"I'm not worthy of being a god, it's not what you say."

"If I can succeed in heaven, you are not qualified to judge!"

The moment the blood blade fell.

Chen Chen's pupils suddenly appeared billions of stars, and the vast universe inside the body was completely released at this instant, with the ultimate rule and the ultimate power!

"Oh!" I don't know where to start, Chen Chen's position and the position of the mortal elderly woman have been exchanged, and the situation on the scene has become Chen Chen's beheading in the face of the Blood Blade.

The members of the Breaking Gang are very familiar with this scene.

Because that was how Xueyan was transferred.

They didn't expect that Chen Chen even had this ability. That kind of thought is a fact, but a great power that can be achieved by thinking ...

This is the willpower of the universe! !!

The faceless man's tone was dark: "Dare to break the rules, you must bear the consequences ..."

It was almost instantaneous. The other two blood blades were suspended above the heads of Xue Yan and the mortal old woman, and extremely terrifying murderous erupted.

At this time, the blood blade had fallen on Chen Chen's body, but was broken down by his dust-free land into particles that were invisible to the tiniest particles, like a gust of wind, blowing away the murderous blood blade, everything Back to dust, everything to the soil.

Not only that, Xueyan and the mortal elderly woman also appeared in the white iris of dust-free land, crushing the falling blood blade directly into dust.

The faceless man fought back and couldn't make any waves.

"Whether it is Xueyan or an ordinary old woman, I will save it." The handsome teenager's eyes and pupils looked at the faceless man calmly, and said, "This matter, even if you are the present day, cannot be changed."

"Hahaha ..." The faceless man laughed, "But you have made your choice, your Taoxin, have you seen your Taoxin?"

It didn't have the lost expression of failure at all, but laughed more happily, as if it had won the game.

Chen Chen stood silently, but for some reason, a regret and helplessness surfaced.

Seeing this, Cyril yelled secretly.

"Chen Chen ..." Xue Yan saw the appearance of Chen Chen, her guilt on her face even more, her white fists clenched, she hated her incompetence.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry ..." Tears slipped from the corner of Xue Yan's eyes, she faintly understood that she might have been used by a faceless man, breaking Chen Chen's heart ...

"Well ... it's not your reason, it's myself ..." Chen Chen gave a gentle glance at the crying girl and shook his head. "Maybe I shouldn't walk in the sky like dust, ruthless and wantless. ... "

These words, even if he did not admit it verbally, he thought so. He can say that no one can decide whether he can become heaven, or that heaven can be sentimental, but what he cultivates is the heavenly way, which should be the fairest heavenly way.

This method of becoming the Tao is the most secure, but if Chen Chen can't be ruthless, then this method will inevitably be accompanied by great risks!

The faceless man is just using some conditions to expose his Tao heart, this is a bomb, whether or not a faceless man appears, it is a bomb ...

"Oh well."

The faceless man's Libra radiates the light of heaven: "Let's start the second multiple choice question."

Chen Chen slaps to the faceless man: "Go!"

boom! !! !!

The pure **** of dustlessness erupts into the power of a profound vastness like the infinite universe, condensing a giant column of pure white light into the sky, annihilating everything it touches!

The faceless man's body, together with the scales, were turned into dust under the column of pure white light.

Heaven and earth returned to calm again.

The horrible existence that once exerted great pressure on the members of Skybreaker was slapped away by Chen Chen ...

"This ... is this over?"

"I'm going, it's too awesome. I slapped the calamity of Tiandao with a slap. The faceless man hasn't finished talking yet. Don't you want to lose face?"

"Did Chen Chen win?"

"No, this is not really a win for Chen Chen ..."

At this time, Gu Longdi shook his head with some worry.

She looked at the young man who stood firm in the sky, as if the young man hadn't happened, and his heart was a little bit painful.

This boy has too many things on his body ...

Chen Chen made a choice that everyone could accept.

He even perfected the calamity, and even the mortal woman was rescued. But Gu Longdi knew that Chen Chen didn't actually win, or even lost. Lost in his heart, lost in the way he has always adhered to.

Chen Chen has listed Xue Yan as an important person in his heart. Even if the other side of the Libra is not a mortal, and is the remaining member of the Skybreaking Gang with an important status, Chen Chen will make this choice.

The sixth robber, the Libra robber is over.

Cyril's face had become worse, and he knew better than anyone else the terrible nature of the disaster. Only he knew what Chen Chen was facing now.

Chen Chen used space transmission to return mortal elderly women to the Kyushu realm.

The old woman never knew what was going on ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ only knew that someone wanted to kill her, someone saved her again, her eyes flickered, and suddenly she returned to the original street again, watching the bustling The crowd, for a while, seemed to have a nightmare.

Chen Chen's palm stirs the breath of heaven and earth. There are all things in the palm of the hand, there are sun, moon, and stars, and there is life and creation, as if in the palm of your hand, it is the way of the whole world.

Breaking the seventh style, palm days! !!

Chen Chen took a palm shot on the sky, and the arrogance of the world, above the whole world, was completely released, and the entire heavenly path was firmly held in the palm of the hand, and then ...

crumb! !!

Chen Chen pinched fiercely, and there was a cracking sound in the heavens!

As if an egg was crushed.

Of course, this egg is the core of heaven! !!

The sky began to collapse, and the large crack in the center was destroyed by chaos and chaos. They gradually covered the entire sky in this process, tearing the hard-supported sky, and finally made the sky unsustainable, broken like a broken eggshell. Crack and fall ...

The sky begins to fall! !!

Chen Chen stood right in the center of the fall, and slowly stretched out his hand towards the falling sky: "It's OK!"

As if the decree of the sky, the words are free.

The falling sky slammed and hovered above the sky.

Except for the broken starry sky and the torn moon, there is endless darkness and chaos, and everything is ruined.

The members of the Skybreaking Gang, who are closest to the destruction, felt an unspeakable horror, as if they were to be destroyed in the next instant.

But their long-lasting way of breaking the sky has allowed them to overcome that fear and continue to inject power into the sky.

Just then, in the dark and dark chaos, dense eyes suddenly appeared, staring at the living beings ...

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