Hundreds of years ago, there was a major earthquake on the land plate, and mysterious blood vines appeared all over the world. It reached the sky overnight, more than a thousand feet thick and more than 10,000 meters high.

The world was shocked, using various methods to destroy it, but they could not succeed!

Until the blood vines bloom, the pollen is scattered on the earth, and the humans who inhale the pollen will become zombies in all likelihood, and this is the end!


It has been a week since Qin Hao traveled to this doomsday world!

In this week, he was worse than a rat in the sewer.

Don't talk about avoiding zombies at all times, even if you encounter survivors, you dare not approach! Because he saw with his own eyes what the starving survivors did!

"This special cat is a world where people cannibalize!" Qin Hao sighed while lying on the roof.

And under the house where Qin Hao was, there were three zombies staring at Qin Hao, and the sticky saliva flowed to the ground!

Qin Hao had no way to escape, either he died of thirst and starved to death on the roof, or went down to fight the zombies.

Without food to replenish energy, Qin Hao's physical strength was quickly lost. If it continues like this, the situation will only get worse.


One-to-three, the odds of winning are not high, but even if Qin Hao died, he would die like a man, even though he was only a seventeen-year-old!

"Ding! Find the host, the zombie farm system is binding..."

Suddenly, a slightly mechanical voice interrupted his actions.

It's the system! Qin Hao was so excited that he almost fainted!

"Ding! The zombie farm system is successfully bound. Congratulations to the host for getting a newbie gift package, please open it!"

Qin Hao chose to open it without hesitation!

"Congratulations to the host for obtaining: Zombie Lasso (You are mighty and majestic, the man who sets the zombie! Note: This item cannot be discarded and cannot be destroyed.

"It's a man with a horse, is it really okay for you to change the lyrics like this?"

Qin Hao took the items while complaining in his heart.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host, you have embarked on the path of a zombie farmer. The zombies captured by the zombie lasso can be used for planting. The system will randomly grow plants of the corresponding level for the host to use according to the land level."

"The zombie farm interface is opening... Ding, the zombie farm interface is successfully opened!"

Suddenly, the operation interface of the zombie farm appeared in Qin Hao's mind.

Six pieces of yellow earth, quietly pestle in the middle.

There are two icons in the upper left corner, one is the zombie fence, the captured zombies will be stored inside.

The other is a warehouse, which can not only store things produced on the farm, but also store things outside.

The upper right corner is the experience slot. Killing zombies can gain experience to upgrade the land.

The land is divided into seven levels, namely: yellow land, red land, black land, golden land, amethyst land, blue crystal land, and black crystal land.

According to the above description, the higher the level of the land, the more powerful the products will be produced. When the land rises to the black crystal land, it is possible to plant the flat peach trees of Queen Mother of the West.

Qin Hao became more excited as he watched, the most indispensable thing in this world are zombies!

Qin Hao couldn't wait to pick up the zombie lasso, standing on the roof condescending, the zombie under the lasso was just right.

The moment the zombie was lassoed, the zombie in the quilt disappeared. Qin Hao quickly returned to the farm interface and clicked on the zombie fence, and found that there was an extra zombie inside.

Qin Hao dragged the zombies he had just captured, and as soon as they were placed on the yellow ground, the zombies were buried in automatically, leaving only their heads exposed. After a second, a seedling grew on the zombie's head.

Qin Hao clicked on Xiao Miao and saw the following information.

Name: Blood Qi Grass

Status: Seedling

Function: can enhance physical fitness after eating

Growth cycle: 24 hours

Harvestable quantity: 16

Remarks: Can consume an ordinary zombie to ripen

Qin Hao was dizzy and dizzy from hunger a long time ago. Seeing that this thing can be eaten, there is no need to wait!

After capturing the remaining two zombies immediately, they directly chose to ripen them.

Sixteen blood-red grasses appeared in the warehouse in the next second.

Click to receive, and sixteen blood plants appeared in his hand.

Qin Hao picked up the **** grass and ate it! The taste was sweet, and Qin Hao felt a flow of heat surging through his body as soon as he ate it! Exhaustion and hunger are even wiped out.

Before he finished eating one of them, Qin Hao felt that his nose was hot and bleeding!

"I'm going, this **** grass is too much tonic!"

Qin Hao didn't dare to eat more and saved the rest.

Standing up and trying, Qin Hao felt that his whole body was full of strength, and his spirit became extremely full!

Qin Hao continued to plant a zombie. It's a pity that only ordinary sweet potatoes are grown this time!

If in the past, Qin Hao might have disliked it, but this is the end time when food is scarce!

Qin Hao has personally seen how people can do for a bite.

So Qin Hao put it away as if it were a baby, ready to continue planting zombies. But what if there are no zombies below?

Qin Hao's eyes gurgled around, and the next moment he opened his throat and started singing!

We learn to meow together

Meow meow meow meow together

Play coquettish in front of you

Ouch meow meow meow meow

My heart is beating...

Qin Hao sang the original cute little love song as a pig!

However, the effect was still obvious, and all the zombies nearby were attracted.

In a blink of an eye, the house was full of zombies!

Although there were many zombies, they were all ordinary zombies with no intelligence quotient. They couldn't climb the three-meter-high roof at all. Qin Hao stood on the roof and was very happy.

"Don't worry, don't worry, come one by one, one for you, one for him, one for the left and the other for the right..." Qin Hao almost smiled!

It took three full hours before Qin Hao grabbed the zombies below.

Open the zombie fence and find that there are nearly a hundred zombies in the zombie fence. What are you waiting for? Seed directly!

Half an hour later, the black line on Qin Hao's face was almost able to strangle himself to death!

"What the **** is the Big White Rabbit brand carrot? Given this name, have you considered how carrots feel?"

"Why do ordinary apple trees appear in it? An apple tree that does not bear apples, can this be more ordinary?"

"How come there is garlic? I am fighting a zombie, not a zombie system!"

"Why does aphrodisiac appear so many times? What is your misunderstanding about me in the system? Uh, wait, this can happen!"

Qin Hao's complaints almost never stopped. The zombies that were finally captured were completely consumed, and as a result, he got a bunch of agricultural products!

The only advantage is that it is very fresh, absolutely pure green food, with puree! Qin Hao's nose was almost crooked.

"System, please explain it clearly to me!"

I don't know if the system is embarrassed or just a coincidence, the system really reacted!

"Ding! Since the host has successfully completed the novice task, the mutant gene potion is rewarded, please check it!"

"Mutant! Could it be that "X-Men" came in randomly?"

Faced with Qin Hao's question, the system did not answer, but Qin Hao can be sure that the system will not harm him!

Qin Hao gritted his teeth and directly injected the genetic medicine into his body.

Within ten seconds, Qin Hao was in extreme pain, and every cell in his body seemed to collapse and reorganize!

Qin Hao gritted his teeth and insisted. After about an hour, the change completely ended.

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