up in the air, making it difficult to break free.

The blood demon was about to make fun of the other party, but unexpectedly, a lot of electric light broke out from the girl, and the blood demon would only feel numb all over and could not move.

Then the Gorefiend will see a scene that makes his hair tingling.

I saw the human girl, her neck twisted at an extremely strange angle, and then she began to bite her arms.

The blood demon will be shocked.

"Mad, crazy, this is crazy!"

This is the second time the Gorefiend will feel fear from humans.

The Gorefiend would want to throw away the girl, but its body seemed to be blocked by electricity, unable to move.

The Gorefiend could only watch the girl bit her own arm with her mouth, and then watched the girl's broken arm grow a new arm.

"This... how is this possible?"

The Gorefiend will be really scared!

It desperately wanted to do something, but the girl's other shoulder was still on its spikes.

It is the location of this contact that releases a large amount of current that makes it immobile.

The Gorefiend regretted this moment, but it was a pity that everything was too late.

The girl grinned with a blood-stained mouth, giggling, stretched her toes, and hooked up the **** that had just fallen to the ground.

The girl who got the shovel smiled and comforted the Gorefiend.

"Don't worry, I won't kill you, I will take you to see my mother!"


The shovel slapped the back of the blood demon general's head.

The Gorefiend will only feel a blur of consciousness.

"So hard!"

"Duang! Duang! Duang..."

The sound is crisp and sweet.

The blood demon general finally fell aggrieved, and the girl changed to slicing again, cut off the blood demon general's limbs, and then dragged the blood demon general to a small cave not far away.

Seven ordinary gorefiends lay neatly in the small cave, their limbs also cut off, and they were unconscious.

The girl counted eight times, and after confirming that the number was correct, she took the shovel and patted them one by one.

Then I filled the hole with a lot of pollen from the corpse incense konjac, and then I was content to carry the shovel and continue to look for the Gorefiend!

Fifty miles north of the small cave, a child with a gourd crown on his head and a gourd leaf wrapped around his waist was chasing behind the **** of a group of Gorefiends, shouting.

"Goblin go away!"

The blood demons in front ran desperately, but they couldn't leave the child behind.

The child seemed to be annoyed, so he flew directly into the air, opened his small mouth, and directly spouted a big river in front of the blood demons.

"Damn, I can't afford it!"

As soon as the blood demon's voice fell, the child spewed out two more seas of fire, blocking the left and right sides of the blood demon.

There is really no way for the blood demons to go, and some blood demons are already crying.

"Uuuu, too arrogant, I have never seen such an insult to my blood demon!"

"If you want to kill, you can do whatever you want, I'm really tired from running, let's destroy it! Uuuuu..."

The child stepped on his short legs, walked up to the Gorefiend, broke the limbs of the Gorefiend with his bare hands, and then sucked all the Gorefiends into the gourd.

"Hehehe, eighteen, grandpa will definitely be very happy!"

The child shook the gourd, hung the gourd back to his waist, and then went on to chase the other blood demons.

Qin Hao is very pragmatic, can solve problems with one action, never use two actions, can lie down and make money, never stand.

Take the three blood demons just now, all of them were captured by the Devourer Blade, and Qin Hao held the durian there and nibble.

What else to say, "Only the smell of durian can suppress the rotten smell of zombies."

Demon Eater knew that they were all excuses, and the master was just lazy.

If there is no limit on the distance between oneself and the master, Demon Eater completely believes that the master will definitely not come!

The Gorefiend here has been caught, and Demon Eater is going to look elsewhere.

Qin Hao asked with a sullen face, "Xiao Zhu, can't you change your form, then can you change the broom that can fly in the sky in "Harry Potter"?"

Upon hearing this, Demon Eater knew that something was wrong.

When it's over, the master is too lazy to even want to fly. This is obviously to carry him to fly!

Demon Eater wanted to deny it, but when he thought of his master's urination, if he dared to say "no"!

The owner specified in the next second to let himself eat the broom.

Although I am not taboo, the smell of the broom is really unpalatable. I ate a handful last time, and I feel sick now.

"Yes, I can change!"

Qin Hao urged: "What are you waiting for, change quickly!"

Demon Eater turned into a flying broom reluctantly.

Qin Hao sat down unceremoniously.

Demon Devouring Blade showed an expression like that, and then he carried Qin Hao to fly west.

A dozen ordinary blood demons were arrested one after another along the way, and Qin Hao hadn't moved much except for watching the show.

Until the Demon Devouring Blade carried Qin Hao and passed a mountain peak, a white light suddenly flew towards Qin Hao's front door.

That speed was too fast, even Qin Hao's eyesight couldn't see exactly what the white light was.

Qin Hao didn't have time to think about it. He picked up the Demon Devouring Blade under his **** and slashed towards the white light.


The huge sound directly shook the mountain peaks and continuously dropped rolling stones.

Qin Hao shook his numb hands and couldn't help but smile.

"Oh, someone accidentally surrounded me, I'm a little scared!"

Demon Eater rolled his eyes, "You are afraid that the blood demon will run away!"

Of course, Demon Eater only dared to complain in his heart.

Soon eight blood demons appeared around Qin Hao, surrounding Qin Hao.

The leader is Xue Linghou, the supreme commander of the blood demon clan's operation.

Xueling Hou smiled with a bone spear in his hand: "The strength of the sixth rank of the celestial pole can actually block my full blow, you are very good!"

Qin Hao couldn't help showing curious eyes when he looked at the bone spear.

"Then what bones, they are quite hard!"

Xuelinghou said with pride: "I killed a star mutant beast and removed it from its corpse. If you can die under this gun, you can smile at Jiuquan!"

"Uh, the amount of information is a bit big, let me stroke it first! What is the star rating? Is mutant beast called mutant animal? Say you gorefiend use our human idiom, is that okay?"

Xuelinghou's face turned black. The complexion of other blood demons also became very bad.

Is this person sick? A human being at the sixth rank of the sky, surrounded by a group of blood demons at the seventh or eighth rank, cannot react normally.

Curious about the baby and asked, is this worthy of such a big show of blood demon race?