Northeast of the early mainland.

In the ruins of the cracked purple star.

Winds and clouds in the center.

Cyril changed his platinum tabard, his robes were hunting, the majesty was magnificent, and the black-and-white spear in his hand slowly inserted into the sky.

His red and deep eyes trembled slightly, his face could not help showing a little smile, saying: "The four or nine immortals are moving very fast, and the imbalance of heaven and earth has been corrected, it is a group of extraordinary existence."

Chen Chen nodded gently: "They are a group of trusted partners."

The imbalance of the heavens is a big trouble for the Heaven-Breaking Gang, but the 49 Jiuxian Sects can accurately and perfectly handle this matter. It can be seen how powerful the power of the 49 Jiuxian Sects is.

"We must also work hard, and we must not let them down." Chen Chen thought for a while, adding another sentence.

He is not a talkative person.

But when he thought that An Lin was facing the three Supreme Heavenly Gods in Bai Qionghai, he felt a little guilty, and these pressures should not have been undertaken by An Lin.

However, since An Lin has already stood up, he can't let the fighting friends down, at least he has to accomplish what he should do.

After a star burst.

When Chen Chen saw the sky, two extremely powerful figures began to appear.

One is a giant woman with a graceful figure and a light power lingering around her. She has a small sapling in her hand.

One is a man with a spiked armor wearing blood, with dark pupils and a murderous look, but with a weird silence, holding a decaying skull in his hand.

Chen Chen's eyes narrowed for a moment, knowing that the Heavenly Nine Calamities were coming.

This is the fifth calamity.

Bright Women and Spiked Armor Men focused their eyes on Cyril and Chen Chen, and they seemed to know that these two talents were the real main force of the sky.

"This time, is the individual calamity ..." Cyril, holding the sky-breaking spear in his hand, looked slightly dignified.

At this time, Chen Chen had already used the dust-free land. The faint Baimang was wrapped in a circle, and everything was in the sky. Nothing could enter his realm.

There are nine calamities in heaven, but they do n’t know what the calamities are.

Only the true strong and the perfect perfect can have the courage to face these unknown calamities.

The bright woman looked at Chen Chen, and the saplings in her hands slowly grew, releasing the power full of hope and beauty: "Life ..."

Spiked armor male pupils are dark and silent, the skull in his hand keeps going to decay: "Or ... death?"

The voice fell.

A huge life-and-death millstone covering heaven and earth suddenly appeared under the feet of two great beings, half dead and withered, and half green, releasing the absolute breath of life and death, and circling continuously forever.

At this moment, Chen Chen and Cyril were a little more enlightened.

This is a multiple-choice question, choosing to live, or choosing to die.

There are two prominent places on the millstone for life and death, one is life and the other is death. They have to stand on those two positions, and then they can survive the disaster.

As for who lives and who dies, Chen Chen and Cyril have to make a decision.

It's a simple game.

But it is also a mortal game.

Is it possible for the two to refuse?

This life and death mill contains the supreme law of heaven and earth.

It is a more powerful absolute law of heavenly consciousness than the life and death controlled by the supreme authority life god.

This rule is an absolute rule that combines the power of the early continent, infinite star fields, and countless large worlds and small worlds. It is by no means comparable.

Even the high-powered heaven gods are afraid of the pan-conscious backwash of heaven.

Chen Chen and Cyril were equally daunting.

However, in the choice of appearance or life or death, the dignified expressions of the two quickly dissipated, and a smile appeared invariably.

Cyril shook his head and smiled: "It's so terrible, one is life, the other is death. Is this forcing me to give up my life?"

Chen Chen poked his lips: "Don't pretend, this question is for us to give points, meaningless."

Cyril nodded: "Oh, that's true. Tiandao gave us a difficult multiple choice question, but we can not do it. What qualifications does Tiandao have for us?"

Looking at each other, they both confirmed what they thought.

The majestic energy is so powerful that it is unimaginable. At this moment, they burst out from both of them at the same time, and went straight to the nine days of the world! !!

How strong are Chen Chen and Cyril?

At this moment, Chen Chen ’s white, dust-free land is expanding wildly, and all the energy of time, space, and material that comes into contact with it is gone.

Cyril's domineering and sharpest true demon source gas is like piercing the sky like a sky sword, the sword gas is turned into a spiral of thousands of sword clouds, like a spear like a dragon, shaking the world!

The bright women and armored men changed their faces slightly.

"What do you want to do?"

"Disobedience, but it will be punished by God!"

The woman shrouded in light, said quietly.

Cyril still held the Skybreaking Spear in one hand ~ ~ One hand had held up the nine-day True Demon Sword, and one sword slashed angrily at the wheel of life and death: "Lao Tzu resisted ... this is the heaven !!"

"The thing I'm not afraid of most is condemnation." Chen Chen said faintly. There was no dust all over her body. At this moment, she was raging for 30,000 miles, cutting off all the rules and powers between heaven and earth, and pulling the roulette with the bright women and armored men Into a clean place!

The sword of the true devil fell at this moment, and the dust-free land opened up space for it. At this moment, it was hailed as the hardest and most indestructible law in the heavens, erupting sharply, his dust, and the source of true magic Qi burst out, swallowing the sky, the mighty power was infinite, and the disc of life and death was swallowed up by energy.

The bright woman screamed, her body and the sapling in her hand annihilated at the same time. Spiked armor The man's armor cracked in an instant, and the decaying cave head had nothing to do in the future, it had been crushed and destroyed by the true demon source gas!

The members of the Skybreaking Gang, looking at the earth-shattering power in front of them, couldn't help suffocating for a while even across the sky-high Liuli Temple.

That infinite coercion penetrated the large array of isolation and made the members feel that the entire world was going to be blown up by two emperors.

"Is this the true combat power of the emperor?" Gu Longdi looked at the dust-free place that dominated everything and looked at the sky, and no one was convinced by the supreme source of the true demon of me, and suddenly felt his emperor So cheap ...

After the energy dissipated, what bright woman, armored man, what supreme rule of life and death mill disc, all disappeared.

Only two people stood quietly on the field, proud of the world.

In the eyes of super powers, and even in the eyes of the creation gods, the fifth and most terrible God of Heaven, life and death, was broken by the violence of Chen Chen and Cyril ...

This calamity, for them, is to send sub-questions! !!

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