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I Open a Hotel In Another World

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Novel Summary

Feng Yuanning obtained the hotel system, traveled to a world of Chinese martial arts, and opened a modern European-style hotel.

Cultural output, modern cuisine, real copy, new practice system… everything.

Facing the hotel that suddenly appeared overnight,

At the beginning, the warriors: “Monster?!”

Later, the warriors: “Worship the gods!”

Read the main points:
1. There are many private settings, which are very empty, unscientific and unconventional. The food in the store has aura, which is good for the body and tastes better.
2. Brain holes are the main focus, and the heroine’s character serves the plot.
3. In the operation, the whole world is changed by magic. In order to attract traffic, the pricing is not important. It can be adjusted at any time.

Content Labels: Food System Shuangwen Doing Business
Search keyword: Protagonist: Feng Yuanning ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:
One sentence introduction: The heroine has no CP
Concept: cultural export, benefit and magic change the world, civilization, harmony, dedication, integrity, friendliness

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Short Title:IOHIAW
Alternate Title:我在异界开酒店
Author:The wind wakes up
Weekly Rank:#5992
Monthly Rank:#5327
All Time Rank:#5861
Tags:Another World, Apathetic Protagonist, beautiful heroine, Caring Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Easy Going Life, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Game Elements, Gate to Another World, Infrastructure, Mysterious Past, OP Protagonist, Past Plays a Big Role, Secret Identity, Store Owner, System, System Administrator, Transmigration,
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26 Comments on “I Open a Hotel In Another World
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  1. So... what in the world has she done before? Is there a novel based on her past? If so can someone please recommend it here? Thanks😊 (ps. "her" = mc)

  2. I think she did nothing. If you read it thoroughly, you would understand how author wrote her past. It seems like the system which has been with her like almost forever was too powerful since it could affect the cultivation in any way you’d like and some were greedy for it and wanted it, also, they didn’t want a thorn like mc, which is why everyone has been chasing her and labeling her as an evil person, probably so that they won’t be blamed for her death. If I remember correctly, the system took away her memories during an accident and made her seem like a new person since it mentioned it before that mc wanted to act like a mysterious person, but couldn’t do it since she was too overpowered ran around with mentally retarted people. I don’t know if I’m wrong since I already forgot the story, I think I’ll be rereading it since it’s my type and can’t really remember some details. Though the other works of author might be to your liking.

  3. This is just my opinion but author may have some past traumas or just really like being a single dog. If you look at her works, they look great and all but all has something common, no cp. Anyway, I think I want to try all his/her works.

  4. Cp is ‘couple pairing’ others call them ships, I used to use that term saying how I ship both of them but then got used to using cp since it is most unique for me. Couple pairing or cp is the pairing of the main character to romantic interest. It could also be used in harems. Although I didn’t need to explain it, I just couldn’t help myself 😖

  5. Copulation is a very primitive nature that creatures developed to avoid extinction. You're calling out the author for not falling on such a primitive nature? If you would rather want romance with generic plot of repetitive romantic development and endless entry of Mary Sues and Gary Stues, there is already a lot of that garbage to choose from on this site. Authors that do not let their works be influenced by such a repetitive demand are already rare, go ask for whatever it is you want elsewhere.

  6. In the light of this predicament, I have come to the conclusion that I am unable to perform the act of canning. So this sire, forgive me for being different from you, I get called crazy a lot from that. You could’ve just acted like I was an extra but instead had to pay attention to me, which makes me unable to say something but, Thank you. It seems like someone still pays attention to me. You made my day bright like the sun. Thank you again.

  7. In my opinion most of chinese romance novels are utter garbage. Best novels tends to focus on a protagonists own development rather than spending time behind cum-sacks.

  8. European-hotel huh?😐 It was even barely mentioned. Rather, it was only mentioned whenever someone in their pov visits the hotel and author tries to make it feel fantastical and magical by saying that the hotel looked heavenly and the European style hotel makes it look utterly fabulous. Well, didn’t regret reading it though😑

  9. I thought that she would be influencing things from the Western cultures to Xianxia but I was dumbfounded to find that it’s literally opening a hotel. But it was good read 😊

  10. I think i already read this novel. I really recommended it. There is plenty of humor in it and like the tag, because its female protagonis so this is "unique "

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