The life and death grinding disc is blessed by the rules of thousands of worlds, but Chen Chen's dust-free place can completely cut off the connection between the life and death grinding disc and the thousands of worlds. This is the basis for Cyril to break the grinding disc with one sword.

After the fifth calamity of Tiandao was broken and opened, Tiandao seemed to be loose again, and Cyril's skybreaking process accelerated again, and the black and white skybreaking spear went a little deeper.

The dark and deep fissures on that sky continued to divide into smaller fissures. As long as it reached a certain level, the sky and heavenly path would instantly break like fragile glass!

There was a continuous array of births and deaths behind Chen Chen, with a black sign full of dead silence in one hand, slowly pressing towards the sky. At this moment, the wind was breathless and everything was silent.

The sixth form of heaven breaking, reincarnation!

The black rune is printed on the sky, and it quickly expands and becomes larger, the heavenly path trembles, the samsara is cut off, and it is cut off continuously, completely sealing the possibility of heavenly path!

Chen Chen's attack penetrated into heaven again.

The power of the reincarnation of heaven is blocked by a single palm, and its existence is being defeated step by step by Chen Chen using the Heaven-Breaking Supreme System ...

At this time, abnormal changes came from above the sky.

A faceless man holding a scale appeared slowly on top of the sky.

He wore a very neat and symmetrical black cloud white robe. All the textures and details on his body, even from the distribution and direction of his hair, were absolutely symmetrical.

The faceless person is ten feet tall. The balance in his hand has two white trays on the left and right. There is one person on the left tray and one person on the right tray.

When the power of the Skybreaker saw the person on the left, their faces changed greatly, and they found that the person turned out to be Xueyan the next day!

"Isn't it ... she ... is she really Lord Xueyan?"

"Ah !!! Xueyan is really gone!"

"Why did she get there?"

The members of Zhongtiantiangang were shocked to find that the Xueyan who stood with them suddenly did not appear on the scales of the faceless person.

Not only them, but even the party's Xueyan was bewildered. It took a few seconds before he reacted. He immediately turned into a blue chill and wanted to escape, but was blocked by an invisible barrier.

"Xue Yan ..." Chen Chen's eyes trembled slightly and looked at the woman on the scales.

"What the **** ... how did that happen?" Cyril was still a little stunned for a moment.

This hand has gone beyond the scope of spatial transfer, and is more like an absolute master who makes decisions with will. I think you are there, so you are there.

There is no other way, no other method, that is, the mind determines the facts.

This is the will of the sky!

The besieged besieged Xue even used the Heavenly Supreme Supreme Method to bombard the invisible barrier, but it still did not help.

And on the other side of the scale.

An old woman without any practice began to appear.

She was at a loss before she was paralyzed by the terrible sight in front of her.

"Ah ... help! Who is going to save me !! What is this place, who are you, why are you arresting me?"

She cried in horror, releasing the fear in her heart.

Obviously, this is a very ordinary ordinary mortal person who the faceless person intentionally transferred from the Kyushu realm.

The two sides of the scale are from the beginning on two horizontal lines.

Above Xueyan and the old woman, there was a blood-red sharp knife hanging high, which was releasing an extremely strong and terrifying breath of death ...

The faceless man turned his head to Chen Chen, and his voice began to come.

"Both of them, who is more important in your heart?"

"If two people are about to die, and only one can survive, who would you want to survive more?"

The voice of the faceless man is long and distant, straight into his heart.

Chen Chen's heart trembled at this moment.

The last disaster was a life and death choice between him and Cyril. This time, it was Xueyan and an ordinary woman's life and death choice?

From the external performance point of view, this second choice is very similar to the second choice, and even better. You do n’t even have to think about it.

However, this question is actually more difficult.

Faceless people are torture Chen Chen's heart.

What is life and what is fair?

As a sky, can Xue Yan and all elderly women be treated fairly, as if they had nothing to do with themselves.

If fairness is lost even in the sky, and everything is subjective, how can the world maintain absolute balance? So how does he qualify to be called heaven?

This is a multiple choice question, but in essence, this is not a multiple choice question at all.

Moreover, the faceless person does not need Chen Chen to make a choice at all. As long as Chen Chen is personal, the answer to this choice is undoubted.

Tao's torture is better than all attacks.

What the faceless people want to attack is only Chen Chen's heart.

Can Chen Chen and Cyril break through all this by force, as in the previous disaster? No, because Xueyan is in the hands of the faceless people. When they decide to shoot, they have no time to save Xueyan ...

Chen Chen can only make choices ~ ~ by choosing to save Xueyan. And once you make a choice, that heart is bound to be affected, so this is actually an upright attack.

But at this moment, Xue Yan rushed to the blood blade recklessly.

"Xue Yan!"

"Master Xueyan!"

The other members of the Skyshine exclaimed.

Xue Yan even wanted to use her own death to get rid of this dilemma for Chen Chen!

Chen Chen's heart trembled, and suddenly his hands were cold and cold!

At this time, Xueyan flying towards the blood blade was blocked by invisible power, and she could not do anything to hurt herself.

"Don't worry, only‘ Heaven ’has the right to choose.” The voice of the faceless man came again without any emotion.

Faceless people underestimated Xue Yan's right to choose life or death.

He can make Xue Yan dead, and naturally can also make Xue Yan dead.

Therefore, all these pressures fell on Chen Chen.

Chen Chen took a deep breath, looked at the red-eyed woman, and looked at the desperate old woman who called out for help inexplicably.

He reached out and pointed at Xue Yan, saying, "I ... I want her to live."

As soon as the words fell, almost everyone trembled.

The faceless tone with a sarcastic smile: "Oh? Why did you choose her? Is it love? Is she more important to you?"

"So, are you killing this old woman in disguise for her?"

Chen Chen felt the emotions in his heart, knowing that he couldn't transcend the emotions of life and death at all, and he smiled arbitrarily: "Who said ... there can be no emotions in heaven?"

The faceless man shook his head: "Then you are not worthy of heaven, and you cannot successfully become heaven ..."

On the Libra, Xue Yan's **** was undone.

But at the same time, the blood blade fell on the old woman's head!

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