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I Plant Zombies in The Last Days

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Novel Summary

After traveling to the doomsday world, Qin Hao obtained the zombie farm system.

Since then, he has formed an indissoluble bond with the zombies and has become a great and glorious farmer.

What… a farmer who grows zombies.

Qin Hao riding a zombie, you are mighty and majestic, and Qin Hao, a zombie, you are hardworking and well-off.

Ding! Plant an ordinary zombie and harvest blood grass, which can infinitely strengthen your physique;

Ding! Plant a mutant zombie and harvest iron watermelon, which can cause devastating bombardment on the zombie.

What kind of gourd baby can be planted, Qin Hao said that he wants to slow down, he has not prepared for his grandfather.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:IPZILD
Alternate Title:我在末世种丧尸
Weekly Rank:#922
Monthly Rank:#1032
All Time Rank:#1469
Tags:Death of Loved Ones, Farming, Game Elements, Harem, Kingdom Building, Male Protagonist, Post-apocalyptic, System, Zombies,
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18 Comments on “I Plant Zombies in The Last Days
  1. An interesting concept of Plants & Zombies, but plant BOTH plants AND zombies. Just a plausible fun read. Combat is too 'Game like' - too illogical; i.e. How does MC sweap zombies left and right with an 8 feet long scythe, when his own "zombies" 6 on his left, 6 on his right are also with his, yet none of 'his zombies' are affected or injured or harmed? Janji x rasa cara lawan terlalu 'game' x real, x pratik - cerita okey.

  2. No Yaoi dude, whether a Chinese novel had yaoi or shounen ai genre is quite obvious by looking at novel title and the cover. Especially the cover, if you often saw the cover of yaoi novels you'll later realize that they often give off gay vibe compared to normal novels.

  3. Is it really harem? Because until 100+ chapter still just with ji wuyue...and mc just know he loves ji wuyue acter ji wuyue death..if it's harem then other woman must dieor seriously injured too(?)

  4. Bro, its harem, harem+xxx. Harem TAG basically means multiple opposite gender surround and want the MC. Therefore the Harem TAG is valid

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