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I Opened a Clinic In the Last Days

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Wen Qingling, as a wood type and mental type supernatural ability, was calculated by his cousin at a critical moment and pushed out to block the zombies. He was bitten and his teammates fled.

He decided to find a feng shui place to wait for death.

But he didn’t die, but the zombies surrounding him died.

Wen Qingling: “???”

Wen Qingling became a zombie, but he mutated.

He has breathing, heartbeat, and consciousness, almost like a human being.
He has a deterrent against zombies, the wound healed itself, and the blood flowed through the place, and his life recovered.

Wen Qingling returned home to help the zombie’s parents regain consciousness and restore the decomposed body to its original appearance.

They opened a clinic in the city of zombies, and only treated zombies and infected people.

News of living people lived in the city of zombies, spreading like wildfire.

Someone said: “There is a clinic there, only for zombies.”

Others said: “The doctors there can treat the infected.”

Others said: “The living people there were all rescued after becoming zombies.”

The survivors all exploded, looking for relatives who became zombies in order for a miracle to happen.

◆Career first, feelings second, double 1V1 clean, double first love;
◆The attackers have different positions, there will be disagreements in the early stage, and a unity will be reached in the later stage;
◆Do not approve if you don’t like it, just click X and you don’t need to tell if you discard the article;
◆The author is a good mirror and scolds people to bounce back;
◆ In response to the call for revision, some plots will be adjusted. If there are details that cannot be matched, please turn forward.

Content label: strong ability, last days, cool text
Search keywords: Protagonist: Wen Qingling Supporting role: Pre-accepted text “After wearing a cannon fodder and relatives” ┃ Other: Pre-accepted text “Global Nightmare” “Boyfriend Blackened After Wearing Back”
One sentence introduction: Zombie doctor, sitting in the clinic
Idea: The enemy you think is not necessarily an enemy.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:IOCILD
Alternate Title:我在末世开诊所
Author:The sea is blue
Weekly Rank:#117
Monthly Rank:#619
All Time Rank:#3518
Tags:Action, Apocalypse, Childcare, Cold Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Complex Family Relationships, Handsome Male Lead, Hidden Abilities, Late Romance, Male Protagonist, Mind Control, Shounen-Ai Subplot, Zombies,
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23 Comments on “I Opened a Clinic In the Last Days
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  1. Thank you author for making it a yaoi. It's so hard to find novel with a good plot that has yaoi. Again thanks 😊💗💗💗

  2. Ikr? It's so lucky, I think I spent my luck for the entire month for me to find just some/one bl apocalypse with a good plot and ending. Sigh it's so hard to be a bl fan, but it's so worth it and satisfying to be one.

  3. This is the most beleaguered ML I've read in a while. What to do when your target has no EQ and is stronger than you?? The "Shonen-ai subplot" really is a subplot for most of the story, but they do get together and even form a child together. The MC is the shou.

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