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I Only Lived For Three Chapters In A Campus Romance Novel!

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When Lin Shen transmigrated into a book he had no intention of flipping through, he found himself blocking the cute and peppy female lead in the back corner of the classroom.

Kabedon! (Wall slam!)

But he wasn’t the male lead!

He was just a scumbag bought by a vicious woman who wanted him to kiss and molest the female lead!

He still remembered that he only lived for three chapters in this book!

1,000 words per chapter!

The page was about to be turned!

He was about to be kicked away by the male lead and become a tool armor to the heroic act of saving the beauty from a cannon fodder without a name!

He didn’t want to die ahhhh!!!

Lin Shen calmly looked down at the female protagonist and asked, “What is the coefficient of expansion of a positive cubic mass with a linear coefficient of expansion of α, when the amount of expansion is smaller?”

The female lead who never studied: “Eh?”

The male lead who was used to throw money at people: “Huh?”

Lin Shen looked at the two of them and said, “You can’t even do a simple question, and you still have the heart to talk about love? I advise you to study, fellow students. This is the only way for you to improve yourself every day and become a qualified successor of socialism!”


Lin Shen was blocked in the back corner of the empty classroom.


The school heartthrob, whose appearance and figure were off the charts, leaned over and blew into his ears: “I came first in the exam, do I count as a qualified boyfriend that can f*ck you every day?”


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Short Title:IOLFTC
Alternate Title:我在校草文裡只能活三章
Author:Tang Shan Yue
Weekly Rank:#4011
Monthly Rank:#4990
All Time Rank:#3153
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Carefree Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Dense Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Hard-Working Protagonist, Heartwarming, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Misunderstandings, Modern Day, Popular Love Interests, Possessive Characters, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters,
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17 Comments on “I Only Lived For Three Chapters In A Campus Romance Novel!
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  1. The plot could be better, or there could be no plot at all(It's so good it might not need a plot). But the plot was mostly about the MC's inner conflict , and although it indirectly affecter the couple's relationship, I'd say that it only has slightly enhanced their bonds, and I wish that the plot could have more... Strengthened their relationship. But aside from that... I HIGHLY recommend this BL novel. The dynamic is so good and the writing is so good too. I'll leave the other comments in my review, but before I review this, just wanted to remind everyone that I don't intend to offend anyone, just wanted to express my opinion. Everyone is free to hate, like, agree, or disagree to my comment. ................................................................................Let's get into it: Plot: 9/10: The plot is a bit too fantastical, and isn't even used very much. Like, MC had read the whole novel, and I am a bit skeptical that he only newly discovered that ML is a great cook and also didn't fully observe ML's character a bit. He only discovered them through real-life interaction, which I think, is reasonable, but him being surprised and being totally clueless is... Making me speechless. So far, the only use of "reading the Mary sue novel" was introducing the characters, determining the general direction of the plot, and transmigrating into it. There wasn't like, knowing the future or secrets through the book. Which.... Really made me a bit... Feel weird, cuz like.... It's kinda... Useless, I'd say. There's also the lack of social circles. Birthday banquet and Ouyang's father. So far, this 2 has left the most impression to me when talking about the couple's family's social circle and business circle. And the novel mostly tackles the field of education as well as family issues, which I think, isn't bad, just needs more places to look. But well, the couple's social circle mostly includes the school, so... Wait, what am I saying. Ah right, the lack of business circle when th couple's family is involved in business. Yeah. That. Characters: 9.9/10: The ML's character is the typical Mary Sue novel young master. Arrogant because of the family background. Kind and reasonable because of the family issues. Sharp and... Active because of the protag halo. Overall, he's really the dream ML. And the writing really exposed his flaws while completely enhancing his perfection. It's so good. I love it. As for MC... His like, a super sub- I mean, a soft and cute and must-protect hardworking cinnamon roll. But the way his "beauty" is always described as "otaku" really made me: "Author, please don't set the standard so high for us!" Like, bruh, just because I'm an otaku doesn't mean that, like, I'm like him, like, sure I'm a sub- I mean, I'm a bit smart and have family issues, like him, except for hardworking. So the overuse of "otaku" really made me wanna cry. Also, also, also, what really impacted me the most in the characters in this novel is that MC is almost surrounded by good people, like, in most of his life, no one ever took advantage of him, like, in his "past" life, like, sure, his family didn't care about him, but like, they didn't take advantage of him. As well as the people in the book world. Also, I love the side characters as well as their side-ships. Theme: "Teenage Romance". I feel like this word could fully describe this novel, but the way the author descripted it is so good, like, I really felt the "idiocy" of teenage, their "youthfulness", their "humour", their "brightness" like, I f*cking felt young "again" even when I am freaking young, like, I'm a fresh 16 yo. Bish, like, wtf. I'm as fresh as the ready-to-be-killed fish in the market, bish. Also, I love the scent of "mystery" when they're trying to know the story behind the brother's "scandal" I also love the "comedy" of "teenage humour" like, those dumb humour when your around your friends that you use when your young, like, showing off dumb things, dumb memes, or comparing test results about who's lower. And the "drama"! Although the drama is MOSTLY about the MC's family issues and merely indirectly affected the couple's relationship, I still cried to it 2 times. Huhu, poor mc. I wish they have a better happy future, even when they're not real. Anyways: Writing: 10.9/10: The writing is good, it completely pulled me into the scene, as well as completely pulled me into the characters' perspective and feelings. The way the author wrote the scenes is quite vivid as well and I could fully understand the flow and stories. I also love how the author didn't fully explain some movements, like, when ML was in the car with MC's brother, author mentioned "back straight". I don't do this when nervous, but ML doing this means that he's trying to show that he looks "polite" and "personable" to MC'S brother. But like, author didn't mention the full reason, which I really like. I also love how the author always "cuckolds" ML, like, when it gets really "intense" there's always the "door knock" that stops them. Also, the reason why I added the 0.9 is because of the one sentence that I really loved. In the scene when ML's playing basketball, there's this description saying: "A smell that belongs to youth that couldn't be any more vivid." Like, b*tch, whut the heck????? That is hella good!!!!! Pacing: 9.9/10 The pacing is good. Completely pulled me. And even when I stopped in between the scenes to do something, like, I can still pick up where I left off easily. Like, the novel is easy to understand, read, follow, and.. imagine. It's just that... I don't understand why I keep stop reading this in the middle. With a measly 80 chapters like this, I could easily read this in 2 days, yet I took 4. Don't know why. Ending: 10.5/10 : The ending gives off a vibe of... "Youth" like, not the youth we have now, the "full of depression", kind. Lmao. The feelings the book gave off is like... "Freedom". Like the youthfulness in the book is full of "not relenting to fear when facing the future", as well as "embracing the past and myself" and there's also the hint of romance of "I'm happy to be anywhere as long as I'm with you". Oh shit. I'm getting "saddy and needy" feels again just because of thinking this. Oh god. Hey, is there a sugar dad out there? Need someone to spoil me right now, UwU. Lol, just kidding. I'm an independent and stable slightly rich person.... Believe me. Anyways, I also don't like how the last part of the synopsis wasn't added. Really wanted to hear that line.

  2. This is there kind of novel where I won't go back because there no excitement, but like, it will alwyas stay in a shelf inside my heart, unconsciously raising my standards for relationships, lmao. Also, for the extra part of the missing novel, here's the link of the raw that I found: https://czbooks.net/n/cp1m705/cpmnidhn?chapterNumber=78

  3. Últimamente hay como mrd de novelas yaoi y yuri(no discrimino ni nada esos generos pero no son lo mio y ya cansa ver q suban varios seguidos de eso)

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